Valley of Flowers trek – A shortcut to heaven

Valley of Flowers trek – A shortcut to heaven

As I broke the day by sipping coffee and scrolling through my Insta feed, a page exhibiting a baffling valley blanketed with flowers made me stop. As per my knowledge, it was either a photoshopped image or a picture clicked on foreign lands. Though the caption suggested otherwise, I googled it and found the pictures were of Valley of Flowers. A secluded place in the state of Uttarakhand and the only way to reach there is to trek till Valley of Flowers National Park.

I shared the pictures with a couple of friends, and they were mesmerized enough to start a WhatsApp group. After a lot of research and negotiation with our respective bosses regarding leaves, we took the trip in the mid of July. The research and planning helped and some of us did join a gym to make sure that we are not completely drained of life to be unable to enjoy the entrancing views and trek. The Valley of Flowers National Park remains closed for the extensive year and July, August proved to be the best time for taking a trip and trekking in Uttarakhand.

The Train Journey

We boarded the train in the morning at 06:50 AM and reached about 11:25 AM. While most of us met groggy-eyed, the train journey definitely freshened us up and made us more excited, as we kept googling more places to visit in Uttarakhand, searching out for thrilling destinations. As we deboarded at Haridwar, steaming hot paranthas were awaiting us at a local eatery, as we waited for the cab to take us to Govindghat arrived.

A serene drive into the mountains and the holy confluence

After loading all our luggage, we went off to cover the remaining distance of 10-11 hours long drive as the taxi made way to Govindghat via Joshimath. The inundating views of the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda at Devprayag washed peace over us. The stillness of the moment that we encountered at this holy junction washed us with peace and cannot be captured on the camera. The moment left us spellbound, a feeling cannot be put into the words, as it would expect you to plant yourselves there without any hurry to move ahead. And we thanked the almighty as Valley of Flowers gifted us with such a serene sight, full of calm and tranquillity.

A surreal trip into the lush greens
Sangam at Devprayag.

Govindghat: The Humble Abode before this trek

The first night of this trip and we had reached to Govindghat, it was already dark and thought what could be the places to visit in Chamoli, as the beauty came across by know was in itself mesmerizing. We signed into a hotel and hogged the delicious food as most of us are frequent eaters. Chamoli Temperature was pleasant with fleeting chilly breezes due to the frequent rainfalls and numerous waterfalls around.

The second day started when the trekking was actually scheduled and we woke up early to admire the orange-red view of rising sun splashed across the sky from an orange beam of fire. An ideal backdrop of lush green mountains, which appeared right out of a children’s fairy tale, an effort worth making. We packed water, food and some first-aid making sure it to be a safe experience.

The Ultimate Trek starts

A 4km ride took us to Pulna, from where the task to scale the mighty hills and rugged terrain starts. We were equipped with our backpacks and all the essentials for this rather tough, yet worthy journey. The 10km long trek beside the Pushpavati River kept us refreshed and views of the magnificent beauty of hills made us know why this place is considered to be a “home to devas”.

Whenever we thought that the views are ultimate and completely other-worldly, nature surprised us with something better. The cascading waterfalls, river and rolling beauty left very less scope for any complaints. It kept us pumped and our spirits high. This uphill trek was taxing and not for starters, but the sights were to beheld life-long.

After gobbling up all the appetizing food, followed by a long and silly discussion over trekking in Uttarakhand, we decided that this must be “the’ trek in Uttarakhand enticing enough for people to be a must-visit. The night was fleeting as we all were dead tired, and so came the following day with another challenge to trek some more.

The journey ahead was jagged, yet more rewarding. The puffy clouds bouncing over our heads made it a surreal experience and then we stumbled across mighty Laxman, flowing downwards with the mighty force. Hitting the rocks aggressively and making a colossal impression, it cannot go unnoticed and must be taken into account.

The breath-taking Valley of Flowers

The forest-view helped deemed our spirits strong enough to land us at Valley of Flowers, a place which makes you feel like a butterfly. Home to Monal Pheasant, blue poppies and Himalayan rose, the charm of Himalayas would be upon you.

Fascinating bird, Monal found at Valley of Flowers.

