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Looking for a place to eat when you are out and about in Naif, Dubai? Well look no further because we have done all the work for you and complied a list of the top ten most popular restaurants in this magical part of the city that reflects its true history and culture.


1. Wimpy:

The mouthwatering menu selection caters for every taste and the service is efficient and fast. This is not only a fast food hang out in a casual setting that offers a selection of beef, chicken and seafood burgers and sandwiches, but if you are into Chinese cuisine, soups salads and healthy club sandwiches, you have a varied selection to choose from! You can also try out their Broosted Fried Chicken baskets that are excellent value for money family meals. You and the kids will also have a wide selection of yummy smoothies, fresh healthy juices and the all popular banana split ice-creams and fresh fruits for dessert. If you are staying at OYO 138 Empire Hotel Apartments, it’s only a few minutes’ walk on the same street!

Location: 144 Naif Street – Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 10am-4am

Price Range: approximately 50 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Fast Food

Phone: 058 212 0585


2. Chicket:

If chicken is your thing, Chicket is the perfect place to grab a bite in the middle of your day. With indoor seating and a private dining area available, you can enjoy your privacy as you feast on grilled and fried chicken burgers, wraps and sandwiches, as well as beef and the amazingly tasty camel meat combo meals. This is a fast food place for a satisfying meal complete with fresh virgin mojito options, yummy Tiramisu and Basboosa desserts plus so much more! it’s only a block away from the OYO 165 San Marco Hotel with impressive customer reviews on efficient service and the very tasty Bucket Combo family meal of fried chicken at only 20 AED!

Location: Near Al Ras Police Station, Deira, Al Ras, Dubai

Working Hours: Open weekdays from 11 am – 1am and Friday from 1pm to 1am

Price Range: approximately 60 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Fast Food

Phone: 04 5260638


3. Modern Dish Cafeteria:

Breakfast is served at the Modern Dish Cafeteria! Enjoy the views with both outdoor and indoor seating areas at this casual dining venue in the heart of the culture and history packed Naif Souk. Well known for its friendly service, you can try a wide range of dishes from the tasty Butterfly prawns to the succulent grilled chicken and the Asian style egg and chicken noodles. Also available are the Slender Blender and weight loss juices for those of you who are watching their weight! This is in addition to a healthy range of fresh juices and smoothies, not to mention the creamy ice creams and dessert options. The OYO 160 Lumbini Dream Garden Guest House Llc is not far away, you can stay there too!

Location:  Opposite Sabka Bus Station, Sabka Road, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 8:30 am – midnight

Price Range: approximately 50 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Fast Food

Phone: 04 2225213


4. Delhi Darbar:

If you are looking for a kid friendly place with fast service and valet parking options so that you don’t have to worry about where to leave your rented car and if you are into delicious North Indian and Pakistani cuisine or feeling adventurous and want to try it out, Delhi Darbar is the place for you! You have to try their Biryani selections and mouthwatering Paratha Rolls, plus their tasty chicken and vegetarian dishes, as well as, Bun Kebabs and Daily Specials. It’s also not far from OYO 151 Hafez Hotel Apartments so why not stay there and try Delhi Darbar out?

Location:  Opposite Talal Supermarket, Frij Al Murar, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 11 am – 12:30 am

Price Range: approximately 80 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Pakistani, North Indian

Phone: 04 2711885 -0551474006 -Table booking recommended


5. Lassi Shop:

Need a break from the hot Dubai sun as you tour the action and culture packed Naif area with the charm of its old-style Gold Souk and its buzzing corniche? The best place for you to chill is with no doubt the Lassi Shop! Try out their amazing selection of Lassi, Falooda drinks and while you are at it, add some ice-cream to freeze your troubles away. They also have a wide variety of natural fresh juices and mocktails, as well as, the natural whey protein drinks. You can take your drinks on the go while you walk away from your comfortable lodging at OYO 152 Lapaz Hotel!

Location: Naif Road, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays Noon to 2 am

Price Range: approximately 20 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Lassi Beverages

Seating Not Available


6. City Burger:

Out with friends and need a place to dine that suits all tastes? City Burgers has both outdoor and indoor dining areas and will cater to all culinary tastes from Indian to Chinese, burgers and fresh juices and healthy food options. They are well known for their tasty shawarma and salads, their specialty sandwiches and their curry dishes. Step out of OYO 119 Suba Star Hotel Apartments and enjoy the full Naif experience while you feast at City Burger, known for its friendly staff and homey service and breakfast is also served there!

Location: Nasr Square, Opposite Al Musalla Centre, Al Musalla Road, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 8am-3am

Price Range: approximately 45 AED for 2 people – cash and cards accepted

Cuisine: Fast Food, Indian, Chinese and Juices

Phone: 04 2211158


7. Gujarati Jalso:

For a taste of North Indian and Gujarati vegetarian flavors, opt for Gujarathi Jaslo. They serve breakfast, have a host of vegetarian only dishes and they also give you access to wifi while you do your cool indoor dining. The menu includes dosas, chaats and snacks and a varied Gujarati and Jian food lunch menus and they also offer you excellent sweet options for a perfect afternoon high tea. The service is efficient, and the menu options are well timed so you will have something interesting to choose from no matter what time of day you visit. The bonus point is that it’s not very far from OYO 117 St George Hotel, so you have your dining and lodging sorted all in one area!

Location: Palm Deira Metro Station, Near Gold Land Building, Al Ras, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 8am-11pm

Price Range: approximately 45 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Gujarati, Indian and North Indian

Phone: 04 5260775


8. Pak Liyari:

The well-known and loved dishes Pak Liyari are the Chicken Tikka, the Mutton Chops and the various Biryani dishes be it chicken, beef, mutton, Ghosht or Pakistani! The service is known to be prompt and you will never walk out unsatisfied from this friendly casual dining hang out. It’s perfect value for money and they also deliver, so if you are staying at OYO 159 Sports Piaza Hotel, they will bring the food right to you!

Location: Yousuf Bakar Road, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 11am-1am

Price Range: approximately 40 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Pakistani, Biryani, Kebabs

Phone: 04 2240966


9. Evergreen:

As the name suggests Evergreen is yet another perfect vegetarian option for you! Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, in an informal and friendly setting you can enjoy Bombay Chats, varied paratha options and rotis. The service is efficient and friendly, and the food delivery is quick. So if you are hungry and in the area staying at OYO 153 Odessa Hotel, give Evergreen a try!

Location: Near Naif Park, Street 12 A, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 7am-11:30pm

Price Range: approximately 30 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: South Indian, Indian

Phone: 04 2215100


10. Central Bakery:

Finally, if you just want to grab a sweet bite, check out this amazing bakery that if perfect for a sugary snack! They serve a wide selection of cookies including oats and masala cookies, their pineapple cake is to die for, and you have to try their muffins and tarts. Perfect for quick bites, they also offer a selection of samosas and chicken spring rolls. The indoor seating area is a perfect getaway for a break from your day. While you are at it, stay at OYO 157 Al Khaima Hotel in the area and get the full Dubai experience!

Location: Opposite Talal Supermarket, Frij Al Murar, Naif, Dubai

Working Hours: Open all weekdays from 7:30am-midnight

Price Range: approximately 40 AED for 2 people – cash only

Cuisine: Bakes and Desserts

Phone: 04 2721242 – 0507347741

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