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When your D-Day is getting nearer, your beauty sessions are definitely going to intensify. Yes, we are talking about your wedding plans where you are looking for a wedding banquet hall in earnest and caterers with an undeterred passion. But do not forget that this day will surely require a magnificent makeover from your side. Most of the times the bride generally badgers on her skin treatment to get a radiant look, though it too would require a long time effort. But, you must not forget about your hair which holds an equal importance in your looks like that of your skin. Hair is a crowning glory of every individual, and you can never deny the power of long, glossy and wavy hair over your guests. Being in the limelight, every bride aspires to look her best. But, to pull out such a gorgeous look you need to follow some routine hair growth tips. Herein given are some of the tips on how to grow hair faster before your wedding.

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  • Change your Diet

Long, straight and shiny is every girl’s dream. If you are fighting dry and frizzy hair, them it is the matter of inside health. Here go your first tips for hair growth. Try to add protein to your diet because your hair demands it in abundance. Start with eggs.

They are full of protein and a perfect ingredient in hair growth. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime etc., nuts and carrots are all the food items that help in the faster growth of your hair. Chalk out your diet plan around these and you would surely get excellent results at the end of the day.

  • Trim your Hair regularly

Trimming is very essential. Your hair while growing tends to grow some spilt ends or weakened and rough ends that give a bad look as well stunts the growth after some time. For a healthier and quicker growth, you need to keep the ends regularly trimmed. This will enhance the growth and keep the lustre of the hair intact.

  • A Hot Oil Treatment

Blame it on pollution or your everyday busy schedule that leads to hair problems. An ancient wisdom that we ignore but is a pure miracle in hair growth is hot oil massage. Putting nominally heated oil on a scalp closes the opened up pores and activates our hair follicles, thus increasing the growth of hair.

Olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, lavender oil are some of the types that when applied remedies the problems of dandruff, hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Moreover, oil acts as a nice hair conditioner which softens up the hair after shampooing.

  • Braid your Hair

You may call it a grandma’s tip but, braiding your hair, specifically after applying oil is a key to faster hair growth. It reduces frictional breakage as the end of the hair close to the scalp is nearly immobile.

Thus, getting less contact with any fabric reduces the breakage problem. But, remember not to tie the hair too tightly. Thus, braiding your hair is like an added shield that could be used in growing hair faster and naturally.

  • Scalp Massage/Spa

While showering you may give yourself a gentle 10-20 minute of scalp massage or spa treatment to activate your pores. It is beneficial in every way and is a great stimulator for faster hair growth. This is one of the steps being included in bridal makeup tips and skin care for the bride. The blood circulation gets increased thus increasing hair growth.

  • Do not use Straightener or Roller

It would be best to avoid the use of these heating devices over your hair as it tends to burn the strands a little even after you take great care in straightening or curling them. The intense heat given out can damage your locks giving them a dried out appearance.

  • Limit your Shampoo

No need to wash your hair like a maniac every day. Remember these are chemicals and a regular wash of every day could dry and damage the strands. You can shampoo for two to three times a week. Excessive washing can weaken the follicles which could result in hair loss. Thus use a sulphate free shampoo that does not absorb the moisture from the strands. Apply the conditioner from the middle of your hair till the end. Do not apply conditioner from the scalp. This will surely damage your hair follicles if you do so.

  • Use Cold Water

Cold water is truly effective in reducing the excessive hair fall. It closes up the open pores so that hair is not affected by any outside dirt or grease. Washing your hair with too hot water could dry out the scalp and make the root brittle. Thus one of the tips for hair growth is to use cold water. Just cool down your shower and dunk your head under the cold water for its soothing as well as beneficial effect.

  • DIY your Hair Treatment

All in all, you are very well aware of how to take care of your hair. Thus, to add the feather to the cap, give another boost to hair treatment and try out a different variety of traditional packs. The Multani Mitti pack, Curd pack, egg mask, amla or Indian gooseberry pack are some of the tips for hair growth. Try the one that suits your hair texture whether it being oily, dry or normal and put on the effective pack accordingly.

  • Give it a Gentle Hand

No need to tug or brush out your hair rashly if you have a mess in them. Use a serum to open the jumbled up strands and have a little patience while brushing. A rash brushing can cause damage to good hair. Do not brush out over wet hair. Let it dry and then apply brush or comb as the root is brittle when washed.

Following these tips would prove to be a miracle when you apply them for a long time as the result would be a long haul hair care from you. Not only for the wedding, can these tips be applied in your daily hair care as well to give a splendid result on the day of your wedding. Fusion of beautiful hairstyle with a Sabyasachi bridal collection would make you a complete bride who knows how to look best on her D day. Just try these out in a ritualistic manner and feel the difference eventually.

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