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Making a career, going to work every day, dealing with a difficult boss, doing taxes, dealing with all sorts of responsibilities, and trying to keep yourself healthy. That’s adulthood, and it’s hard. We know. That’s why our designers thought it imperative to design a home which will make you forget all your problems and bring out the child in you.

Cartoons, vibrant colours, quirky decor, and a gorgeous view of the pool – that’s what this 2BHK apartment in Goa is all about. And if you’re not a fan of the crowds of tourists that throng Goa, the location of this house — Siolim — is perfect for you.


Don’t be surprised if you feel taken in by the colours of the house as soon as you step in. The stark contrasts and unconventional decor is not something you see in regular homes.

“We chose a mismatched theme because of the layout of the house,” Jannat, the designer of this home, says. “The bedroom door is right in front of the TV wall and there was no designated space for the dining table as such. So we moved the furniture around and settled on this theme to give it a quirky look.”

Every piece of furniture in this room has its own identity. Except for the chairs, nothing was a set to begin with. Our designers picked up individual pieces and made them work together to produce this really interesting result.

The coffee table is a reminder of all those lazy afternoons when the adults in the house would be napping and you, as a kid, would be out to find a treasure. All of us went on treasure hunts with our friends, and even if we didn’t find anything, the experience was worth treasuring.

The treasure chest will inspire you to go on more hunts and relive the most precious moments of your childhood. And there’s no better place to go on an exciting adventure than Goa.

But before heading out, open the treasure chest. You may find something inside.

“My favourite part of the house is the living area,” Jannat says. “I can imagine myself with my friends playing games from our childhood in this area since it has bean bags and light plastic chairs which can be shifted around as per your convenience.”

The splash of pink on the wall and the kind of furniture which every kid wants in their treehouse is bound to bring a smile to your face. The dining table, with its mismatched chairs and unique legs, brings the fantasy of tea parties with your favourite comic book characters back to life.


The quirk and colour extends into the bedrooms as well. But there are elements in the decor here which is unique to the bedrooms. The cartoons framed on the wall add to the fond memories of your childhood which got lost in the trials of adulthood.

It’s also a great way to engage children if you’re travelling with your kids. Tell them stories of your childhood and your memories of these classic cartoons.

“People don’t expect to see cartoons on the wall of a home,” Jannat says. “That’s also why this is such a fun element in the house. Not only will it engage the kids, the adults too will smile thinking of the impact these characters had on their lives. I know it made me happy every time I saw Tom and Jerry showing off their goofy smiles.”


Both bedrooms offer a view of the pool from their balconies. The rooms have been designed in a manner that makes them feel spacious and open on all sides.

The sunlight streams in through the balcony doors during the day, and if you leave the doors open, you can hear the soft splash of water in the pool if someone’s swimming.

Like the spirit of Goa, this room too is full of cheer and playfulness. The green wall and colourful cushions add to the vibrant decor, and the balcony makes for a wonderful spot to enjoy your morning coffee or tea.

Apart from the comfortable double beds which will make you want to nap every hour, both rooms have comfortable bean bags and open wardrobes for a casual, airy feel. Put your feet up, open a book, or just chat with your companions and feel at home.


This bedroom represents the fresh, blue waters that form the heart of Goa. From the bed to the rug and the bean bag, entering this room has the same calming effect as looking out into the expanse of the sea.

Remember how precious swing time in the playground was? Now, you won’t have to fight off other kids to get the swing all to yourself. There’s one in the balcony of your bedroom overlooking the pool. So if the swing in the living room is occupied by a kid who won’t let go (understandably), get to this one before it gets snatched up.


“This house is my happy place,” Jannat says. “If someone, like me, doesn’t care much for the noise of the crowds in north Goa, this spot in Siolim is just perfect. It’s not too far from the buzz but it’s far enough to make you feel like you’re in your own little bubble in Goa. And the drive here is just gorgeous.”

When you’re on your way here, you’ll see some of the most beautiful, untouched spots of Goa. Driving along the river, you’ll cross a number of small villages which seem like a mirage in a place that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

While you’re here, you’ll have the chance to discover some local gems in Siolim. Manila Bar & Restaurant is only 210 metres away, so a good meal and drink is just a few steps away. Amancio, known for its authentic Goan food, is about 1.4 kilometres away.

One of the best beaches in Goa — Morjim — is about 20 minutes away by car. The serenity of this beach and the dreamy view of the sea make the drive completely worth it. Another beautiful place that you must visit is the Sunset Uddo Beach, about 12 minutes away by car, which offers the best view of a Goan sunset.

Come to Siolim and stay in this wonderfully happy home. You’ll soon want to call it your own home.

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