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What is the most important event of a regular personal life? The wedding. And what is the most important thing about the wedding? The feast. Whether you agree with the first statement or not, nobody can deny that the food is of utmost importance at a wedding. In fact, the food is the most important factor in any event. This is why you cannot compromise on the wedding catering service you hire. People will forget the minor glitches on a performance on the stage, wedding traditions and customs, they might not even notice what you were wearing. But people never forget what food was there in the menu and how it tasted.

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Key Components

Take Care of Half the Wedding in a Snap

We have already established the most crucial element of a successful wedding. It is an impressive feast. Once the food is taken care of, everything else seems easier. You need the caterers to get everything just right. For that, you have to do your bit too. In fact, your bit comes first, and also in the end. Here you will find out how to take care of the food part like a pro. Let’s first list down the various things that could go wrong. That way you will know which parts to pay special attention to.

Fails aren’t an Option

If on the off chance, your catering service fails to deliver the job perfectly, you can ask for a refund, and obviously, you are not making further payments. But the ideas of unique wedding celebration are ruined! This isn’t a house party with just a few tens of people attending. You cannot bring in pizza for all of them. So instead of thinking of what if things went wrong, think of how things could go wrong and avoid them. Prevention is better than cure, we all know. But in case of a wedding feast gone wrong, there is no cure, to begin with.

Possible Catering Fails and How To Avoid Them

Though the wedding caterers you hired is responsible for everything they take on, if they fail, it will be your loss. And it is not just about money. It will be an awkward situation amidst hundreds of unknown faces, letting down tens of close ones.

So, here is a list of common wedding feast fails. Learn from the mistakes of others right here.

  1. Undecided Menu

This sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it? How can anybody forget to or simply not bother to set the menu? It’s not quite so. People sometimes leave the decision up to the caterers. They do tell you what they have planned and it sounds fine so you give them the green signal.

But for some reason, you have not taken the initiative to customise the menu for yourself, could be because you are too overwhelmed with many other things at the moment or because you are totally confused with too many options.

No matter what, you should never leave the decision regarding the most important part of the evening up to a group of strangers. It doesn’t matter how efficient they are. The food menu has to be a personal touch. Of course, the caterers could add something to the list or say they cannot make one particular thing. But that’s about it.

  1. Altered Menu

It is totally okay to replace a particular dish on the menu with something else, for convenience, budget, or complication issues. But all that has to be run through you before being brought on the platter. The final decision must not change at the last minute.

As the client, you have your responsibilities too. You should not coax the wedding caterers to do something new at the last moment. Take your time making the plan, but once it’s done, stick to it.

  1. No Trial tasting


It is not enough to go for a mere cake tasting. It’s an Indian wedding, there might not even be a cake. But you need to taste samples of every item that will go on the menu. Also, do not forget to taste samples of the refreshments that do the rounds in the form of finger food. You might not even have anything uncommon on the menu. But taste it anyway.

Make sure the food is perfect, the blend of spices isn’t extreme, and the textures and colours are just right. Don’t hesitate to ask for a retake of the items you did not like. Be helpful enough to mention what changes you want.

  1. Unfamiliar Chef

The entire point of the tasting is to make sure that the food is exactly the way you want it to be. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances result in a last moment change in the chef. You might not even know about it until you taste the food for yourself after the guests have eaten.

That would be too late. So, keep a tab on the wedding catering team. Make sure that it is the same group of chefs whose food you tasted and approved.

  1. Pressing for Exotic Dishes

When you try too hard to impress, it shows, in a bad way. Ever seen the writing of a person who has a penchant for grandiloquent vocabulary overdose but cannot even construct sentences properly? Putting too many exotic dishes on the menu, that doesn’t even complement each other, is a similar blunder. Also, don’t push the caterers to make something they are not sure about. If the elaborate gourmet dishes are a must, hire the chefs who can do it.

  1. Unprofessional Caterers

People often forget about the wedding catering services. The food being there is not enough. The caterers should be polite, prompt, and professional. When you are not around, at the dining hall, the caterers are the standing hosts. They must have the soft skills to make your guests feel warm. Great food served by rude or inefficient caterers is a fail. Instruct the caterers to be generous with the food, beverages, and finger foods. Keep a tab on them to make sure they are doing their job.

  1. Delivery Delay

A wedding dinner is best ready by early evening. Even if the wedding extends late into the night, there will be people who need to catch a train or hit the road before too late into the night. Unless you have arranged for accommodation for every guest, you will need to make sure the dinner is ready in time for them.

  1. Quality Fails

The grade of the ingredients might be worse than what you had at the tasting. Caterers might just try to decrease the cost price in order to increase the profits. The only way to avoid this is to assign a trusted family member or friend to accompany the caterers when they go out to shop for your ingredients. The assigned person must be an expert in determining the quality of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, chicken, and fish.

  1. Quantity Fails

There are a lot of ways in which the quantity could fail. The caterers might have been miserly in their estimations. The turnout might be more than you expected. The guests you counted as vegetarians might just start digging into the non-vegetarian counter and vice versa. Make sure you have counted all heads invited. Keep about 20% extra food than estimated in both, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus.

  1. Limited Options on the Menu

One big rookie mistake is to forget about vegetarians and vegans. You cannot let your guests starve because you forgot a little detail. Also, the beverages must be stocked up. Especially in the summer, there should be no shortage of cool drinks. Increase the options in the soft drinks menu. Add some mocktails. Increase the number of salads.

For the meat eaters, keep both, chicken, and red meat. Do not compromise on the food. The stomach is the way to anybody’s heart.

  1. Lack in Seating Arrangements

One despicable myth at an Indian wedding is, “buffet means there is no seating arrangement”. No! Stop these lame excuses. Find a perfect wedding venue that is spacious enough to seat all your guests at least in turns. You cannot expect people to enjoy their meals standing in a crowd full of other people holding the weight of their plates. Be a good host. Make sure guests get to sit and rest their plates on a table while they eat.

  1. Improper Lighting

The lighting is very important for a wedding feast. People should get to see what they are having and where they are walking. But the light shouldn’t be too in their faces.

Hang a regular bulb on top of each table and use yellow and green lampshades. This makes eating convenient for your guests and the dining area aesthetic as well.

The catering services for wedding food must be constantly overseen by a close family member. Make sure your guests are enjoying the meal. Don’t forget to treat yourself too. After all, happy tummies means happy guests which means a successful wedding.

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