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A trip to Uttarakhand to escape the summer heat would usually mean a visit to one of the many gorgeous hilly destinations this state has to offer – be it the queen of the hills Mussoorie, the lake district Nainital or the alluring Auli for slightly more adventurous souls. But what if we told you that the capital city Dehradun, despite its bustling and urbane exterior, has some plush, cosy getaway spots tucked under its folds, which could be the perfect way to enjoy the quiet of the hills without actually getting too far away from the luxuries of a city?

Step into this 5BHK penthouse in Dehradun and be transported to the Victorian era of luxurious, classy living. The elegance of the living room of this OYO Home will make you want to dress up for the evening before you sit down on one of the antique couches and pour yourself a glass of red. Located on a hillock in a forest land not too far from the heart of the city, the property offers a fascinating view of dense greenery on one side and a bird’s eye view of the city on the other.

The walls of this penthouse will assure you that blue is indeed the warmest colour. “We had massive walls to fill. The living room wall is almost 30 feet long. In keeping with the Victorian feel, we used bold hues of blue for the walls,” says Tuhin, the man whose vision led to the design marvel this luxury home is. “To break up the blue monotony, we used wooden beadings – the white square frames on the wall.”

Allow yourself to be taken in by the charming Victorian setting – each room here is a juxtaposition of old-world charm and modern-world living. The spacious living room has two different sitting areas with comfy couches in shades of blue and grey. “We used shades of blue for the sofas and couches to add to the Victorian feel. There is a Tibetan village nearby – the colour palette is inspired from that village, the Tibetan flags, etc.” says Tuhin.

The dark brown doors, antique wooden artefacts complement the blue walls. The warm yellow light from the ornate chandelier, yet another testimony to the regal theme of the house, make the setting soothing to the eye. The tripod floor lamp will give you just enough light for you to prop up your feet and read a book while reclining on a couch. Or you could find yourself drifting into thoughts while looking out of the huge window in the living room, at the vast green expanse outside.

The bedrooms are spacious and airy, with soft cream walls and wooden king-sized beds. The windows and the balcony with each bedroom let in ample daylight. Each vintage-looking bed has an end of bed bench, upholstered in bright shades of mauve, pink or purple, adding a pop of colour to the room’s subtle and minimalist décor.

The theme of blue is carried forward in each room by framed photos of elements from nature, in a predominantly blue shade. Each room has a spacious wardrobe to store your luggage, a chic mirror, and an air conditioner in case the summer afternoon gets a bit too hot.

Step out onto the balcony to take in some fresh, unpolluted air, or spend some time on the swing as you watch birds chirp on the trees of the forest in front. If you are lucky, you might get to watch some showers as well from this beautiful vantage point.

One of the most remarkable features of this home is the furniture that adds to the royal feel of the place. From the glass-top bedside tables to the wooden curtain in the living room, every piece looks vintage. “The furniture was sourced from Delhi,” informs Tuhin. So don’t be surprised if you see your Amar Colony marble top centre table in the rooms or the baroque-style mirror in the dining area.

Space is not a problem here – no matter how big your group is, you’ll find ample space for everyone. If you want to take a break from all the eating out, the huge kitchen will give you enough space to cook up a storm for a big feast. The dining room has one eight-seater and one four-seater table, so you can enjoy your meals with your group of friends or family.

This home makes for the perfect base in case you are travelling in large numbers and need a stopover to relax in between visiting other hill stations near Dehradun. Or you can head here to just take a break from the humdrum city life and lose yourself in the magic of Victorian-style living, and perhaps wonder, “Why can’t I live like a royal here, forever?”

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