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A Kamarbandh is a nice, exquisite piece of jewellery worn by a bride. Made famous by brides from South India, where a Kamarbandh is necessarily worn on the sari during the wedding ceremony, these days’ brides from across the cultures flaunt the Kamarbandh or the waist chain over their lehengas and saris in a variety of styles. Needless to say, in the past few years, waist jewellery for women has become really popular. The waistband or the Kamarbandh for lehenga is a kind of jewellery that accentuates the waist by adding a glamorous touch with a feminine appeal. The demand for these traditional-turned-trendy waistbands has gone up over the years, and celebrities too have started flaunting them at social events as well as at various marriage halls in Mumbai.

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The best thing is that today, there are a lot many options to choose from. If you love Kundan, then you can opt for a nice Kundan Kamarbandh as one of the bridal jewellery in a double layer or single layer, or if you are looking for a simple fabric Kamarbandh, then that too can be easily designed to match your wedding outfit.

This exquisite piece of an ornament is worn close to the waist and it highlights the waistline very beautifully. It adds such a charm and looks so graceful. Many brides are now sporting intricate Kamarbandhs to add a classic appeal to their look. Let’s look at the best options for today’s bride.

  1. Pearl Kamarbandh

Pearls are just so graceful, isn’t it? And there’s certain royalty and distinct charm attached to pearls. Deeply loved by the royals, today pearl jewellery finds its place in almost every other home. Yes, the royal pearl Kamarbandh will take you out of your way to draw all that attention. Gently swaying round your waist, the spectacular and irresistible pearls will be an attraction on your day. Pearls go so well with almost any colour and any kind of outfit complementing your exquisite heavy wear like none other. The jewel is shiny, fun and splendid which adds such a unique charm.

  1. Antique Silver Kamarbandh

Silver always speaks volume about your taste, style, and personality and it is something which can easily be bought without burning a hole in your pocket. It can simply be worn for any occasion. In order to put your best foot forward with jewels the day you become a bride, the grandiose silver Kamarbandh will be just over-the-top. You can transform it into a style that you like from an understated design to luxurious jewel.

  1. Gold Kamarbandh

In order to have royalty and bridal appeal on full show, Gold is a big factor for any woman. Gold just never goes out of fashion and simply looks stunning over any kind of outfit, weather it’s a heavy lehenga or a simple bridal outfit. It will be a prized possession for your closet being an exquisite piece in yellow metal. You just need to nail the look right with a beautifully created gold or golden Kamarbandh.

  1. Thin Chains

If you are the one who likes that minimalistic look, then thin chains are what you should go for. Thin chains also make for great bridal waist belts- whether they are with a sari or a lehenga or any other bridal dresses! Anything can be opted here – the gold, Kundan or silver chain as per preference. If you are wearing an outfit which is not too heavy not too subtle, then these chains do their best job. However, they look the best on a thin waist so if you are a little on the heavier side, avoid wearing these. Well, we can only say, they are elegant and chic and apt for the modern bride!

  1. Zardozi Belt

A zardozi belt can be the ideal Kamarbandh for lehenga if you don’t want to go for a heavy jewellery piece. Adding such a wonderful touch to your outfit, a Zardosi belt will help to accentuate your best curves and help you to carry off your attire with élan. It always looks great lending some sort of royalty to the bridal attire! We bet, this is the right choice if you want to add that regal touch to your wedding day!

  1. Sequin Magic

Sequins look great, isn’t it? There is nothing that a string of sequins cannot glam up! Sequin adds that oomph factor to any outfit and is subtle as well as absolutely stunning. Besides looking gorgeous, they add a magical effect to almost any outfit. Team this sequin belt with a pastel lehenga or with any of your dark coloured bridal outfit, it will look simply mind-blowing.

  1. Fine Florals

Floral, golden and all things elegant which makes floral belts look so different, sweet and add such a vibrant fervour to your bridal attire. We are totally in love with a delicate floral golden waist belt this particular season.

