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Ahh! the glorious summer is finally here! And so let’s get ready to say to goodbye to those shorter evenings, dark skies, gloomy moods, lack of sunshine and that stack of blankets at bedtime. Welcome, everything that is full of life as summer arrives. Those birds chirping at the balcony and the cool breeze that instantly lifts up our spirits along with occasional dips in those pools of water, summer does look good and glorified. When we talk of summer weddings, marriage halls in Chennai and other tropical destinations, thanks to warm weather, flowers in bloom, and the ability to use even bright colours with a careless attitude are perfect venues to hold ceremonies.

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When we talk of colours for summer wedding, there’s the bright pops of bubblegum and sweet taffy or ocean hues like Caribbean blue and aqua which come to mind.  Simply look to the rainbow of bright, bold hues around you to create the perfect colour palette for your summertime nuptials.

Let’s look at some good old reasons first that should be the criteria for choosing the best summer colour wedding combinations:

Wedding Venue

  • Go for bolder colours that brighten things up if you are having a reception in a grand ballroom during the evening.
  • If the venue is somewhere outdoors with an open field, use bright and happy colours.
  • Select neutral shades if you think the venue already has too many bright coloured flowers. This would help both the things to add their own charm to the venue.
  • Go for colours like tan, black, custom gold or sky blue if you settle for destination wedding in Goa at an exotic location.

Your Favourite Stuff

Choose your favourite colour or simply choose a colour theme which is based on things that you like the most! If you like roses, then a wonderful colour palette can be woven around whites and peach, and red and whites as well. You could also have those flowers arranged specially to add that dreamy touch to the best day of your life!

The Mood Matters

Your chosen wedding theme can give you great ideas based on the mood you want to create and the bond that you and your beloved share. Do you and your significant other, wish to convey an elegant, formal, tone or would you rather go for a whimsical, playful one? Other moods include romantic, beach, sophisticated, vintage and rustic. It’s a good way to design the theme and the moods that you want to create, let your imagination run wild. There’s no dearth of the options that you can explore!

Choose the best Colour combination for your summer wedding.

  • Pale Lilac and Sea Blue

Weddings with a classic feel often have a softer colour scheme and a look which is classified by simplicity and elegance. Using velvet and pale lilac as your purple mainstays, sprinkle in blue frosting and deep sea as complements for a nice colour tone for your summer wedding.

Let your guests fall in love with those immaculate settings on the dessert table, the flowyness of the colour in your dresses or those sheer curtains that will provide a comforting shade to your set-up.

  • Sage Green, Ivory and Light Grey

This moody, yet marvellous colour combo is calming, fresh, and inspired by nature and a wonderful choice if you are taking vows in the summers. Being a romantic neutral that adds a bit of life to this otherwise neutral palette, sage green adds a certain charm. The impeccable shades of green, simple ivory and grey add so much warmth and peace to this kind of wedding decor. This organic colour palette is both natural and fresh; it is gentle and unassuming and will make you fall in love all over again!

  • Plain Peach

If you love pastels and love the undisputed elegance that comes with it, then you shouldn’t give this combination a miss! Pairing beautifully with nearly any soft spring hue, including periwinkle, peach is trending modern colour that’s never out of fashion.

This cool hue is certainly a spring favourite too— an invigorating shade that plays nicely with nearly any spring pastel. Exquisite, relaxing, and just pretty is what this entire combination will add to your wedding day. With this dose of sugary sweetness, it’s almost like a sweet little thing that has fallen into your lap!

  • Orange and Yellow

Nothing says summer like a fresh, juicy citrus fruit, you agree, don’t you? To evoke images of these timeless icons of summer, make sure you dress up in tart and tangy hues, including tangerine, orange and yellow at your summer wedding. Since orange can be less than flattering on some, select lean or sunny yellow if you are wanting to dress up your family members too in this colour tone. Just make sure you don’t overdo this colour combination anywhere. Let an all-white backdrop provide a neutral base, with accents of bright blooms doing the heavy lifting in rest of the wedding theme and ideas. You can also add a pop of real interest here –offer an interesting signature cocktail and woah! You would never want your wedding day to get over!

  • Grey and Yellow

Very few know the beauty of this colour palette. Grey and yellow make for a great pair and marry each other so perfectly. It is actually a timeless colour combo suitable for any particular season and mostly for summers. You can choose whichever shades of these two pretty colours and well, you may end up with something contrasting or very tender combos. It is elegant and simple – and perhaps conveying every portrait of your how summer wedding should look like.

  • Soft Peach and Mint

This is a combination that can never really be a fade. Haven’t we seen so many brides enjoying the beauty of these two colours be it in their wedding dress or the set-up at the wedding? Well yes, this is another timeless colour scheme that keeps being extremely popular.

Soft peach pink and refreshing mint is a great pair that matches perfectly, and rocking them in summer is amazing and you will never really stop loving it. You can also go for gold touches here and there – and a beautiful royal look is what you will achieve.

  • Rose Pink, White and Sage Green

Sage green is such a favourite; it portrays sophistication and simplicity so beautifully. Weaving white and a pretty rose with sage green keeps the look fresh and slightly feminine; it’s actually interesting to work around these two tones.  And for a marvellous modern spin, gold is easily intertwined into another hot wedding trend: geometric décor, isn’t it? One of the best colours for summer wedding, we must say!

  • Lime and Light Orange

Lime and everything citrusy instantly picks up our moods, isn’t it? Well, this delightful combo of lime and light orange is bound to make your wedding day replete with a lot of customary good cheers and merry behaviours blushing throughout.

Lime adds a flash of energy this summer and has a bright and cheery feel to it! Both of these colours balance each other well, making it a sophisticated and fun colour palette for your summer wedding.

  • Bold Fuchsia and Aqua

Island-inspired brights like bold fuchsia and ocean-inspired aqua against a backdrop of neutral sand work well if you want to create a tropical look for your wedding day. Keep up with the beach theme and opt for a shocking pink shade that’s flattering on most and easy to wear again. Let the rest of the decor speak out in hot pinks and aqua blues. Have your curtains and gazebos bring out the beauty of these two colours against the summer sky. Hot pink lilies, white orchids and aqua gerbera daisies, add grace and a lovely feel to bring out the divine beauty of the decor. What’s more? Well, offer some coconut infused cocktails for that perfect blend!

  • Gold and Dusted Blue

If you’re looking for a colour combination that feels elegant and sophisticated, then here is one to consider. Gold gives the rich, warm feel while adding in the ever-popular metallic tone.

But rather than pairing it with the expected purple or silver, this combination calls for a muted, almost dusty blue tone. It stands in stark contrast to the shiny gold, which is the point! Your event will look effortlessly elegant with this colour palette.

  • Blush and Marsala (red-brown tone)

The beauty of these two colours will make you feel like a queen on that summer wedding of yours. Your groom too would bask in the glory of these colours as the two of you replicate this in your wedding dresses and take it throughout your wedding decor. This is a great colour scheme for late summer to fall weddings because it features the sweetness of the summer with blush and the bold beauty of the fall with marsala, a popular colour these days, you are surely going to be mesmerised by the grace of this colour palette.  Add touches of gold to make it stand out even more!

Go with the theme that you relate to the most and incorporate the colours into each aspect of your day, leave no stone unturned. There’s no time like summer for a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of colour.So embrace one of these nice, unique colour schemes for your warm weather vows!

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