All the aching muscles and parching throat along the way landed us to this tantalizing valley, an expanse wide enough to make you feel that the land is covered with flowers and hills. It would lift your senses and make your spirits soar, drop-dead gorgeous, better than those pictures. The sweet aroma would make you feel a part of inexplicable wonderland, a sight that can lead anyone towards Nirvana. Time would stand still and all the thoughts would be washed away, it lures you into the ultimate experience. The photos captured on the way would lead to a lot of friends google How to reach the Valley of Flowers, but this beauty and experience demands to be earned, henceforth the trek.

Descent from Valley of Flowers

The downward trek might have made the impression that the downhill trek would be easy, but the right way to come back safe is to tread slowly. Experience those moments again and seal them in the depth of your hearts and memory. At Ghagaria, the glorious moon and a sky full of stars greeted us.

The fourth day, we descended some more and reached Govindghat by noon. Another long drive among the lush greens in the rainy season landed us to Haridwar, where we spent the night.

The stunning Valley of Flowers makes for an unbelievable experience making the trek demanding, but can be achieved by grit, a few days of training and will-power. The sight which made us feel overwhelmed and believe that the bounty and grandeur of mother earth would always be unparalleled, in comparison to any structure or technology made by humans.

Here is what makes Mumbaikars ecstatic with joy, each year!

Monsoon in Mumbai is like winter is to Delhi and Durga Pujo is to Bengal. There is no denying the daunting aspect of the season that causes a mess given the wonderful drainage of Mumbai. Nonetheless, this particular season is cherished by all. Cutting chai and onion fritters paint an appetizing image of this season that makes life beautiful for all Mumbaikars.

How the media portrays chaos after rain

Chaos after torrential rains
Locals enjoying the showers at the Gateway Of India.

Locals enjoying the showers at the Gateway Of India

Whether you’re a part of the city or far away from it, truth is that Mumbaikars have courageously navigated through it, and the brotherhood and understanding come to the fore at events like this. The chaos in the workspaces, wonder in the eyes of children and the flashing colours of umbrellas that are exhibited on the lanes is what makes this season a memorable one for all Mumbaikars. 

An exquisite sight of Arabian Sea during Mumbai monsoons

An exquisite sight of Arabian Sea during Mumbai monsoons

Rainy season in Mumbai is true love, as the sea seems fresher as the city that never sleeps seems to slow down while experiencing a continuous snag in their daily activities. This is the only season which affects people’s lives enough to actually become a part of their daily conversations. 

Roads jammed with traffic in Mumbai.

Roads jammed with traffic in Mumbai

And also in this much-stuffed city, it is easier to walk to your destination than getting caught up in the traffic jams. Don’t forget to pack a pair of water-proof shoes as it is a must, while you even think of visiting at this time of the year. Mumbai weather is quite predictable except for the rains here, which makes you realise to take things slow. Mother nature and the soothing aroma of clay heightens this encounter.

This is the most beautiful time to visit the city of dreams, to stroll on Juhu Beach and enjoy the rains. Don’t try to cover yourself, let the rain soak through your shirt and clothes, have a cutting chai, the only solution for all problems in the world. The city becomes cleaner, appears greener and feels fresher with each shower. Mumbai is madness and it definitely needs its darling rains to create wonder. The city becomes cleaner, appears greener and feels fresher with each shower.

Dusky Marine Drive in the rainy season of Mumbai.

Dusky Marine Drive in the rainy season of Mumbai
Dabeli, Vada-pav, Mumbai's favourite munchies.

Dabeli, Vada-pav, Mumbai’s favourite munchies

The drool-worthy Kanda-Bhaji, Dabeli and Vada-Pav make this season much more appetizing, a true pleasure inspired with the culture of Maharashtra. As is always said, Mumbai has its layers, it would never give you completely on the face, you need to wait and seek through the rain. There must be so many instances when you see a smile appearing as the cloud gathers while bystanders come out to feel the first rains. That is the culture of Mumbai, they adapt and move ahead without a care. Make sure that a late-night walk on the Marine Drive is one of the best things to do in Mumbai monsoon. 

Cutting-Chai, like no other in the whole dayumm world!

Cutting-Chai, like no other in the whole dayumm world!

The best way to make it a bang-on session of experiencing actual Mumbai is by falling in love with this city. Capturing the culture, ethos of an over-populated, yet a beautiful piece of land filled with ambitious souls is a homestay. Just like the city, the soul of a home is always welcoming and helps in encountering the real city, without any filters. The personal touch would be intact in the homestay in Mumbai. And here, we are trying to give you easy and happy deals by introducing you to OYO Home.

