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Caught in the rat race of the city, we tend to ignore our relationships, especially the ones that are easiest to take for granted. The best way to make sure that life doesn’t come in the way of your relationship with the person you love is to just escape for a few days and leave all your worries behind in the city. And boy, do we have the perfect place for you to rekindle the romance in your life.

This 2BHK apartment in Siolim is perfect for those who want to enjoy the serenity of Goa, and not be surrounded by the noise of other tourists. Walking into this apartment, the first thing you will notice is the beautiful art on the walls. If you feel a sudden feeling of warmth and love towards your partner, don’t be surprised. This depiction of pure and simple love tends to do that.

“The illustration on the wall is by an unknown Japanese artist,” Jannat, the designer of this house, says. “I really wanted to incorporate this illustration in my design because that’s the kind of warm feeling I wanted in this house. The illustrations portray the warmth in a loving relationship so well that they just had to be showcased in a cozy house like this one.”

The cozy seating in the living room, perfect to cuddle on, and the gorgeous view of the pool from the balcony makes this space even more romantic.

Imagine cuddling up on the couch, watching your favourite movie or TV show together while sipping on wine, and snacking on delicious munchies. It’s perfect to relive the intimate times both of you have shared together.

Don’t miss the wonderful poetry framed on the wall for you. These beautiful quotes by Atticus framed on the wall may inspire you to add this charming feature to your own home.

“Atticus is someone I follow on Instagram,” Jannat says. “His poetry always makes you think of the deeper meaning behind his words. The quotes I chose follow the theme of the house and, hopefully, it’ll give our guests something to discuss.”

The dining area in this house is quite unique. The dining table is not your typical table-and-chairs setup. It’s more casual and almost recreates the experience of a picnic with its bench style seating. One of the joys of being in a loving relationship is cooking the food you both like together. And this dining room is the perfect place to enjoy a scrumptious meal made with love.

The dining room also has a bunk bed and study under it for those of you who just can’t escape from the rigours of everyday life. If you must work, even though we strongly advise against it, this spot is ideal for you to be comfortable and get in a few minutes of work while you can.

The bunk bed above the study was conceptualised to perform dual functions. It can be used as one more corner of the house where the two of you can get cozy and watch TV at the same time. It can also be used as an extra bed in case you’re sharing the house with more people. This space can also be a reading nook or a nap corner if you want a few minutes just for yourself.

Stepping out onto the living room balcony, you’ll notice the large, inviting swing that can just swallow you whole. It’s the kind of place you’ll never want to leave.

The view of the pool below makes this balcony even more tempting. Grab a glass of your favourite drink and settle down here for hours, just swinging away lightly and enjoying the sound of the water splashing in the pool.

If you’re a swimmer, we guarantee you won’t be able to resist the temptation of stepping into the pool and experiencing the serenity of Siolim while soaking in the relaxing waters.

Every area in this house has its own identity, and so do the bedrooms. You’ll see why as soon as you step in.

The walls of both bedrooms depict the same story of love as the living room. But the art on the wallpaper of both rooms is completely different. Even the hardest soul will crack a smile at this cuteness. The spacious rooms have comfortable double beds which will give you great views no matter which side you turn.

On one side, you will see the gorgeous view of the dense greenery from your balcony doors. This balcony is tempting enough to make you want to jump out of bed and feel the fresh breeze of Goa first thing in the morning. But if you continue to stay in bed and turn the other side, you will see the cute art on the wall which will instantly brighten your day with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

The second bedroom is perfect for those who like to wake up with a gorgeous view right in front of them. The green tops of the trees and the quaint Goan houses make for a spectacular view every single morning.

This room also continues the story of two people in love with an adorable depiction on the wall. The man giving the woman a piggyback ride while their pet cat balances on top of them is sheer happiness in a picture. Take a selfie with it or just a picture of this art, and frame it in your own home as a beautiful reminder of your romantic Goan holiday.

Unlike the first bedroom, this bedroom has a closed wardrobe with a sliding door and a large mirror on the door. Not only does this save space, it adds to the spacious feeling of the room.

If you’re a swimmer and can’t resist a pool when you see one, this place is perfect for you. Imagine waking up in the morning and jumping into the pool to work up an appetite for breakfast. That’s one of the best ways to start your day. Surrounded by peace and quiet, the pool in this apartment complex will relax you at any time of the day. Whether you want to jump in first thing in the morning, or after a long day of exploring Goa, the perfect pool will be waiting for you.

The drive to this house is absolutely spectacular, with a large part of it taking you right next to the river. On your way here, you will cross a number of small villages which will give you an insight into the simple Goan life.

Siolim has its own spots and corners if you’re looking for a hearty meal and a drink. Manila Bar & Restaurant is only 210 metres away from this complex, and Amancio, known for its authentic Goan food, is about 1.4 kilometres away.

One of the best beaches in Goa — Morjim — is about 20 minutes away by car. The serenity of this beach and the dreamy sunsets make the drive completely worth it. But if it’s a beautiful sunset you’re after, you have an option which is slightly closer. The picture perfect Sunset Uddo Beach is about 12 minutes away by car. Vagator Beach, famous for hosting several events especially during the tourist season, is about 9 kilometres away so you’re not too far from all the action.

A combination of serenity and romance, this house is perfect for those who want to spend quality time with each other and rediscover the time the moment they fell in love. Booking this OYO Home could be one of the best things you do for your relationship and for yourself. Don’t wait too long.

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