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Your baby is turning ‘1’. You want to celebrate your kid’s first birthday party with fun. Hundreds of thoughts are juggling in your mind. All the relatives and friends are excited to be a part of this special day. And, you are overwhelmed with joy for such a blessing! A little extra planning will make this sweet occasion more cheerful. Few tips and tricks can make your kid’s birthday party sweeter.

We have some thoughtful ideas for you to make this day an everlasting memory.

1. Your Baby Outfits

Outfits are the most important aspect of any event. It should be perfect and out of the box but when you are planning for the 1st birthday party for your beautiful kid then you have to make him/her the most cute and adorable one. The dress should be kept according to the theme or you can go for the contrast one. Choose the outfit according to your babies face and colour, don’t go too loud.

Always go for the bright or soothing colours, which will bring out the cuteness of your kid. Decide your kids outfit so that according to that you can check for the venue.

2. No disturbance while Napping

Another important thing for kids is napping. Sometimes they are so tired and of course, they can’t explain to you. So it’s a signal that you can just let them sleep and don’t wake them up. No matter what you guests demand or some game or magic show is going on but you should let your kid sleep a little.

Never wake him/her up to meet new people or see some gaming or cartoons, because their nap is really important so that they can smile and be joyful on their birthday.

3. One quiet Area

There should a quiet area where you can feed or let your kid sleep or you can just spend a few time alone and get some food for your child. Sometimes kids don’t like the noise of the music or the crowd and they start crying and getting irritated. So to make them fresh again and happy and smiling, provide a quiet area so that they can rest peacefully and can give you moments of their naughtiness.

4. Birthday Party Venue 

The countdown of preparation begins with finalizing the venue. Kid’s birthday party venue should include ample space. Venue selection should be made keeping a few pointers in mind.

First of all the Venue location should be travel-friendly. The second crucial point is space finalization. It should be adequate for organizing a bunch of entertainment activities.

Last but not least, the venue should provide in-house catering services. Filtering options based on the above points will make the task easier. You can choose Party halls, Hotels, and Banquets for the birthday celebration.

Depending on the gathering, the best party space can be booked online. Hotels and Banquets take care of all your needsSo, choose banquets which are easily accessible, economical, and fueled with a bunch of satisfactory services.

5. Birthday Party Theme

Party theme is essential to create an energetic ambience for the kids. ‘1st’ birthday is a special one,  for the whole family. As a parent, you are more excited about the whole event. You want the venue to be unique with colourful decorations. Lack of thought on the party theme may affect the overall look.

Party theme will help you organize a colour scheme for further decorations. So, to entertain your guests, a charming party theme is all you need. Here is how birthday planners and decorators make it easy for you.

From baby shower to the unique birthday party theme, party planners have ideas to design a fantastic event. The staff makes sure that every celebration turns into a grand occasion. Take this for instance.

  • How about Alice in Wonderland Theme!

The story is filled with some kooky characters. This theme can be selected to organize a costume party. Small kids can be dressed as different characters in Wonderland. What else can they love more?

  • Costume party according to the venue

Once the party theme is selected, finalize the baby’s dress. Dress him/her in a fairytale gown for spotlight attention. The costume party can be turned into a fancy dress competition. You can declare winners of the competition too!

6. Birthday Party Decoration

Pink and white polka dot prints can be used on Tableware. Colour coordination with matching napkins will enhance the look. Pillars are covered with pink satin draping.

A winter birthday set will add extra glitter to your child’s birthday. Flatter your baby with a surprise full of balloons. The team is skilled in perfecting the decorations. Balloons will be hung from the ceilings.

You can choose them from a set of colors patterns and shapes. Colored balloons are spread on the floor for a graceful effect. Kids love cartoons.

So, balloons can be customized with cartoon pictures. Crepe paper streamers are twisted around the table. Ribbons can also be attached to the chair backs. Golden and silver star shape balloons glitter the venue. A balloon arch is engineered right at the entrance. Curling ribbons will transform the space into a paradise.

7. Cake Arrangement

Ask for a customized birthday table corner. It can be decorated with a canopy. You can select a simple cake, doll cake, cartoon cake, photo cake, etc. Depending on the theme, cake color and size can be customized as well!

Special Flower Cake features:

  • Pink Carnation Decoration on the cake
  • Pink and Green Pom Poms
  • Sprayed Orange Roses

8. Food And Menu Planning

Not sure about what to include on the menu?

Worry not!

