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Amidst the teeth-chattering and bone-chilling cold, can you imagine spending a winter in Ladakh? Well, of course, it’s difficult, but there is no argument about the fact that the place looks the best during the winters. From the mountains to the meadows and from the lakes to the streams—everything gets embraced in the snow. For the photographers, trekkers and adventure travellers, Ladakh in its ice-laden avatar seems no less than a paradise. So, if you want to experience magical beauty all around you, then you must visit Ladakh in winters.


One of the best parts of visiting Ladakh in winters is the low travel expense. From hotels to shopping, everything becomes fairly cheap in comparison to the summers, which is the tourist season. The flight rates also come down to an affordable range. With such reasonable prices, romancing in one of the coldest regions of India is an unmatched experience. You can spend quality time with your partner with the breathtaking views around you. Apart from the natural beauty, Ladakh in winters offers new experiences as well. As the temperature drops, the famous Pangong Lake freezes, making way for you to walk on its edges. You can also enjoy the Chadar Trek—one of the most thrilling treks of the world. The trek is through the Zanskar River which freezes due to the low temperature.


Winters in Ladakh offer a great opportunity to the wildlife lovers as well. As the weather changes to cold, many Himalayan animals come down to a lower altitude, making it easier to spot them. While you may easily come across a mountain wolf, blue sheep, magpie, wild hare, you may also get lucky to spot a snow leopard.


In winters, everything in Ladakh comes to a standstill. Mainly surviving on tourism, the locals have all the time in the world to welcome you with hospitality. Soft-spoken and polite, the people of Ladakh are ever ready to help the tourists with their requirements. You can interact with the people from different tribes and take a closer look at how they survive in such harsh climatic conditions. In spite of the chilling cold, winter is the time to celebrate for the locals. Giving a break from routine work, winter brings together everyone. Ladakhi festivals like Ladakhi Losar (New Year) and most of the monastic festivals like Thiksey Gustor, Spituk Gustor, Matho Nagrang and Stok Guru Tsechu are held in winter and celebrated with great gusto. These festivities let you experience the authentic culture of Ladakh, which is difficult to come across in summers.


So, challenge yourself and take a leap of faith because this trip will blow your mind. Apart from its absolute and flawless charm, Ladakh in winters is meant for those who seek peace away from the monotonous city life. Most of the travellers usually take the easy path by visiting Ladakh during summer, but you can dare to take the road less travelled. Experience the frozen white yet splendid winters of Ladakh.


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