15 bloggers. 1 destination. And a whole lot of adventure.

OYO has collaborated with Scout My Trip on an exciting, ambitious project. That’s right —gear up for a massive adventure, because we’re bringing you India’s #HighestBloggerMeet at Khardung La. We’ll flag off 15 travel bloggers, as they leave for a breathtaking journey, and will reveal a big surprise for the travelling community.

higest bloger meet (1)
The roadmap has been chalked out, the rucksacks have been packed and the itinerary is locked in – only fresh tracks, waiting to be marked, await us.


As the adage goes, “It’s about the journey and not the destination.” We’re sure these 15 thrill seekers will have a fantastic ride to the top (18,380ft) with the many scenic spots en-route, the ever-changing landscape and of course, the spectacular roads.


Meet the 15 Bloggers:

  1. Ajay Sood: He’s an international speaker on travel and architectural photography.
  2. Anuradha Goyal: She’s an author trying to experience the world first-hand.
  3. Abhinav Singh: He’s an adventure sports aficionado and a nature enthusiast.
  4. Karan Bhalla: He’s an adventurer-cum-entrepreneur.
  5. Medhavi Davda: She’s a high-altitude trekker and a certified scuba diver.
  6. Ami Bhat: She’s a restless ball of energy who was born with a bug – the travel bug.
  7. Ragini Puri: She loves going off the beaten path and always looks beyond the obvious.
  8. Johann Binny Kuruvilla: He rediscovered himself while exploring the world and hasn’t looked back since.
  9. Khursheed Dinshaw: She’s a self-proclaimed nomad who masquerades as a freelance lifestyle writer.
  10. Neha Kapoor: She’s one of the 25 Most Influential Women on Twitter.
  11. Raza Rahil: He’s an IT guy by day and blogger by night.
  12. Shubham Mansingka: He’s a storyteller and a travel photographer with a focus on culture and heritage.
  13. Mridula Dwivedi: She has ambitious plans of travelling the world. The entire world.
  14. Lakshmi Sharath: She quit her cushy corporate life to travel and write.
  15. Swati Jain: She has covered 140 cities across 20 states in just a couple of years.


Are you as excited as we are?
Get to know these bloggers a little better as you follow the journey to the #HighestBloggerMeet on our social channels.
Come, be a part of the action.


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