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Are you finally taking the step and going on that long-anticipated trip to Goa?

Are your plans to travel with your buddies to the ultimate party destination finally materialising?

If you just answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you need a place to stay. And since getting your friends together for a holiday to Goa is no easy task, the place needs to be perfect. Imagine having two houses –  both 2BHKs – all to yourself, with all the comforts that come with living in your own holiday home, and more.

Inspired by nature, music, and a love for travelling, these two OYO Homes come together to form the perfect blend for a Goan holiday. Allow us to take you on a tour.


… and you will enter a vibrant house which is just waiting to be your home. This home is meant to be a place where you can lounge for hours, turn up the music and party till the morning, or fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie.

The living room, decorated in tones of blue, yellow, and brown, exudes cheer and happy vibes. The tile art on the wall, bright cushions, and bright blue furniture make the room come alive during all times of the day.


Because who wants to live in a boring house? The decor of this apartment was done keeping in mind the owner’s love for all things Portuguese and the need to blend that love with modern design.

“We added the vintage factor to this apartment by using Portuguese prints as framed decor on the living room wall,” Smriti, the designer of this house, says. “We also used a typically Portuguese pattern on the LCD panelling, thereby blending modern design with an authentic Portuguese colour scheme.”

Portuguese touches have been added subtly all over the house. “The reading chair in the balcony and the colourful knobs really add to the Portuguese feel of the apartment,” Smriti says.

The living room also has a bar in a corner which is perfect for house parties. Set up your choice of drink, settle down on the bar stools, take loads of pictures, and be the envy of your Instagram circle.


Seeing the views from this house, it’s no wonder that Goans absolutely love their hometown. Even if you don’t set foot on the beach, the sights you get to see are spectacular. And in this house, everywhere you look, you will see a stunning example of Goa’s beautiful greenery.

In the living room, the double doors, framed by white curtains, open up to a spacious balcony where you can spend a few peaceful moments just taking it all in. And the swing in the balcony makes it all the more inviting.


Moving on from the living room, the two bedrooms have been designed keeping the owner’s fondness for nature and travel in mind. While one of the bedrooms is everything a nature lover would want, the other bedroom is an inspiration for the explorer within you.


…on your side! If you choose to stay in the nature bedroom, you’ll become one of those optimistic people who see nothing wrong in the world. Waking up in a room so cheerful and bright will do that to you.

The colours in this room are predominantly green. The green view from both windows in the room and the hand-painted green leaf print add to the brightness of this room.

In this bedroom, the furniture is seamless. The open wardrobe extends to become the side tables for the bed, offering multiple areas for storage.

“Functionality has been a major part of the design,” Smriti says. “This reflects through the L-shaped unit in this bedroom. We did this to utilise the corners so that the room feels spacious and our guests get plenty of storage space.”

At night, this room can transform into a cozy corner which will lull you into a deep sleep. For a warm, ambient glow throughout the room, switch on the bulbs which hang artfully above the bed.


…so let’s start explorin’. Yes, we know that’s not how the song goes, but this room is made for explorers. Everything from the wall art to the tin trunk in the corner screams ‘travel.’ The tin trunk was a result of upcycling material in this house, as were several other features of the house.

“Apart from the tin trunk which was used as a closed bookshelf in the reading area, we also mounted tyres on the wall and used them to add texture to the centre table in the living room to represent the joy of travel and road trips,” Smriti says.

Using locally sourced and natural material was an important part of designing this house. The bamboo chatai used in the LCD panelling and the rope partition in the bar area add a rustic charm to the design while the handmade wire birds in the living room bring a contemporary touch.

The balcony attached to the ‘travel’ bedroom has been closed off with windows. That’s because every house needs a cozy nook where one can just escape from everything else and go into their dream world. Whether it’s reading a gripping book or just contemplating life while admiring the view, this nook is perfect for a few minutes alone.


…when you can enjoy your meals in the middle of nature? The outdoor dining area in the kitchen balcony is a unique concept which is fast becoming a favourite with anyone who stays in this house.

“My favourite space in this house is the outdoor dining area,” Smriti says. “It’s a completely unique experience and a concept like this really fits a chilled out, green place like Goa.”

