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An eclectic mix of the old-world charm with a modern touch, Chennai offers the varying shades of traditional culture and tastes that make it a favourite tourist spot. Apart from its beaches and eateries, the city is also a shopping hub with various streets that satiate your need for budget buys.

Let’s take a look at some of these shopping centres that you can explore when you are in Chennai.

1. Pondy Bazaar

One of the most famous shopping streets in the city, Pondy Bazaar boasts of a wide array of street shops selling trendy accessories, clothes and footwear. Apart from the delightful snacks that are served along the street, you can also find gadgets such as mobile phones in the stores that line the street.

Best buy: Clothes, shoes and mobile phones

2. T. Nagar

Thyagaraya Nagar, better known as T. Nagar is the most sought-after shopping destination in Chennai. The area is full of saree stores that sell the indigenous designs of the city along with huge jewellery stores that offer a wide range of beautiful gold ornaments.

Best buy: Traditional sarees and gold jewellery

3. Burma Bazaar

Just near the Central Railway Station is the Burma Bazaar. A huge hub for electronic goods, the place has many stores that sell imported electronic devices such as handsets, music players, television sets as well as movie DVDs. If you are lucky, you can even get yourself an imported doll in this exclusive bazaar.

Best buy: Television sets and DVDs

4. Phoenix Market City

Possibly one of the biggest malls in the city, the Phoenix Mall is home to numerous international brands that cater to the fashion needs of youngsters. The mall also has restaurants and gaming arcades where families can enjoy some quality time together during weekends and holidays.

Best buy: Branded clothes

5. Sowcarpet

A small Rajasthani hub in Chennai, Sowcarpet is a narrow, winding lane with small shops that are full to the brim with vibrantly coloured merchandise. You can find glittering lehengas and sarees as well as fashionable accessories to go along with them. There are stores that sell kurtis and salwar suit materials in a wide variety.

Best buy: Colourful bangles

6. Cotton Street

If you are looking for some budget buys in Chennai, make sure you make a trip to Cotton Street. The modest street has hawker stalls that sell the beautiful cotton fabric at thirty rupees a meter. You can get dupattas and cotton kurtas as well as sarees in this place without burning a hole in your pocket.

Best buy: Cotton fabric for your custom designs

7. George Town

If you want to experience the authentic taste of Chennai, book your stay at hotel rooms nearby and visit the streets of George Town. One of the oldest areas of the city, the place is full of market lanes that shine brightly with vivid colours and make sure you can have a wonderful time picking up local stuff that will help you stock up on some of the best buys.

Best buy: Sarees

8. Ritchie Street

A favourite among locals, Ritchie streets is a labyrinth of lanes comprising a large number of shops that sell electronic goods. All these devices can be bought at half their actual price, however, it is best to visit the shops with locals for better bargains.

Best buy: Electronics

9. Anna Nagar

A prime residential area in Chennai, Anna Nagar is also a major shopping hub. It is the centre of many big brands that sell the latest fashion. These stores started developing after the World Trade Fair boom and are more popular amongst the young crowd, offering them a space to enjoy some recreational time.

Best buy: Branded merchandise

10. Panagal Park

Snugly situated near Usman Nagar, Panagal Park is most renowned for selling sarees and jewellery. Bags and handicrafts are also thrown into the mix. The green pastures of Panagal Park that is quite close to the market pull in many tourists who wish to enjoy delightful shopping time.

Best buy: Jewellery and colorful bags

11. Nungambakkam:

This is more of a pricey shopping area in Chennai and the stores here have hefty price tags on their products. However, this is also the place to be in if you like all this fancy and stylish. From branded products to unique boutiques, this region has it all. Many celebrities come here to shop as well.

Best Buy: Branded clothes and handmade items.

12. Kottivakkam:

When it comes to shopping, you have to have some good food in between and Kottivakkam offers you both. The streets of this region are lined with quaint shops that sell everything from clothes to footwear but it is the food joints in between that really steal the show. Having a plate of street food right after you have made a good bargain is really great.

Best Buy: Food and local clothes

13. Nalli:

A center completely dedicated to high quality silk and other premium fabrics, Nalli is the market to go to if you are looking for premium cloth and fabrics. The huge store has everything from sarees to men’s clothing and the choice of fabrics one gets here is overwhelming. Also the fact that the store was established in 1928 and is still among one of the most well known stores in the state speak volumes about the store.

Best buy: Sarees and silk kurtas for men.

14. Parry’s Corner:

A wholesale market in the city that sells almost everything under one roof, Parry’s Corner is the go to destination for all kinds of household shopping. From household knickknacks to steel utensils, from toys to handmade dress materials, name it, and you are sure to find it in this massive market.

Best buy: Frankly, everything!

15. Naturally Auroville:

Naturally Auroville

While this is one of the pricier shops in Chennai, what makes it special is that the products available here are made in Auroville in Pondicherry, and are hence handmade and almost completely organic. There are candles, carpets, cushions and clocks made from wood and a number of other such items.

Best buy: Candles and carpets.

16. Koyambedu Vegetable market:

You should head for this vegetable market in Koyambedu if you want to make something fresh and enticing for your family. The market will always give you fresh produce to choose from and has a large number of vendors gathering here every day from various suburbs around Chennai with their produce of fruits, vegetables and fresh flowers.

Best buy: fresh vegetables and flowers

17. Kapaleeshwarar Temple Eat Street:

Well, if it is food- shopping you are interested in, then you have to head to Kapaleeshwarar Temple Street. The alleys here are lined with street food shops of every kind, from dosa, uttappam, idli, vada, sambhar, rice, chutneys, appam and what not. The street is visited regularly by office goers who want to take a quick bite.

Best buy: Dosa and rose milk

18. Kasimedu Fish market:

It is hard to find a non vegetarian food platter in Chennai that does not contain fish and the Kasimedu fish market is the best place to find the day’s fresh catch. Not only can one get a large number of fish, but prawns, crabs, scallops and squids are also available here. Be sure to come early to pick up the best of the lot.

Best buy: Fish and crabs

19. Spencer Plaza:

A sprawling shopping mall, the Spencer Plaza will help you find all branded goods under a roof. From premium American brands selling jeans to Indian wear, you will find everything here. Catch a movie at the multiplex, hop into a coffee shop and shop till you drop, all under one roof.

Best buy: Almost everything

20. Express Avenue:

Another major shopping mall in the city, this destination is not just known for the clothes and other standard items available in a shopping mall, but also for its dedicated gaming section. The PIX 5D movie section and the Kid’s Play zone are almost always full where parents often drop their kids till they complete their necessary shopping.

Best buy: entertainment section.

Shopping in Chennai will be a real pleasure if you can take out some time and come here to shop while you are in the city.

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