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Come Diwali, and it’s all about merriment and joy. The city is decorated like a bride. Amusing fairs are set up, such that you simply cannot miss them. You dress-up in finery and gorge on sweet delicacies. There’s no better time to get together with friends and family than on such a festive one.

Such a gala celebration, however, leaves you exhausted. Having to drive all the way back home feels like a task. But what else can you do? Well, you can always check-in to an OYO and let the good times continue.

Better yet, this time around, host the festivities at an OYO near you. Play cards, exchange gifts, catch-up. Celebrate this joyous occasion in full fervor.

Meanwhile, let us pamper you. All you have to do is sit back and chill. Your meals are only a call away, so is anything else you may need. Just call up your OYO Captain, and he/she will be at your service.

Celebrations feel incomplete without gifts though. Don’t you agree?

Here’s one for you.

Use code OYODIWALI to book an OYO flat 30% off from our website.

Use additional 50% of your OYO money on app bookings. That’s not all. You get 15% Paytm cashback as well.

With 70,000 hotels across 230+ cities, you will find an OYO to host your Diwali celebrations, anytime, anywhere.

Go ahead, visit the OYO app and make some delightful Diwali plans.

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