Moreover, if its summers, it’s bound to make you feel so fresh and rejuvenated without making any kind of discomfort. This is the perfect pick if you want to wear a Kamarbandh but want to keep it simple at the same time!

  1. Necklace Kamarbandh

The cue is to go for a necklace-designed Kamarbandh if you are planning to flaunt something evergreen, yet chic. It’s nice, exquisite and adds such a beautiful touch to your bridal outfit. It’s traditional and won’t look out-dated either. If your outfit is a little subtle, then this Kamarbandh would be the best choice. To give your D-day look a stylish twist, there are luxurious designs to choose from like Jadau, Kundan drops, pearls, etc. It’s time to try out this one for your big day, don’t you agree?

  1. Classic Leather Belt

Statement maker by Sabyasachi has definitely been a fave amongst our Bollywood celebs this season! Don’t you remember Anushka Sharma from her wedding reception? The gorgeous golden belt that she wore was so different, trendy and totally cool. After all, the modern bride wants to try something offbeat from the regular bridal accessories as a waist chain for lehenga, right? Go for a classic leather belt with a unique buckle in a colour that blends well with your lehenga. Stand out from the crowd and make that distinct statement.

  1. Net Mesh Style

This style caught a lot of eyeballs as it made its debut at a fashion week. The stand-alone elaborate Kamarbandh that Shilpa Shetty also showcased at an event brought it to life and was no doubt a huge centre of attraction. It’s subtle, unique, gorgeous and is different in look, as well. Go for a broad stylish mesh pattern if you too want something extraordinary and exquisite like the B-town diva. With one of the most infallible pieces, you don’t need anything else to accentuate your waist.

  1. Dangling Chain

Sporting a beautiful dangling waist chain for lehenga is an ultimate way to either show off your curves or hide your less-than-shapely waist. A favourite option by the modern bride, it looks so chic and helps to give a nice contemporary look as well.

Different layers adorning your waist will look highly versatile and complement your traditional look as well. Go for an enchanting and aesthetic design and get decked up in a truly ethnic way to walk down the aisle this season.

  1. Keychain Design

Women and the keychain have an old connection, don’t you agree? Haven’t we seen the women in our family always wearing the keychain at their waist even when it was for a reason? The classics that your mother used to flaunt at their waist level can look very stylish now and is hugely preferred by the brides of today. Define your waist and your wedding couture in a distinctive way by tucking in a stately Kamarbandh with a keychain. Get your mom’s re-polished or buy a new one for your D-day.

Tips to Style Kamarbandh the Right Way:

  • First of all, you should figure out what type of Kamarbandh would go well with your outfit colour and pattern.
  • If your outfit has golden embroidery or combination, then don’t go for silver Kamarbandh.
  • If your Sari or Lehenga has heavy embroidery, try to go for simple Kamarbandh.
  • If your outfit is simple, then opt for three-layered or two-layered Kamarbandh to add up light to your look.
  • Make sure you don’t go for a broad Kamarbandh unless it is a very important ceremony that you are attending.
  • To keep it simple yet elegant go for pearl or diamond Kamarbandh. This will lift your look with ease.
  • If you wearing a Lehenga or Sharara make sure you wear Kamarbandh a bit above your waist.
  • If you are styling it with a sari, it should be below or on the waist.
  • Sari like cotton or silk can be styled with Chabi Chhalla to maintain the traditional look.
  • Avoid overdoing it as it can break your look.

Wearing Kamarbandh is highly trendy and customary essential in some counties of Asia specifically in India. Indian women used to wear Kamarbandhs on a regular basis in earlier days. Though nowadays it is worn only on special occasions, the ornament has not lost its charm. An elegant Kamarbandh will give the bride a sophisticated look.

The creative trend will instantly add a dash of élan to your pretty ensemble and turn you into a head turner on your D day!

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