Package vs Independent Itinerary

Group Package or Independent Itinerary: How to Make the Right Travel Decision?

Planning a trip is a careful affair, and if the responsibility of the complete itinerary is upon you, you need to answer certain questions? Do you go for the package deal with a good travel agent or do you dig up your resources and knowledge to make an independent itinerary?

A lot of people, especially, young travellers tend to choose the independent itinerary option because of the budget constraints. Package deals are usually preferred by the older groups or those travelling with families. However, budget package deals are also available, and an independent itinerary can sometimes be more expensive than a package oneso a lot more digging in is required.

Let us start by discussing the merits and demerits of each option.


Package ToursConvenient and Hassle-Free

If you want a stress-free trip where you can simply delegate all the responsibilities of planning to an expert, then a package deal is the best choice. If you are travelling to a place where you think security might be a bit underwhelming, then the package deal takes care of that concern too.

Good travel agents are aware of the little things that will make your experience rewarding. From the airport transfers to the kid-friendly places, they can customise your trip to give you the utmost comfort.


When Should You Choose the Package Deal?

If you are on a family trip with children, then a package deal might save you considerable time on decision making. Travel agents will know the best family-friendly itineraries, ensuring you some wonderful vacation memories while the little ones too enjoy to the fullest. Package deals are also a good option when you are travelling with older people who cannot spend much on energy and need to be comfortable.

If you are a little inhibited when it comes to travelling, or you are not familiar with the language of the place, a package deal is a good option to fall back on.


Demerits of a Package Deal

Package deals take out the serendipity of travel. You will already have an idea of what the entire trip will be like including the timings of your visits and activities. It may also restrict you from changing plans in the middle. However, you can always address these issues with the travel agent and free up some space for impromptu activities.


Independent ItinerariesFun and Surprising

Travel has become a romanticised concept nowadays. Working mechanically all week long is tiring, and travelling provides the right escape to live life without a rigid routine. An independent itinerary fulfils this thirst of open-ended adventure. It gives you complete control over expenditure as you can break down the trip into smaller segments per your comfort and budget. You can free yourself from time-bound restraints and get more time to do the things you want.

Nowadays, independent itineraries have become much easier to plan because of the internet. You can get a good idea of what your lodging and transport options will be like. You can also check forums and travel sites for the traveller reviews and keep an eye on the weather reports.

An independent itinerary allows flexibility. You can stay at a budget accommodation and shift to a luxury resort per comfort. Travellers looking for the authentic, local experience and those who are not fussy about food and transport will prefer the independent itinerary option.


When Should You Choose an Independent Itinerary?

Choose the independent option when you are familiar with the people you are travelling with. If you want to experience a destination beneath its touristy layers and get a more realistic portrayal of the place, then an independent itinerary is the best choice.


Demerits of an Independent Itinerary

There is a luck factor with an independent itinerary. The experience may not be like it was advertised and if there is a situation (cancellation, local shutdown or similar situations) you may not have the back-up that a package deal provides.

However, enthusiast travellers take such risks without hesitation. According to many, the fun of exploring on your own is irreplaceable by even the best-customised package trips.


At the end of the day, whether you choose a package or an independent itinerary, it is up to you and your travel companions to make the best out of the trip.

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