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Who doesn’t love a relaxed holiday in sunny Goa?

Whether you’re looking to party or enjoy a siesta on the beach, Goa has something for every kind of traveller. And for those with a love for everything tropical, we offer this adorable OYO Home which will steal your heart.

As soon as you enter this house, you will know that you’re in the tropics. The decor takes inspiration from all things fruity and floral. The Goan vibe is unmistakable.

“The design of this house was meant to be lively, fresh, playful, and full of bright colours and fun artwork,” Harjot, the designer of this house, says. “The colour theme of the living room is yellow, green, orange and blue, with plenty of white. Most of the wooden furniture is white with yellow highlights. The sofas are green and orange, and the walls are highlighted with yellows.”

One of the most interesting features of this house is the hand-painted artwork on the walls.

“Instead of wallpapers, I hand-painted the yellow walls and coves with sponge and made lively floral patterns,” Harjot says. “This covers the entire corridor as well. Even the yellow brick wall has temple tree leaves drawn all over it with a whitener.”

The living room balcony is the perfect place for you to chill for hours, play games, read, or even take a nap. With a stunning view of the pool, sitting in this balcony may also tempt you to go downstairs and jump into the water.

“The living room balcony has a lot of life,” Harjot says. “There is a swing to hang out on and a low table with floor cushions which adds a playful side to the house. In fact, this balcony with its view and comfortable seating, can easily become a favourite with our guests.”

The bedrooms have a completely different feel. One bedroom is colourful and full of interesting artwork, and the other has large windows which open out into a massive balcony.

The colourful bedroom, with its artwork and contrasting curtains, is the ideal room for kids. The wall behind the bed will intrigue people of all ages, but it will especially interest children because of the varied designs and colours of the artwork.

The balcony attached to this bedroom offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding areas. Feel the morning sun pour in through the windows, and enjoy the fresh breeze of Goa as you enjoy the luxury of laziness.

This bedroom also has an open wardrobe which adds to the openness and spacious vibe of the room. Created for sheer convenience, the wardrobe and mirror make the perfect, compact space to get ready without spreading out too much.

The second bedroom in this house is ideal for those who hate being closed in. With two massive full-length windows opening out into a balcony with a view of the pool, it’s impossible to ignore the airy vibe of this room.

This bedroom also has an open wardrobe but it’s a completely different design. Instead of closed drawers, the storage area in this room is more open.

No matter where you are in this room, you can’t escape the view. On one side of the balcony, you see the serene, tempting swimming pool. On the other side, you see the greenery of Goa which can make the saddest soul jump with joy.

Apart from the views, this balcony offers a lot more. “The bedroom balcony has bright yellow stools and two tables resting on the railing,” Harjot explains. “These can be moved around to different parts of the balcony according to convenience. It can be used for morning tea, a light breakfast, or even to work on your laptop.”

This beautiful, tropical paradise is located in Siolim near the Chapora river. While on your way here, you will be treated to a beautiful view because of this river.

Siolim is away from the noise and crowds of north Goa but still close enough to some typically Goan spots to keep you entertained. When you’re on your way here, you’ll see some of the most beautiful, untouched spots of Goa. Driving along the river, you’ll cross a number of small villages which seem like a mirage in a place that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

You’ll also have the chance to discover some local gems in Siolim. Manila Bar & Restaurant is only 210 metres away, so a good meal and drink is just a few steps away. Amancio, known for its authentic Goan food, is about 1.4 kilometres away.

One of the best beaches in Goa — Morjim — is about 20 minutes away by car. The serenity of this beach and the dreamy view of the sea make the drive completely worth it. Another beautiful place that you must visit is the Sunset Uddo Beach, about 12 minutes away by car, which offers the best view of a Goan sunset.

Come to Goa, book this beautiful OYO Home, and make a lifetime of memories with your family and friends.

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