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A very common fashion question is less about fashion and more about what takes the brunt of it. Women all over the world want to find out how to wear high heels without pain. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. You need to follow some expert tips to make sure your feet don’t pain as much when you wear heels in wedding reception or any other function. Here are some tricks to help you with that.

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  1. Colour Tricks


You need some tricks like camouflaging the colours. Have a transparent or nude bottom for a classier look. But go easy on the heel so that there is enough room for comfort. This colour trick works well with the shoes for any house party or cocktail party.

  1. Shoe Size

You need the perfect shoe size. Without the perfect shoe size, your walking will be all wrong and you will be putting a lot of pressure on your feet while walking.In fact, if it is too lose you could even fall down. If it is too tight, you might end up curling your toes and fall or break your nails anyway.

  1. Sole Width

The sole needs to be a thick one. Do not go for a dainty pair of shoes just because it looks more feminine. Thin soles won’t even help the shoe last longer. With a padded sole, your feet will get some support.

  1. Heel Surface Area

If you have trouble wearing heels, go for block heels and wedges first. Do not go for stilettos. The wider the heel, the more the support. You need some support on your ankle to balance out of the weight.

  1. Foot Type

If you have very narrow and slender feet maybe high heels isn’t an option for every day. If you have short stubby feet, you might wear out your platforms too soon. You need to complement your shoe shape and sole width with the shape of your feet to avoid pain from a weird gait.

  1. Deodorant for Chafing

Use some deodorant under the parts of the strap or over the sole where it hurts. This way you can avoid chafing and comfortably slide your feet in and out of the shoes.

  1. Straps and Buckles for support

Straps and buckles don’t make your heels look bad. If you are looking for fashionable shoes, you can find a design with multiple straps and back support and good toe support.

Even high heels come in supportive designs. If you aren’t wearing them because they look “juvenile”, you are being juvenile. All buckled shoes aren’t school shoes.

  1. Sole Maintenance

The soles of your shoes need to be well maintained. With use, they start to wear off. If you do not take note, you will feel pain in the ankles and at the centre of your feet. You will think you do not wear heels that well anymore. Or you might even feel you are gaining weight because you feel your feet are taking more pressure than when you initially used to wear these shoes. But the truth simply is, the sole needs another layer.

  1. Stretch Out

You must stretch out your shoes. This is also called breaking in. This is the good kind of breaking in. You cannot wear a new pair of shoes fresh out of the box and expect yourself to pull off an entire day in them with grace. This is not limited to heels. Any pair of shoes will need some stretching out to fit your feet perfectly. This is not limited to pavement purchases either. Even the finest leather needs some stretching out.

  1. Tape your Toes

Tape together the two toes beside the little toe. This keeps the nerves from the tension that they face when you walk in high heels. It forces your feet into a scientific posture. So, tape them together with transparent tape. If you are wearing peep toes, do this anyway.People who notice will be people who know why this trick is done, and they will be kind. The others won’t even notice. If you want to prevent this from becoming a faux passé, wear shoes with covered toes. Or, you need to make sure the opening of the peep toes is very narrow, just enough to fit on your toes through. This way all the toes will be close together anyway.

  1. Frozen Water

If you don’t have enough time to stretch out your new pair of heels, don’t worry. If you ask us “how to wear heels without pain” even when you bought the heels right then, we will not turn you down. Here’s the hack. Put some water in a ziplock, not all the way because the water will expand. Place the bags inside the shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer. Make sure both the shoes are filled in equally so that they expand equally. Otherwise, you will have two differently sized shoes. That would be a problem big enough to repeat the entire process. If you don’t get the quantity right the first time, it becomes very difficult to get it right the second time. So, a fail with this trick might cost you your shoes’ life.

  1. Leather Soles

If you are an animal rights activist you will not like this. But leather soles for heels is the best material, thinking of the feet of the human wearing them. Leather lasts long and the elasticity makes it taut. Your feet will be comfortable in well shaped leather soles.

As professional bridal makeup is important for a wedding likewise, a well fitted shoes and comfortable heels are an important part of the bridal comfort. Even if you do not buy anything in leather, when you buy high heels, please look for original soles. If you want to give up wearing heels at all because of this, that is okay too. But if you are wearing high heels and do not want any lasting pain for your feet, you have to go for leather.

  1. In Sole Cushions

Silicone gel sole inserts are used to provide more support to the feet. Use these for sure. If you are opposed to leather or have accidentally bought a pair of high heels with uncomfortable soles, this is a must. If you have bought the perfect shoes, even then these are recommended. Initially, it might feel a little weird to wear, but very soon, the comfort will make you warm up to the trick. With these silicone cushions, you can walk in your high heels as long as you want.

  1. Posture

The posture of the body is very important when you wear high heels. You need to walk straight and land on your toes every time. You need to make sure your feet aren’t too far apart or too close like in the ramp walk. You need to make sure your spine is straight. Bending a little forward while trying to balance heels isn’t just an opportunity for people to roast you.

It puts pressure on your spine. Regular use of heels and such wrong gait will get your spine in trouble. If you are not walking right in your heels, your feet and ankles will be joined by your lower back and your knees to scream in pain.

  1. Know your Day

High heels aren’t for everyday use. You will never find high heels mandatory even in the job of an air hostess. High heels aren’t scientific. You should keep their use limited to a few days a month and a few hours a day. Also, if you have a lot of running about to do, go for smaller heels.

  1. Massage and Salts

This is going to be your favourite solution on the list. You need to make sure you soak your feet in some warm water with rejuvenating bath salts to ease off the temporary discomfort you felt throughout the day, in the high heels. If you wear high heels every day, or even smaller heels that make your feet ache, go for a foot massage session once in two weeks, or at least once a month.

Keep these foot massage and foot bath salt routines limited to days you feel some pain. If you get too used to this comfort, you won’t find it effective when really in need. But do not ignore the pain for way too long. If these natural remedies don’t work, pause wearing the heels and see an orthopaedic, or see any massage therapist or doctor help you out.

  1. Exercises

Do some foot exercises. Maybe even the simple ones were given to old people for their arthritis. These exercises will help your nerves get more flexible and take the next heel day attack better prepared. Also, your muscles are all awake and ready to take you places.

Many women still don’t know how to wear heels right. It is okay to ask. In fact, it is important to ask. Comfort comes first. So remember that when you are choosing a pair of shoes. When you think you found one (or ten, whatever your requirement is), that is pretty as well as more or less comfortable, pick it.

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