With a stunning view of the trees and the perfect lighting to go with it, you might feel yourself falling in love with this beautiful work of art.

This was a tour of one house. As we mentioned earlier, there’s another beautifully designed  OYO Home just across the hall.


As soon as you enter this house, you will feel the perfect symphony of music and nature. The backlit guitar on the living room wall and the cassette-shaped centre table will instantly soothe and inspire you. Because that’s what music does to the tired soul.

“Even though the house has a contemporary feel to it, the music-themed decor makes you want to bring out your collection of the olden hits,” Ashish, the designer of this abode, says. “The cassette table and the guitar are reminiscent of the 90s, and everyone knows some of the greatest music came from that era, especially for us millennials.”

The blue tones of the living room have a calming effect and the stunning view from the balcony accentuates that relaxed feeling. Plonk down on the couch, put on a movie, and just laze there. Or have a karaoke session in the true spirit of this house!


If you ever leave the living room, step into this artfully decorated balcony and enjoy the gorgeous view of the trees in the foreground framed by the green hills of Goa.

“The living room balcony is one of my favourite spots in the house,” Ashish says. “When I needed a break during the day while working on this house, I would just step out here for a few minutes, take in the view, and it would instantly relax me.”


These bedrooms are ideal for those who identify as lazy before any other personality trait. And you’ll see why instantly.

The side tables in this bedroom can be used as breakfast tables or laptop desks. It’s perfect for those who never want to get out of bed.

Another key feature of this room is the art on the wall. It’s nothing like you would’ve ever seen before. A wine bottle, fairy lights, and a cute little plant come together to become the centre of attention in this room.

“Since our main theme for both houses was nature, I decided to play around a bit with it in this room,” Ashish says. “Instead of just putting a plant in the room, I used an empty wine bottle and lights to really make the piece stand out.”

With an open wardrobe to neatly hang your clothes, and double doors opening out to a balcony, this room feels spacious and bright.

The balcony attached to this room comes with contemporary and comfortable seating. Get a book, plug in your headphones, put your feet up, and relax your soul.

The second bedroom is paradise for those who don’t like moving any muscles unnecessarily. The side tables on both sides of the bed can be wheeled around, so if you need to keep your cup of coffee in front of you for minimal effort, or if you want to eat breakfast in bed, just slide the table forward.

An open wardrobe and windows with a view of the lush greenery, this room feels cozy and welcoming without being closed in.

The view from this room is not the same as the first bedroom. It faces a thicket of trees which not only protects you from the harsh sun but also offers a beautiful sight for sore eyes. The balcony makes for a cozy reading corner, especially since there is a designated space for you to keep your books, drinks, and snacks – essentials for any holiday.


One of the main features of both these houses was the use of natural material. From the ropes used as a partition between the rooms and the bar in the first house to ropes being used as lighting in this house, natural material was used in a rather creative manner.

“The rope lighting is one of my favourite features of this house,” Ashish says. “It looks really good and has a certain rustic charm to it. We used the rope lighting in the balcony and it makes the place look really warm and cozy in the evening.”

This house too has an outdoor dining space attached to the kitchen. The balcony outside the kitchen was converted into a dining room instead of leaving it unused.

“We really wanted our guests to feel this view,” Ashish says. “You don’t find a home with great views all around very easily. So an outdoor dining space was conceptualised to take advantage of this factor. It’s a great place to have breakfast, really take in the fresh morning air, and in the evening, this is the perfect setting for some memorable dinners.”


Apart from the unique design of these houses, this property also has other fantastic advantages. One of the most popular beaches of Goa – Calangute Beach – is about 4 kilometres away from this property. Another tourist hotspot – Baga Beach – is about 6 kilometres away.

If you’re in the mood to party and dine well, head to Fort Aguada Road which is about 4 kilometres away. This road is one long stretch of great restaurants and bars which can satisfy all cravings. To experience Goa’s nightlife, head to LPK Waterfront which is about 8 kilometres away from this property.

Don’t wait too long to book these beautiful homes for your friends or family. They get snatched up pretty quickly.

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