OYO Summer ’17 – the coolest summer yet.

Dust and sweat. Great gusts of loo. Parched throats. When it comes to the Indian summer, these are the pictures that come to mind. But does the summer have to be so bleak? We don’t think so!

That’s why we’re reclaiming the season of the sun. Goodbye, summer. Hello, OYO Summer ’17! With OYO hotels spread across all major holiday destinations in the country, it has never been easier to beat the heat.

Temperatures peaking? Think snow-capped peaks. From Shimla to Ooty, there are OYO hotels in 36 hill stations.

Click here to check out OYO’s in the hills.

Ditch the dust. Think gold-sand beaches. From Goa to Pondicherry, there are OYO hotels in 17 beach towns.


 Click here to check out OYO’s on the coasts.

Forget the thirst. Think plush city pubs. From Mumbai to Kolkata, there are OYO hotels in 200 cities.

Click here to check out OYO’s in the cities.

Wherever you go, there’s an OYO for you! All you have to do is book your stay and enjoy the perks of OYO Summer ’17—the coolest summer yet.


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