Here, are a list of 3 holiday homes in Mumbai that would let you feel the warmth of this city while the rains are on.

Top 3 homestays in Mumbai

1. OYO Home 42714 Elegant Stay

homestay in Mumbai

#1 out of 3 best homestays in Mumbai

Just behind Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this spacious place lets you feel completely at home, cycle around this area in the rainy season in Mumbai. One of the greatest joys of life is to go and live out some moments of relief in this city. Aptly called as one of the monsoons stay in Mumbai, this would make you encounter the lush showers and fill you with joy and zest.

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2. OYO Home 45020 Premium Stay Goregaon

 homestay in Mumbai

#2 out of 3 best homestays in Mumbai

Lounge in the opulence and quietude of this ideal homestay, as you experience the Mumbai weather and feel the misty breeze of the rainy season in Mumbai. Let some leisure take place, as you comfort yourself with the peculiar, yet lovely aroma of clay here.

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3. OYO Home 44033 Elegant Stay Near Grand Hyatt

homestay in Mumbai.

#3 out of 3 best homestays in Mumbai

Close to the groovy young crowds of Mumbai University, this space lies in Santacruz, one of the best places to stay in monsoon in Mumbai. Promising a smooth ride till Juhu Beach in the monsoons in Mumbai.

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Come, let’s fall in love with Mumbai, and its bae – monsoon while making the trip on fleek by checking into the comfortable and wonderful homestays in Mumbai

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12 Days of Spiritual Revelry Await You At The Puri Rath Yatra Festival!

Odisha, the land of unacknowledged beauty, with myths and spirituality dabbled into its very sand that seems to be shifting with the ferocious Indian Ocean, must be a travel destination. Loaded with a variety of terrains, hilly slopes of Eastern Ghats, slush of beaches and madness of history makes this place a go-to place for all kinds of travellers.

Once in a lifetime experience.
Once in a lifetime experience

This land is wrapped in a cloak of silence as not much has been written about here, and has never been marketed as a major hub attracting travellers. The Festival of Chariot at Puri is around the corner, and it is something that would make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the land of Puri, Rath Yatra would be hosted catering to Krishna Devotees, the myth has been spread long and wide attracting throngs of faithful from numerous parts of our diverse country.

Jagannath Rath Yatra Puri

The grandeur of the Chariots of Jagannath festival made the Britishers coin the term, “Juggernaut”. The re-emergence and revival of god from the stress of heat and their limitations make it an emotion that cannot be forgotten. Its pure vibe and the whiff of a higher power shall make this place synonymous to this encounter. Festivals in Puri have a distinct flavour and would make visible the festive side of the mysteriously shrouded east.

Festival duration: 4th to 15th July 2019

How to reach there: Take a cab from Bhubaneshwar Airport and in about 2 hours the sacred city of Puri would be welcoming you. Buses run at frequent intervals making sure that you do not miss the reign of reverence and trance-like devotion.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach
Chandrabhaga Beach

Explore some sand art at the beaches of Puri, showcasing a myriad of emotions. Sweet and picturesque while being silent, but can also be excused as a daunting view of the aggressive Indian Ocean. Filled with myths and a solitary air, it emanates a completely distinct appeal. Much like a treasure hunt, the beauty is not skin-deep like that of an Arabian Sea, but more like the untamed goddess Durga, with a bounty of nature flourishing and ruling on the heads of humankind.

How to reach there: An hour’s ride would land you at the edge of the ethereal Indian Ocean.

Don’t: Avoid landing at the beaches late in the nights as the high tide might be dangerous

Chilika Beach

Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake

Take all your chances and tour around the place as you get blessed at this holy spot, while being at it, soul-seeking travelers can head to Chilika Lake, which shall draw all the nature as well as wildlife lovers, spotting a variety of birds taking flight in the backdrop of screaming reds and oranges of diverse sunsets as it makes a spectrum of beauty available to the tourists.

With Hyenas, Black Buck, Spotted Deers and Golden Jackals hovering around this space, it feels like stepping into a children’s storybook. Such an exotic mix of sights and pleasures while limiting the number of people walking with you to take a tour makes this experience thrilling. 

How to reach there: Fly till Bhubaneshwar and take a bus or cab till Chilika Lake

Do’s: Plenty of sunscreen, hats and water to have you enjoy the 8-hour boat ride over Chilika Lake.

