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A honeymoon is no random plan like that of preparing for a best wedding destination. You need to carry every essential and everything fancy for a great honeymoon. Packing for your honeymoon will be the first significant household thing to do. Don’t leave the honeymoon packing list for bride. Step in with an essentials list. Help her pack. Do this together.

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You can carry a lot of things but the essentials are so crucial that your honeymoon might get ruined without them. So, here is a honeymoon packing list for you to help you get started with the things you’d like to pack into your travel bags.

  1. Travel Tickets and Hotel Reservation Receipts

This is the last thing you should check when you leave for any trip. The most important thing for the last policy will help you make sure you have taken everything else first. Also, you need to check if you took these. So a last minute call is always recommended.

Some tickets and reservations are now made online and don’t require a softcopy. If that is the case, save the relevant pictures on your Cloud storage so that if you lose the phone, unfortunately, you can still check into your hotel.

  1. Credit and ATM Cards

Nobody carries all cash anymore. It is inconvenient and unsafe. So, do not forget to carry your ATM card or credit card. Carry two functional cards. It can be one of yours and one of your partner’s, or both yours.

You just need to make sure that they are linked to banks which individually have enough balance to pull off the expenses of the entire vacation. One of your cards might stop working for some reason, or get lost. You do not want that to ruin your entire honeymoon.

  1. Identification

You must carry your identification. These rules are stricter than ever. You need to carry both your IDs. Also, get photocopies done to submit at the hotel. Keep photocopies of the receipts and travel tickets too. Keep all the originals deep inside the travel bags and use just the photocopies unless asked.

  1. Important Phone numbers

Nobody remembers phone numbers by heart anymore. You won’t even consider this as one of the most important things to carry for honeymoon. But this is important. You need to keep the important contacts, like your immediate family, the hotel, your family doctor, your gynaecologist, and whoever you would like to call from your honeymoon, in hard copy. You need to note these numbers down in a good old physical phone diary and keep it safely away with your original IDs just in case of an emergency.

  1. Outfits for Special Occasions

Enough of any travel essentials. Let’s get to some honeymoon essentials. You need to carry flattering outfits for the beach, for multiple romantic dinners, for a cruise, whatever you are going for.

Carry pretty dresses and cool shirts. Both of you will want to look your best.

  1. Lingerie

Now it’s talking. Who goes for a honeymoon without something raunchy in their backpack? Carry the lingerie you always wanted to see yourself in, surprise him. Carry the lingerie you always wanted to see her in, and surprise her. Carry some nice flattering boxers because why should she be the only one in sexy underwear?

  1. Shoes for the Occasion

Along with the outfits, you need appropriate shoes. You need sports shoes for a hike, beach sandals for walks at beaches. You need pretty shoes for dinners. A honeymoon is something you want to be dressed well for. So, let the bags get heavy but do not miss out anything that you will wish you had brought along.

  1. First aid and Medicines

Back to some generic essentials, you just cannot forget first aid and medicines. First aid like pain relief sprays, bandages, gels for soothing minor burns, antiseptic creams for insect bites, band-aids, these are just the bare essentials.

Carry medicines for stomach infection, fever, cold, gastric, nausea, pain, balms for headaches, and whatever you think you might need. Where you go you might not find the exact medicines you need.

  1. Birth control

This is an element of the highest order of importance. We did not club it in with medicines because this needs to be stressed on. Carry enough birth control and various forms of it. Make sure you don’t run out of birth control.

Also, do not carry just one form of contraceptives. Carry emergency contraceptive pills as well. Birth control will be your top priority. Unless, of course, you are trying to get pregnant already. But let’s face it. Every couple wants a few years to themselves.

  1. Camera

The camera is a honeymoon packing list essential that you need not carry to every random trip. The camera is to capture the beautiful sceneries when you go sightseeing. Or, you know, you could get your own ideas. Whatever the purpose maybe, carry a good camera.

If you don’t have a DSLR, make sure you have at least a digital camera. It is your honeymoon. Don’t just rely on your phone cameras. You will want to take some honeymoon photographs for the albums. And maybe some more photographs just for the two of you. Keep a dedicated camera. Never forget chargers and batteries.

  1. Cosmetics

On a honeymoon, you will want to carry more than just sunscreen and deodorant. You will want to look your best for your new beau. This whole excitement about looking perfect will soon fade out.

But while it’s still there, cater to it. Of course, do not overdo the makeup or wear elaborate makeup throughout the day but do carry professional makeup brands which suit you and your skin. You are on a honeymoon, not in an Ekta Kapoor TV soap.

  1. Books

Reading together forms bonds closer than ever. Carry two books. One that you recommended to your partner, and the other that your partner recommended for you. When you want to stay indoors, there shouldn’t be just one thing you want to do together. Strengthen your bond by reading together, reading what your partner had wanted you to read since forever.

  1. Headphones

This is such an everyday item that while packing for one of those most romantic honeymoon places in India or abroad you might forget about it. You need to carry at least two sets of headphones, or in ear earphones, whichever you prefer, for some alone time if you want. Say, your partner falls asleep on the journey, what do you resort to? Your headphones, music player, and your book.

  1. Planners

You need to get an itinerary along if you are the heist kind of couple. If you have many places to be and numerous things to see, chalk it out and make a fair copy on the planner.

This isn’t the only purpose of the planner. It is fun to plan household things and annual activities together. Where you want to go next, what changes you want to bring in your apartment, even how to manage finances together, all make for warm and fuzzy pillow talk.

  1. Journal

Carry a journal each for you to write down your personal feelings into them. Do not read each other’s journals. But make it a point to note down important moments, and write something at the end of the day. You will be glad to add this to your honeymoon checklist.

Years from now, you might want to read what you had written in your honeymoon journal. You can read each other’s journal then. You will be surprised by the different perspectives both of you had on some of the same things. If your marriage is ever in trouble, or getting all boring and unromantic, this journal will send you back to the honeymoon phase.

These were just the most important things to carry to your honeymoon. Let us know what we are missing. There might be many weird things you cannot live without. The honeymoon is the time to get introduced to yet undiscovered quirks of your partner.

You can of course pack more things, things that aren’t mentioned in this checklist. But you cannot skip a single one on the list. Happy honeymooning!

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