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Everybody secretly has wedding plans for themselves or a close one soon to get hitched. It might be embarrassing, so people keep their daydreams to themselves. If you are about to get married soon, you couldn’t have thought about how you want to look, how you want the wedding venue or wedding banquet to look, and what kind of response the guests give.

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It is true that weddings are a big burden as far as the hard work, stress, and expenditures are concerned. But at the end of the day, it is all worth it. It isn’t just about flaunting your social status. It is about creating photographs to frame for life, creating memories of a very special day of your life. It is about the Indian wedding traditions and rituals that you follow for the wedding related events. The discipline that is brought by following these rituals will make you ready for a married life, no matter how unconventional you choose your married life to be, you will need discipline to even follow your own rules.

The little things like the songs list for the wedding entry, the flower chaadar for bride, the little items for the rituals, are difficult to keep a track of. The best thing to do is to write down every action or event in separate pages with the ingredients or components below so that even if you forget, you can refer to the diary to check if you have arranged everything.

Just to help you out a little, we will suggest you some awesome flower chaadar ideas for the bride. The entry of the bride is a very important moment. All eyes are on her. All cameras are on her. She needs to feel beautiful and everything around her needs to be pretty too. The flower chaadar that her dear ones hold above her head gets a lot of attention, so do not keep it for the last moment. Use these ideas to come up with a really fitting flower chaadar for the perfect bride.

  1. Marigold

People mostly use roses and white flowers for a flower chaadar and that is too mainstream. Use marigold instead. They are a little heavy, so make sure the strings are taut. If the bride is wearing anything reddish, yellow or orange, marigolds will create very bright and beautiful contrast.

  1. White rose

If you must have roses, you can go for white roses. They are more elegant and will stand out in the mostly red background. The bride is likely to wear red. The carpet is probably red too. Even if it is other colours, white will stand out anyway. Go for half bloomed roses than fully bloomed ones. This way they will last longer and they look better too.

  1. Tassles and Pompoms

A wedding is full of flowers anyway. So if the flower chaadar for bride does not have some, it won’t be a very bad idea. Tassles and pompoms hanging from the chaadar is even better than flowers. Choose bright colours of tassles.

To make them stand out, get a white or beige chaadar and hang many tassles from it. Another style could be, to go for a bright shade of chaadar and hang a contrasting single colour of tassles from borders.

  1. Mesh

Most flower chaadars are put together by strings. They are either in straight lines or in crisscross patterns. But if you want to make your flower chaadar unique, try out thin iron meshwork to hold the flowers together in various shapes. Go for any kind of flower you want. Smaller flowers will help make intricate designs along the thin wires. Your flower chaadar will be uniquely beautiful and sturdy with this process.

  1. Zardosi

Weddings call for bling. If you want a traditional wedding style in every little detail of the wedding, go for a traditional colour for the chaadar, with a lot of zardosi work on it. You have to be very careful with this one though. Assign someone to take care of it before use because zardosi work can start getting ruined if it is not kept safe.

  1. Family Heirloom

Many families have the tradition to use the wedding chaadar of the ancestors. These are very well maintained, safely kept. Right before a wedding, they are pulled out. No matter how well it is kept, there is a chance of wear and tear. So, do not wait for the last moment. Take it out a few days prior to the wedding so that any damage to the threads can be repaired.

Use the same fabric and same colour of threads to repair them. Adorn the chaadar with small flowers and sequins, making sure the patches are covered. All this is in case there is damage at all. If not, all you need to take care of is it is free from the odour of being in a closet too long. Also, you need to put light flowers on it so that it does not tear. Maybe someday your daughter will need it.

  1. Umbrella

Floral umbrellas are fun and a hassle-free solution for a flower chaadar. Make sure it is a huge umbrella. Most of them are red or pink but it doesn’t have to be.


You can use orange, yellow, purple, green, blue, any colour you want. Make sure that the flowers hanging from it or stuck on it are of a contrasting colour so that it is all bright.

  1. String Lights

Use fairy lights on the chaadar to brighten things up. This is the best idea for a unique flower chaadar. You can even put the lights in a circle right at the centre of the chaadar so that when the bride walks under it, she looks like an angel with a halo.

  1. Bandhni

If simplistic and traditional is your style, go for bandhni. This is the best way to uphold local art and craft. Use it at your wedding. This is quite a statement. It can have mirrors on it or you can put sequins. Simply stick them instead of stitching them on. It is time saving and good enough for the time it will be in use. The flowers once again should be of contrasting colours.

  1. Pinwheels

If you want to go quirky and all postmodern, maybe a little western, hang pinwheel from the chaadar. As the bride enters, the pinwheels will rotate if there is enough open space to allow some air. To make it work, make sure the chaadar has long handles so that it is held higher to let the air get to it. Also, you don’t want the bride’s hair to get stuck in them.

  1. Orchids

If you want to go all the way classy with the flower chaadar for Indian wedding, go for the rare orchid. Pick white and pink ones. Peach is a beautiful colour too. Avoid black because most Indians consider it a bad omen to have anything black at happy ceremonies. Whether you believe in it or not, just avoid them anyway. White and peach orchids are the best anyway. Purple is good too. Contrast it well with the bride’s wedding attire. If she is wearing pastels, go for the lilac orchids. If she is wearing pink or red, go for the white ones.

  1. Multicoloured Roses

Thinking of multiple colours, one must come back to roses. You can use yellow, white, red, pink, and peach roses on the flower chaadar to make a perfectly rosy affair. It also represents every aspect of a partnership, friendship, peace, and romance.

  1. Dahlias

If you want big flowers, go for dahlias. Also, if it is grown in your own terrace, that is a huge personal touch nobody will miss. Make sure the fabric is thick enough to bear the weight of the flowers though. You can go for some dahlias scattered around with smaller flowers covering the spaces, or leave it minimalistic.

  1. Paper Lampshades

Paper lampshades surrounding little fairy lights is a very good idea for a floral chaadar Indian wedding. This is a little complicated so ask the professionals if they can pull it off. If they can, it will be amazing.

  1. Dome Shaped

Most flower chaadars are either square or rectangular. If you can get a dome shaped framework and wrap flowers around it or hang flowers from it and put a chaadar on, it will look unique. This isn’t too difficult to pull off either if you have a readymade framework.

Nobody can deny how stressful it is to arrange the perfect Indian wedding dresses, the perfect jewellery and accessories, and getting the best makeup done. Choosing the wedding venue, decorations, deciding on the menu, inviting guests, everything is just too much for the small families of the current generation. These ideas for flower chaadar for Indian wedding will help you save some time and focus on other things.

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