While exploring this beautiful land, another aspect awaits to add the right touch of authenticity to your stay. Pick a homestay in Bhubaneswar over other accommodation options that will provide the same warmth and plethora of amenities to provide a comfortable stay.

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Like, comment & share! 5 types of picturesque posts to boost every millennial’s social media feed!

Social Media is a world in itself, some people make a living out of it, some escape into it, but all of us dedicate a few precious moments of our lives scrolling through it. With social media day approaching, these are some of the ideas that would infuse life into your social media existence. 

  1. Take off on a sporty vacation and archive the love that you lavish on your dear friend #loveydovey #preciousmoments #waggingtail #socialmediapostwithpets
Photo Courtesy Of: capture.a.trip

  2. Trek and show-off your fitness as you scale those mighty hills #kheerganga #purity #trekking #nature #soulgasm #fitnessgoals #shoesonloose #trekking #trekkingpost

Photo Courtesy Of: himalayangirls

To the dearest maggi coupled with chai. #ChildhoodLove ❤️ #easytocook #mostdeliciousdish #hillyfood #foodgasm #Kemptyfall #cheapthrills #foodpostsonsocialmedia

Photo Courtesy Of:mishti.and.meat

For the people who sustained these ethereal places and coped up with the daily ordeals #natives #innocence #madetheday #travelblogger

Photo Courtesy Of: millenialladki

Some places and moments draw you in #music #dawnanddusk #deepinthoughts #hills #landscape #instatravel #traveller #wanderlust #photography

Photo Courtesy Of: abhiandnow

Get out and travel, meet new people, make friends, learn about new cultures and understand their hopes and struggles as you weave the social media day posts suggested above. A few clicks into this and you would be choosing the way to get spammed by followers. So, what are you waiting for? Like, comment and share! 

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Travelling without pets taking a toll on them? Not anymore!

Life is a roller-coaster ride, full of surprises and tear-jolting moments, yet we need to move on from our love, pain, family and friends. Friends make life easy, they support you at every tough turn of your life, stand up in your times of need and most importantly, comfort you when the going gets difficult. But your slobby pet always gets neglected.

Probably the most faithful friend who makes their love visible by jumping up and down as you arrive back to your home are these furry creatures, who demand love out of you, fight with you like a sibling and also fight for you. They made you more active, responsible and made it a point to make you feel loved while puberty hit you hard and the rough years of adolescence made it through.

Vacation with your old buddy pet shall take your mind off some stressful madness of life. It seems that these times come with such elan, and seep deep into the hum-drum of your existence making life a task that needs to be achieved. Take a break from the gloom and dive-in for a fun-filled trip with the best friend.

Cherish the mental health of your pet, and revive the bond, whose memories fester on. The guilt of avoiding your own peace while trying to make a mark in your profession impairs your heart while making a cynic out of you. Let yourself breathe in the adorable love of your pet, which does not fade away with time or circumstances. You would be surprised to know that your life has not been able to hammer you into a casement of a cog.

It’s time for you to take a breather and soak in all the affection of your best friend, and indulge in a long overdue celebration for Best Friend’s Day. Make it special by making your pet at the receiving end of your care and time. Homestays with pets would be the ideal vacation this year for your tired soul. Below are some of the pet-friendly stays from OYO Home that would surely help you pick out the best accommodation for you buddy.

3 Best Pet Friendly Oyo Homestays Options In India

Experience “Live life, King size” at this commodious home

Let the madness chase you here in this humongous garden, or scratch some mud out as you massage their fur.

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Beat the heat at this pet-friendly homestay in Goa
Beat the heat at this pet-friendly homestay in Goa

They say water is the best healer, splash in with your best friend at the pool here and record memories for a lifetime.

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3. OYO Home 19991 Elegant Stay

Spend quality time with your pet and enjoy a rejuvenating stay
Spend quality time with your pet and enjoy a rejuvenating stay

To reminisce the simpler days, when days used to pass in a wondrous daze filled with giggles and hugs, and harmless jokes to sustain through the rippled charm of rebukes from parents and neighbours.

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Eid Mubarak! Break your roza a la family style at an OYO Home

Eid, where prayers, food, gifts and togetherness marks the silver lining of the long fasting month of Ramadan. These are followed with lavish family meals, also known as Iftaar Party. Stuffing food after a long fasting period of thirty days is bliss. So, don’t fret over the hustle that needs to be dealt with this Eid celebration for an elaborate affair which accommodates your extended family, friends as well as spacious enough to accommodate your loud, mischievous cousins running around, asking for Eidi.