We will help you decide on it. Menu planning should be done keeping kid’s taste in mind. Kids love cotton candy, sweets, marshmallows, muffins and more. Kids adore dessert, choco chips and icecreams. Since this is an ‘all-kids’ event, they should be impressed. Delight them with cookies, cakes, and pastries.

  • Here are delightful food items for kids

All those jumpings, dancing and singing will make kids rumble for food. Finger licking starters, nuggets, fries, some shakes, and dessert will make them crazy. And who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolate sticks are sumptuous to delight the little bellies.

  • Food arrangements for adults

While kids love pizzas, adults crave for wholesome meals. Caterers take care of the different food requirements. Moreover, you get multi-cuisines items to choose from. The food served includes “Indian,” ‘Mughlai,’ ‘Chinese,’ ‘Thai.’

Dessert can include simple traditional sweets like gulab jamun, imarti, ras malai, halwa. Must-have favorites include custard, fruit cream, honey yogurt, flavored milk, fudge, and ice-creams. Chat corner with golgappas can be arranged too! Budgeting is very important while choosing the menu. A proper budget will help you include the preferred items.

  1. Food items can be served on per plate basis.
  2. The rate of plate can be INR 300/- to 500/-

9. Planning party games for entertainment

A section of the area is separated for toddlers to play. Big kids can enjoy musical chair.  A baby zone is created with soft toys and blocks. Kids can crawl and have fun while playing games. Space is filled with foam balls.

Multicolor kids activity zone is an awesome space for clicking pictures. Your baby can have fun with crawlers of the same age. Bubble catching game is loved by kids.  Here are some more tips for organizing fun games.

  • Turn birthday wishes into an interactive activity!

Put your kid’s picture in the center of the board. You can even add a collage of photos. Involve your guests in a creative activity. Ask them to write cute messages and wishes for the baby.  

  • Bouncing Balloons Just for kids!

The indoor activities require space for kids to play in a group. Bouncing balloons can be a great activity idea for small kids. Jumping and falling are some favorite activities of kids. Inflatable bouncers can be used for arranging fun activity in the party.  

  • Puppet Shows for all

Interactive puppet shows can also be arranged in a kid’s birthday party. Organizing a puppet show becomes easier while you take some professional help. A puppet show is always fun to watch. Both kids and adults fall for it. Puppeteers in a small span of time help to visualize a story with their magical hand.

  • Small Ball Pool for the tiny tots

Little kids love colors. A baby pool combined with lots of balls is a great option for activities. Lots of colorful balls are added to an empty inflatable pool. This could be a perfect spot for clicking candid moments.

  • Turn Musical Chair Game Into Competition, announce winners!

Your kid is too young to play musical chair. But to make the birthday happening for guests, a musical chairs session can be included. The chairs are Lined up in a single row, one after the other. Kids start walking in one direction a the tune is played.  As the tune stops, all the players need to grab a seat. Those not able to sit on a chair will be eliminated. Consequently, the number of chairs gets reduced. The game continues till only one player is left. There you have the winner!

Organizing indoor games becomes difficult without a proficient advice. Supportive hotel and Banquet staff take care of the arrangements related to entertainment activities. The staff ensures various fun activities are organized with supervision and safety.

10. Photography and Candid Frames!

Capturing kids in a frame is not easy. Photographing ‘the birthday party’ comes with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Birthday Parties represent emotions, colors, conversations, and enthusiasm.

On the challenging part, 1st birthday parties can be chaotic. So, it becomes difficult to take a candid shot at an instant. Though, our expert photographers make it easier than ever. So you can stop worrying about the candid and natural shots of your little angel.  

  • Photo Booth

Photobooth photos are the latest trends. They raise the fun element. Consequently, the albums developed by the photographers are incredible. The staff is trained to manage areas for some awesome photographs. To create a fairy tale drama photo booths can be used. A Superman story can be created with superhero-inspired photo booths.  

Photo Booth settings include -Designed backdrops, Backdrop settings, Photo-op settings. Folded party props can be readily utilized in pictures.

  • Specialization is required for that perfect picture

A professional photographer knows how to handle the party chaos. Kids birthday parties are a bundle of unexpected moments. The professional photographer will click pictures without missing any graceful frame. Professional shot means correct angles, best lighting effect, and the perspective.

Keeping the above tips in mind will let you organize a memorable party for your kid. Now that you have a ‘map’ to host a delightful birthday party for your year-old baby, Click here to get in touch with us!

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