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There are probably few things as delightful as waking up in the morning to a balcony bathed in lukewarm sunlight and a hot cup of coffee. Add to that a soothing view of tall evergreen trees in the picturesque Doon Valley, and your hillside morning scene is set! Now that you have already pictured this, let’s help you make it a reality.

Welcome to this bright and beautiful abode in Dehradun, that’ll automatically turn your holiday into a happy one, with its colourful spaces, breezy rooms and a very green neighbourhood. Whether you are making a stopover on your way to the hills of Uttarakhand, or taking a break from the hectic routine to explore Dehradun, you’ll be left with a buoyant spirit every moment you spend here.


Autumn is the season when the leaves fall, trees become bare, and Nature begins to wear a wintry look. Not so in this home. Tuhin, the designer of this OYO Home, used autumn leaves to cleverly add colour to the house. One of the most alluring spaces is the vestibule with colourful rectangles and leaves painted on white walls. “The vestibule in this 3BHK apartment was really flat and empty. To add a welcoming effect, we thought of filling up the space with leaf prints and a picture frame,” he says.

The colour story is carried throughout – in the accent walls in the living room and bedrooms – lending vibrancy to every moment you spend here. “The colours were derived from the surroundings of the home – the coniferous forests and a Tibetan monastery nearby,” adds Tuhin.  


Another way of adding colours to the place was through all the photos hung in the apartment. The designer tells us, “We got a photographer to click images of the surrounding places in Dehradun, including popular tourist spots, places of religious interest and historic importance, etc.” So, you basically have your Dehradun sightseeing itinerary all set on the walls of the home. You not only get a feel of the valley life, you also get a wholesome idea about the city and its significant landmarks.


In keeping with the urban feel of the home, it has been furnished with items that are low on fuss but high on functionality. The clean layout and contemporary look is totally easy on the eye and complements the colour story effectively. Tuhin informs, “The furniture has been designed keeping in mind aesthetics and sturdiness. The base composition of all furniture is mild steel, pine wood, acacia wood and plywood.”

One of the highlights in the dining area is a back-lit wall panel made of scrap wood – we love to recycle whatever we can and give it a new lease of life.


Each bedroom gets its dose of sunshine through large windows that open out towards the view outside.

You’ll find functional wooden decor here, too. One room has a shoe/luggage rack – a piece of furniture that serves as both. “Shoes go under it on the floor, on the top you can keep your suitcase and some odds and ends in the space between. People on vacation usually do not take out all their clothes and keep them in the wardrobe, so this piece of furniture allows the guest to keep their suitcase on top and use it right off the rack,” explains Tuhin.


We love to play with lights, and we did so here with laminated plywood planks to convert general lighting into ambient lighting. “The idea behind creating these fixtures was to block the direct rays of the light from the tube light behind. The plywood plank covers the wall mounted tube light,” says the designer.


The balcony is Tuhin’s favourite place, and we are sure it will become your favourite hangout spot, too. “It’s a fully private place overseeing a dense canopy of trees. The home is surrounded by forests on three sides and the sunset view from the balcony is just amazing,” he shares. There’s a grass bed on the balcony for you to spend a cozy comfortable time there with your favourite book, brew or buddy!



Besides what you see in the photo frames in the home, there’s lots to do in Dehradun. Prominent tourist spots like Mussoorie, Landour, Auli, Dhanaulti are just a drive away. You can stay in Dehradun and make a day’s visit to each of these places. The Doon Valley itself offers up some thrills. Take a trip to the Robber’s Cave, which is about 600 metres long with a river flowing through the central part. The Sahastradhara, a collection of sulphur springs, is not too far. Or visit the Foreign Research Institute, where the film Student Of The Year was shot. All that, only if you feel like stepping out of the tranquil ambience of this home. Once you are here, if you say you don’t want to go anywhere, we’ll understand completely!

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