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Traveling without exploring the local cuisine is like baking an undercooked cake; both are incomplete and unsatisfactory. While travel does quench your soul with gorgeous landscapes and mesmerizing beauty, only food helps you to embrace the local culture through its cuisine. Ladakh gives you the best of both worlds – untouched
& untampered natural beauty, glimpses of Buddhist culture, and finally the delectable cuisine of Ladakh. You can gorge on Ladakhi Cuisine in abundance, and try your hands-on Tibetan, Chinese, Israeli, North Indian gastronomy during your stay in Ladakh.

Here’s our handpicked guide on what and where to eat, when in Ladakh.

Top Dishes in Ladakh

Ladakh has its charm to keep a tourist excited in many ways with food being an essential element. If you are visiting Ladakh for the first time, be prepared to be swayed away with the texture and flavor of Ladakh’s gastronomical canvas! Most of the food delicacy in Ladakh shows a vibrant mix of vegetable and meat. Read below on some of the unique dishes that you should get a taste of while you’re in “the land of the passes”.


Thukpa In Ladakh

Thukpais considered as comfort food in Ladakh. Easily available in every restaurant and café in Ladakh, this dish showcases the perfect example of Tibetan influence in the region. Thukpa is a concoction of noodle soup with chunks of boiled vegetables and meat. It is best served along with a spicy “chutney” that gives the Thukpa its tangy flavor. Relish the taste of Thukpa with Khambhir; a locally baked bread known for its pan shape and thick crust.


Momos In Ladakh

When in Ladakh, you cannot avoid gobbling the Momos! A simple dumpling made of wheat flour and water, stuffed with boiled vegetables or minced meat, the best Momos in Leh can be found in the nooks and corners of the city. And if you’re not in the mood to try the regular Momos, then take a bite of Muktuk – a combination of Momos dipped in a soup rich in spices and vegetables. A perfect blend of nutrition, taste, and flavor that you can’t resist!


Chhurpi Soup In Leh Ladakh

Popularly also known as the “Yak cheese”, this is one of the snack items that you can munch on while enjoying the scenic beauty of Ladakh. Made by churning Yak milk by adding lime and citrus fruits, it’s a pop-up candy for the Ladakhi’s. Best way to eat a Chhurpi? Keep rolling it until you start feeling the burst of flavors in your mouth!

4.Butter Tea

Butter Tea In Leh Ladakh

While you must have sipped many herbal teas all over the country, Butter Tea is one beverage which can be savored the best way only in Ladakh. Made from green tea leaves, salt, and yak butter, it is a great beverage that can keep you warm amidst the cold weather in Ladakh. Take a sip of Butter Tea to understand why the people so love it!

Surely by now, your taste buds would be demanding a taste of these delicious dishes. To savor these authentic dishes Plan your travel to Ladakh.

Best Restaurants for Dining in Ladakh

1.The Tibetan Restaurant

Considered to be one of the best places to eat in Leh, this restaurant gives you a taste of authentic Tibetan cuisine. Known for its serene ambiance and pleasant sit-outs, they also serve amazing delicacies that will want you to come back for more! Dishes like Gyakok Lunch, Cheesy Chicken Momos, and Noodles Rice Mutton are a must try. As this place is usually swamped with foodies, it’s always a better idea to book your table in advance.

2.Gesmo Restaurant

Looking out to get the best breakfast in Leh? Well, Gesmo is the stop for you! It is one of the best restaurants in Leh to have food for breakfast. Popular as a local eatery joint, you can devour a range of cuisine like Italian, North Indian and Finger food. Freshly baked cookies, apricot jam, and yak cheese pizza are a specialty of this place. The restaurant is flooded with tourists during peak season, so book a table in advance to avoid long waiting queues.

3.Namza Restaurant

Want to get a quiet, romantic corner in the middle of the bustling city of Leh? Head to Namza to experience the beautiful romantic restaurant in Leh. The seating of the restaurant overlooks a kitchen garden, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a busy day in Leh. The Yarkhandi Pulao is a famous delicacy of the restaurant; a recipe of which can be traced back to the time of the Silk Route period. Don’t forget to shop some contemporary silhouettes inspired by traditional Ladakhi clothing in the studio adjacent to the restaurant as a perfect takeaway from this mesmerizing place.

4.Lamayuru Restaurant

If you’re looking at pure veg restaurants in Leh then Lamayuru fairs at the top. The restaurant is popular for providing quality service and lip-smacking vegetarian dishes. Their Israeli Lafas, momos, and pasta are the most exclusive food items that you should order in the restaurant.

Destination for Street Food in Ladakh

Food in Ladakh is simple yet alluring. And, to enjoy Ladhaki cuisine, you don’t need to visit a fancy high-end restaurant. You can relish the taste of rich local Ladakhi food from various street vendors along with the city of Leh, especially in the main market. The main market also happens to be a major corner for street food joint where you can gobble up authentic delicacy like Momo, Thukpa, Tigmo, Thenktuk, Mokthuk at dirt-cheap prices. As these areas are frequently filled with enthusiastic foodies, the quality is usually fresh and clean.

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