Mountains or Beaches: What does it reveal about your personality?

Winter holidays are near, and if you still haven’t decided where to go, this blog might help you choose.

There are a plethora of beautiful places to choose from, so picking the final destination may be a bit of a conundrum. For help, you can let your personality decide this. Will it be the majestic views of the snow-capped ranges that win the moment or will it be the pleasant evening sea breeze that will do its magic? Mountains and beaches cater to different emotions. Deciding between the two is based on a few common factors.

Mountain Lovers


If you are someone who does not mind getting lost in the curves and inclines of a secluded hill town, then you have the basic traits of an introvert. The forbidding yet ethereal beauty of the mountains gives you the peace of mind, and the high altitudes and charming winding streets make you celebrate your solitude and go into a creative frame of mind. You thrive when no one is around, and you feel most free when you are the stranger in a new place, ready to be the anonymous observer.


Mountains tend to attract the romantics and the artistically inclined. Writers, painters and other artists find inspiration in the hardy terrains. Choosing the serene silence of the mountains also means that you prefer staying connected to the real world while enjoying your own company. Hill stations for you are synonymous with self-discoverywhether it is teatime in the bustling town square or the lonely walk on a pine crested trail.

You prefer to speak less, and you probably love to learn about the lives of others, especially when the culture and traditions are unfamiliar. Your conversations aren’t about the trivial stuff eitheras they get longer, the philosopher in you gets unleashed.

Nature Enthusiast

Loving mountains also makes you a nature enthusiast. You don’t control nature in the mountains, it controls you. Those who are addicted to the mountains go there for the breathtaking landscapes, they admire the crimson peaks and steep forests and they feel at home with the rushing sound of the icy waters of a brook in the background.

Mountains are about uncomplicated lifestyles. If you love to serenade your partner with the simple things rather than elaborate gestures, then a mountain getaway is the right choice.

Here are a few destinations which will complement your personality: Shimla, Manali, Gangtok, Shillong and Darjeeling.

Beach Hoppers


Beaches have a more vibrant setting and are ideal for people who prefer to travel with company.  If ‘fun’ and ‘party’ are the words that bring out your lively side, then you’re a beach person. If you choose beaches over mountains, you are more of a social person and do not hesitate in making new friendships wherever you go. You are a go-getter, be it completing a task at the professional front or simply enjoying your holiday to the fullest. Your extrovert personality thrives in the company of others.


You do not like to spend time doing nothing. Activities make you feel alive and the evenings are when the day really begins. Beach people do not waste time worrying about the future and fun for them is about living in the moment.

The energy on a beach trip is high-octane, fuelled by the chemistry you have with others as much as the destination itself. If you prefer entertainment over introspection, the beach is for you. Beaches are about relationshipswhether you are making new ones or reinforcing the old ones. Couples who complement each other’s enthusiasm for a good time will enjoy a beach vacation.


Beachside adventure provides a high-adrenaline rush. It is about exploring deep waters and experiencing high speeds. Cocktails and conversations, dances and serendipitous moments, the many faces of a flea market, the colourful shirts, and the buzz of a beachside barthese provide the ecosystem for a quintessential extrovert. So, if you like to jump straight into the action and share it with your friends, book a beach destination.

Here are a few destinations to enjoy a memorable holiday: Goa, Puri, Pondicherry, Visakhapatnam and Port Blair.

Let Your Destination Take Over

However, the musings above are not etched in stone. You can have a ball of a time with a large group in a mountain resort, and a beach shack might just be the best place to curl up with a book for hours. Adventurers will enjoy a scuba experience as much as a trek to a base camp. Foodies will enjoy a platter of seafood the same way; they would dig into a hot meal and a warm drink.

What is most important is that you plan your trip well. Research your logistics and make sure that you use a trusted platform to book your hotel rooms. All destinations come with their attractions that will delight any traveller. Be comfortable, stay safe, and let the adventure begin.

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