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Indian weddings have a unique air about them. It doesn’t have to be the most extravagant wedding, or the most elaborate. The very rituals and site of an Indian wedding like the wedding banquet or wedding places make it stand apart from weddings all over the world. Find these features and ideas to make your wedding as one of those who become the talk of the town. Given below are some of the features and ideas.

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  1. Multicultural Customs

The best thing about Indian weddings is that you cannot think of just one kind of wedding when you hear about a big Indian wedding.

Of course, the tendency would be to think about the weddings you have witnessed, and they are mostly similar in one part of the country. But you won’t be technically correct to think of just a Punjabi wedding or a Bengali weddingwhen you hear “Indian wedding”.

  1. Every State has a Tradition

There are many common factors about Indian weddings. The seven circles around the holy fire, the vermillion, the haldi before the wedding, there are many rituals that are similar to most Indians. But each culture has its own little specifications that make the customs so different. There are some customs that are so typical to the cultures.

  1. Modern Indian Wedding has a Broader Perspective

All these differences together make Indian weddings so interesting. With an increase in the number of interstate marriages, actually more like, inter-culture marriages, the modern Indian wedding is customised to fit the significant rituals of both cultures, giving a new twist to Indian weddings

Indian weddings are extravagant. People here love splurging on weddings. The rich splurge like nobody’s business, and the middle-class splurge like rich people. The wedding attires, jewellery, food, venue, band party, all scream big fat Indian wedding.

  1. Rich Weddings Cost Crores in the Name of Pomp

Of course, most weddings are not 100 crore deals. The sons and daughters or multimillionaire business tycoons wear bridal wear and jewellery worth 100 crores. Stinking rich Indian weddings cost over 400 crores. But we do not need to look at those weddings to back our claims about the regular pomp at Indian weddings.

  1. Regular Weddings are filled with Brightness and Cheers

India is known for the bright eastern colours, the crowd, the chaotic charm, and the enthusiastic people. An Indian wedding is the best example of all this.

Indian weddings are all about how many colours you can add to the drapes in the wedding decoration. Or how much jewellery and flowers you can deck up the bride with. Indians like being extra at weddings.

  1. Spread over Many Days

Unlike other countries, Indian weddings are not quiet, or monochromatic. Indian wedding traditions and rituals start with an official engagement and end at the wedding reception from the groom’s house. Throughout this phase, the guests love partying and dancing. They shower the bride and groom with riches and blessings. This isn’t just a part of the rituals. These blessings come from the hearts of these people.

  1. Be Wise in Planning

If you want to match up to the excitement of your guests, plan a grand wedding. You do not have to go beyond a reasonably fair budget to pull off a big Indian wedding. You just need to be enthusiastic about every step of it.

  1. Add zest and fun

Make sure your haldi, sagaai, or mehndi functions do not involve just the rituals and food, and goodbyes. Incorporate fun games to make the families bond. Dance to peppy Bollywood and Punjabi songs to liven up the place. Enjoy yourselves like never before.

Make sure the bridal makeup is on point. Indian weddings aren’t the place to go minimalistic. So, stop at nothing.

  1. The significance of the Indian Bride

The guests at an Indian wedding are more decked up than brides in the West. The striking thing is, all this is heartwarming instead of annoying. All the dancing and excitement rubs off on even the quiet and peaceful people. All the makeup makes the bride look gorgeous instead of funny. Nobody but an Indian bride can pull off such pompous appearance with grace.

  1. Never Compromise on Food

Indian wedding makeup, Indian clothes, the Indian way of having fun, Indian wedding rituals, we love all of it. Oh, Indian food! The most important thing of all. Splurge on the food plate rates. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering if people think you had been a miser. Save for your, or your child’s wedding well beforehand so that you can afford the wedding you deserve to host.

  1. Add More Dhamaka

Enter the wedding scene on a chopper, or on elephants. Wear diamond studded sarpanch or veil. Make all the exotic dishes, both vegan and all meat. Go for the most dramatic eye makeup, the most elaborate jewellery, and the best possible wedding dress ever. Have dance performances ready for the entry. Have your entire family dance. Go for a destination wedding abroad, or better still, in India. Go for an Udaipur or Goa wedding. Go to the Andaman Islands for your dream wedding. Have a Rajasthani or Kashmiri themed wedding, or an Italian theme.

  1. Let Go and Be Happy

Whatever you do, make sure you are hosting a grand wedding. Big fat Indian wedding brides do not cry at their wedding, they make a royal appearance, stunning everybody, and the rest of the evening is hers. A big fat Indian wedding groom is royalty worthy of that sassy Indian bride, a hunk himself. On this day, the bride and the groom isn’t just each other’s princess and hero. They are the Queen and the King of the event. So behave like that. Don’t tone down your sass, don’t control your smiles. You want to dance, you dance. You want to sit there and watch the entertainment, you do that.

  1. Have No Regrets

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t look at your wedding album reminiscing, and think you could have done it better. You go all in and pull off a great wedding, big and fat enough to leave no room for doubts or regrets.

A wedding is just once in a lifetime affair…..Make sure you have the best one! We wish just one thing………a happily ever after, always!

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