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A wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding function, now in Indian weddings as well. Traditionally, the wedding cakes were made to bring about good luck to all guests and the couple. They are not always served to the guests present at the ceremony but is now more of a centrepiece to the wedding especially at wedding halls in Delhi like city, where guests are more into leaving early because of the traffic-related issues.  Some cakes are built with the only single edible tier for the bride and groom to share, while others are built in various layers.

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Undoubtedly these days, the most fun part of the wedding planning is choosing an Indian wedding cake. But what’s “breathtaking” is your personal choice. Some couples opt not to have a cake (and substitute it with other desserts) while other couples opt for a grandeur style cake that gets the ooh’s and aahs.

Elaborated wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular at most weddings these days. You can find beautifully decorated wedding cakes in every shape, colour and design you dream of, as cake-making is now an art.

Let us see some awesome varieties of Indian wedding cakes that you can adapt for your wedding.

  • Brushstroke Cakes

One of the coolest 2018 wedding cake trends is brushstroke cakes. These art-inspired creations are also called Kalabasa feather cakes. The trend consists of melting chocolate on wax paper and using a paintbrush to create “feathers” that are placed on a cake once they get harden.

In Indian weddings, these are slowly occupying a prominent place by coordinating the colours on the cake with the attire of the bride and groom.

  • Romantic Hand-Painted Wedding Cake with Watercolour Flowers

This romantic trend fits right in with spring wedding decor and garden wedding style or a beach wedding. Hand-painted floral details are one of the prettiest 2018 wedding cake trends, and this look is a new take on the watercolour wedding decoration trends that have been popular for the last few years. These days, red and gold colours are being prominently used for Indian wedding cakes within indoor set-ups as well.

  • Gold Accents and Dark Red Colors

Is there anything more opulent than adorning your wedding cake with actual gold? Try and convince us otherwise. Gold leaf can be added to fondant or buttercream frosting for a gilded finish. As long as it’s at least 24 karats, you can even eat it, really! Breaking the gold leaf into pieces and scattering it around the cake is one option, or you can ask your baker to completely cover one or two tiers for a truly dazzling effect.

  • Magnanimous Elephant

Elephants with their trunks intertwined to look like a heart which looks beautiful on the wedding cake. This cake will surely make the couple feel royal as elephants are a symbol of royalty in India. In royal weddings, the groom comes mounted on an elephant instead of a horse. What’s more? In many communities, the trumpet of an elephant is considered to be auspicious. To set the right mood for the big fat Indian wedding, all you need is an elephant-inspired design, really!

  • Metallic Ombré

If you want to hop on the metallic cake trend without using gold leaf, this ombré design is a lovely alternative. Iridescent pigments are eye-catching when painted in abstract brushstrokes like this. Use pastel and neutral tones for an ethereal effect, or go with a bold colour scheme for something more glamorous.

  • The bride and Groom Cake Toppers

An absolutely fabulous topper looking like the groom and bride in bridal finery is the best choice for Indian weddings. This is one of the most famous of all and looks absolutely gorgeous on the wedding cake. You can have cute poses replicated for this one, like the bride lifting the groom or the groom lifting the bride or both of them hugging each other, etc.

  • Celestial wedding cake

From contemporary and celestial reception dresses to starry night reception decor, outer space was a major source of inspiration for wedding trends this year. In 2018, wedding cakes will continue the “out-of-this-world” trend. Expect to see blue, purple and metallic confections adorning the dessert tables everywhere. Blend blue, gold and purple petal dust onto white fondant to recreate this celestial look. Add gold leaf and greenery for a mythical effect.

  • Crystal Toppers

These look sparkly and gorgeous on the wedding cake. Indians love their glimmer and shine which makes this the perfect cake topper for the Wedding Cake. Crystal toppers look elegant and add all the royal touch you need for your wedding or reception cake. White and silver crystal toppers are one of the most loved colours here.

  • The Exotic Eternal Love

Some monuments only evoke love and then there is nothing left to be spoken. A wedding cake with the theme of Taj Mahal- the true epitome of love, or even Eiffel tower- where lovers become one, can surely make for a great wedding cake idea. What’s more? These cakes are also a great idea for globe-trotting couples, who love to visit the wonders of the world.

  • Filmy Pose Cake Toppers

Filmy Pose toppers look quirky and perfect for Couples who love all things in Bollywood.  We must say, Bollywood just never goes out of fashion in Indian weddings. Inspiration from Bollywood always works.

These toppers are awesome and can be in different romantic poses, like the groom holding the bride in his arms etc.

  • God Cake Toppers

Deities are held in high esteem in Indian culture, and what better way you want to celebrate your wedding day than to have a cake with an auspicious God adorning it? It is the best way to honour the Indian culture and tradition. You could have any God you believe in for this purpose, be it Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi or any other God.

  • Write It Out

Feeling romantic? Well, go all out and write your love out for each other on your wedding cake. Yes, you can add beautiful love quotes or get something interesting written on your cake. This would not only make your wedding cake unique and creative but also truly personalised. And, it would also lend a beautiful emotional touch to the celebration.

  • Party with Peacock

Just like a peacock is known for its unparalleled beauty, so will be your wedding cake. Moreover, it’s the national bird of India. These days a lot of couples are going for peacock-themed wedding cakes. It not only looks beautiful but can charm anyone with its vibrancy. The colours and the design all make for an interesting theme. You can also choose a pair of peacocks as cake toppers for your Indian wedding cake. Also, there is a lot of scope for decoration with feathers. Well, peacocks look good with any background- white, golden or even blue. Surely, your guests will not forget your peacock inspired wedding cake.

  • The Flower Power

As the saying goes, you can never go wrong with flowers. Flowers are an intricate part of every Indian wedding and are used for decorating the venue or beautifying a bride or simply welcoming the guests. You can keep flowers as a theme for your wedding cake. Whether you use a flower trail to decorate your cake or place bouquets of tulips or roses on each layer, it will look beautiful. Even a flower carving on the entire cake can look stunning.

  • Go Out and Out Indian

If traditional is your theme, then there are so many options you can try, to make a perfect Indian cake. A wedding cake which looks like the Mehendi of a bride can also make a good theme. For a completely breathtaking look, even an ornamental cake with a design of bride’s saree flowing over it can be made. It will just be mind-blowing, take our words!

  • A Gold Wedding Cake

This is another way to get heads turning. A bit of bling is what you need to add that oomph to a wedding. To make an event a lavish affair, in gaudy or more regal shades, all you need is a little gold.

Prepare your cake in contrast with a white-gold theme going with the rest of the theme of your wedding. Gold in any form just never goes out of fashion when it comes to Indian wedding cakes.

  • Tell Your Story Cake

Art is a great way to express yourself. A tell-your-story cake is a great way to do that. You can do it simply in the form of tiered silhouettes, or you can go totally off the grid and have your cake tell your story like a comic book strip. Take your time with this one, you’ll want it to be unique.

The pleasure that sweets give us is considered divine, thus sweets are believed to be the food of the Gods. The good news of a wedding is always accompanied by a huge bite of something sweet to make it auspicious. Sweets, therefore, happen to be the most important part of the traditional Indian wedding after the bride and groom of course! And when that sweet something is a cake, it’s the perfect icing, right?

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