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All the brides-to-be out there, if you want to make the best fashion and style statement, you just cannot miss a distinctive Nath that screams for attention. Large nathani has been a part of Indian tradition since ages and is a beautiful part of bridal jewellery. If you haven’t pierced your nose yet, fret not, just stop searching for banquet halls in Delhi and focus on your nose instead. You can choose a clip-on nose ring as well.

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In the past few years, the traditional nose rings have evolved a lot to encompass stunning designs and styles which are beyond comparison. These days when wedding guests turn up wearing jhoomars, matha pattis and maang tikkas, the bridal Nath is a piece of jewellery which sets the bride apart.

The significance of Nose Rings in Indian Culture and Weddings

Nose piercing has their origin in the Middle East which was introduced to India during the Mughal rule. As the nose ring is now considered a fashion accessory women of all religions in India get their nose pierced.  Nose rings worn on a daily basis are tiny and delicate, unlike their bridal counterparts which are huge and elaborate.

According to Ayurveda nose piercing has a lot of medical benefits, one reason why the majority of women get left nostril pierced. As it is believed that the left nostril has an association with female reproductive organs getting a nose pierced can ease menstrual and childbirth pains. Some women get both sides of the nose pierced (this is common in rural or tribal parts of India) so, it is quite common to see the right nostril or even the septum pierced in India.

There are numerous designs of a bridal nose ring we have for you. Scroll through and check out which one makes you go “This one’s mine!”

  • Elaborate Kundan Bridal Nose Ring Design

Kundan nose rings are such a rage, always! These kinds of nose rings are worn widely by brides in their weddings and they look attractive and charming on any kind of face. If you don’t want anything simple a drool-worthy bridal nose ring design should be your choice.

A crystal, kundan and pearl encrusted Nath can be a pure stunner. Ask your jeweller to design something matching your bridal jewellery or necklace set and consider going for a Nath in real gold for completing your look. You get a lot of varieties these days in kundan nose rings, so go all out and wear them with élan at your big day!

  • Stunning Kundan Nath without chain

The kundan Nath minus the chain is a good option if your bridal look is more contemporary than traditional, it was largely popularized by Sonam Kapoor on her Cannes outing. It is trendy, chic and just so enticing wear it over that beautiful reception gown as well, and you are going to go boom!! Use the traditional bridal nose ring for your wedding pheras and try something like this for your wedding reception. This kind of nath will also look stunning for your cocktail or sangeet ceremony. Ever since Sonam wore it, you will find a lot of stunning designs in it in almost every branded jewellery store so go ahead and take your pick.

  • The Traditional Maharashtrian Nath

The traditional Maharashtrian nath came into the fashion scene recently when Priyanka Chopra wore it in Bajirao Mastani. This nose ring is a little smaller in size as compared to northern nose rings and mostly has small sized pearls as their signature style.

Maharashtrian brides wear this unique bridal nose piece with great pride. Even wedding guests sometimes are spotted wearing this nath with silk sarees. Visit your jeweller and ask him to customize such kind of a nose ring for you if you are going to be a Maharashtrian bride!

  • Oversized-Hoop Nose Ring


Popularized by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Jodhaa Akbar and remaining a show stealer even today, is an over-sized nose ring encrusted with a tiny kundan flower. Such kind of a nose ring has a big thin ring in gold and just a small flower stuck to the ring in kundan or pearl on any one particular point. It is simple and has a very clean look.

It is elegant and goes beautifully with heavy jhumkas and necklaces. You can for with a flower which is white or one which is with colourful stones according to your entire get-up. We must say, with this on your nose, you are completely going to rock your wedding day!

  • Floral Pearl-Drop Nose Ring

Pearl looks elegant and really classy. For a bride who likes the minimalistic look and does not like anything too gaudy, then this is the right choice for you. A silver gold-plated, glass enamelled nose ring looks ethnic and gorgeous, all at the same time. With a green-blue floral pearl drop, this could be a great match for your bridal lehenga of an off-beat green-blue colour tone. You will find a lot of designs of this type of nose ring for the bride in the market today. Pick your budget and find one which goes with your attire and your face. We bet you will look gorgeous!

  • Gold Nose Ring with Layered Chains

If you don’t like nose rings which have a big centre design at the nose, then go for a layered gold nose ring. It is made up of long chains and is perfect for your wedding or any other function as well. A mid-sized golden nose ring with multiple layered chains is a beautiful, traditional nose ring for the bride.

Along with the layered chain, you could combine a pearl and glass enamel detail on the nose ring goes. You can combine and wear these on your wedding day with a traditional dress or on your sangeet and reception as well, these look elegant and charming, we must say!

  • Good Old Vintage Nose Ring

These days, you will find a lot of variety of these kinds of nose rings. A nose ring in gold and pearl, it will look attractive on any kind of a bridal outfit you decide to wear on your wedding day. A vintage nose ring with the intricate details and pearl work will add oodles of charm to your bridal ensemble. It has everything going, right from the traditional look to a contemporary beautiful style.

  • Go golden

Have a penchant for gold? Well then, go for an all gold bridal nose ring which is made of gold and nothing else. We bet you don’t have to worry about pairing it up. It will always match beautifully with any traditional outfit you wear on your big day. When it comes to an array of designs and varieties for a jewellery piece, there is always ample choice.

However, gold is the most attractive and jazzy to compliment the Indian attire. Brides can’t do without a golden nath. Also, with anything gold, you don’t have to go out of your way to draw attention. Nail the diva look with an irresistible gold hoop or nath, add that golden shine and bling!

  • Bold Beads

Beads are in vogue, and almost everyone is sporting this trend. And why not? It’s vibrant and fun and adds style to anything you wear. So, go for a funkier variety of nath as you walk down the aisle, and it will complete your contemporary bridal look. A nose ring which has bold beads as its focus and nothing else will set you apart as a bewitching bride on your big day. In place of that clumsy and heavy look, everyone will love the tasteful elegance of the beads.

  • Nath with Multi-chains

With this royal, subtle and exuberating nose jewellery piece, it’s time to take your traditional jewellery style to the next level. What has been creating ripples is the large and heavy nose ring that you have been avoiding.

The ethnic nath with the dangling chains never loses its charm. With a revamped and much bolder multi-stranded nath, channel your inner diva and ditch the usual this season.

  • Charmistic Kundan

Nothing matches the elegance of kundan when it comes to that perfect blend of traditional and contemporary charm. Adding flare to your wedding outfit, the pretty and stunning kundan nath in glass stones will be bright, classic and ethnic. Made with just a small kundan stud and the chain attached to it, it is perfect if you have a liking for kundan. Giving you a pleasure of getting into the limelight, this cool accessory in red colour stays a cut above the rest. You can always go for colours to match your wedding lehenga.

  • Latkan

Resembling a type of charm bracelet, this nose ring is a type of plain metallic chain with decorative charms all over. Rather than the nose ring itself, the design is made as such that the highlight is more on the metallic chain part. “Bullag” which is a pendant suspended from the septum is another most common type of latkan. Be that style icon and wear a latkan, preferably for your pre-wedding functions. It clearly is one of the best from the latest designs for bridal nose rings.

When you imagine the image of a perfect Indian bride, it is a given that you would visualize her with a nose ring. The best way to select the perfect one nose ring for you would be to consider all your options wisely and openly. The bridal outfit and the types of nose rings that are available are the two most important things that you need to keep in mind here. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision and look gorgeous on your wedding day.

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