An interlude to make the ladies happy, as you offer them a place where there is ample of space so they can unfurl with their recipes, veggies and afternoon siesta, without cutting short of their shopping trip, which cannot be put off due to those little devils asking for their share of gifts. Eid Celebration in India doesn’t have to be a time-kill where you are left to face traffic as you commute to your friends or loved one’s place. Impress your loved ones as you gift them these beautiful avenues which lets you, save your place from getting crashed this weekend and handles everything gracefully, with care, yet without imposing you with too much on your plate.

OYO Home would make all of your Eid celebration wishes materialize, as you would be sitting amongst your loved ones, with everything handled well, and you are left to have a gala time. Homestays for Eid shall give the festival a perfect blend of great homemade food, lovely ambience and space, giving you a break from the circumstantial responsibility of being a party host.

3 homestays to scale up the festivities this Eid-ul-Fitr!

1. OYO Home 36604 Exotic Villa New Friends Colony

Soothing interiors

Lounge at this villa, which presents a funky setting to spend an exciting Eid celebration in Delhi, cocooned with each amenity to feel at the top of the world. Jazz up your pictures, as the interiors would let all the guests gape in the wonder of this complacence avenue. Proximity to Lajpat Nagar Market would keep the sailing smooth as the traffic could also be grazed effortlessly while shopping for Eid.

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2. OYO Home 16707 Cozy Homestay

Perfect for large family gatherings

Let all your regrets subside as you opt for this home, which has a large kitchen, providing ample of space for the recipe of Haleem, an “EID DISH” to be carried on, as your tummy and soul would thank you for zeroing in on a place, where kids don’t have to be scolded or asked to wait, in case another round of Roohafza needs to be poured.

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3. OYO Home 40507 Pearl Adobe Stay

Relish the ample space.

Book this commodious place to spend some memorable moments of Ramadan Kareem, while you hoard
on the food and shower affection on people you love. Live out some golden olden times as you gather
here with your extended family.

Book Now

Eid Mubarak!

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A thrilling page from the diary of a biker’s trip to Spiti!

It was a regular Monday morning filled with blues, gruelling work hours flashing right on my face. In some moments of relief, while scrolling through my feed, I stumbled across a few pictures which were breath-taking. And without giving it a second thought, I pinged my several biking brothers. The pictures enraptured everyone, and one of them replied – “So when are we heading there?”

If there is heaven on earth, here it is. Dry terrain with no vegetation, the beauty is ethereal. It was something that none of us had ever come across. Crystal clear rivers, starry nights thronging the picture-perfect canopy is synonymous with this place. A minimum of fifteen days is required to enjoy the route and live out those hilly beauties to the fullest. We could go through it all, in ten days, yet, we chose to make the itinerary of fifteen days so that our experience was nothing short of unforgettable and regrettable.

We were lucky to have tripped over these pictures in the month of May and were also able to find the leverage to navigate through our jobs, chores and obligations. We chose a longer, more taxing, yet all-encompassing route. Things went smooth and after a week’s planning, we zeroed in on a budget and the route

Route For Bike Trip To Spiti



We started in the morning with our steely wills and thunderous engines to scale the heights of an unfathomable adventurous journey, known as Spiti Valley. The first pitstop was Manali, and we reached there after fourteen hours of the bike ride while zooming past villages and rugged, dry terrain of Haryana. Himachal greeted us with chilly winds and green cascading throughout, treating our eyes and soul to some ecstatic sceneries. After 550kms of the bike ride, every bone in our body was fatigued and looking for a bed to crash on. Now the point of contention was that if we need time to unfurl, who would give us that kind of liberty, comfort, yet, budgeted stay. A lot of twittering regarding cottages in Manali, homestays and accommodation in Manali remained a point of contention. Holiday in Manali needs to be a full-fledged affair and not an ordeal. After much research, one of the group mates suggested a new living space of OYO – OYO HOME.


Land of gods, Manali, showcasing boundless beauty
Land of gods, Manali, showcasing boundless beauty

In the three days of exploring Manali, some of our mates opted for Manali trekking, pumping adrenaline by trailing the local paths for a more authentic experience. They went camping in Manali as well, while they enjoyed the beauty and adventure of a sky full of stars accompanied with a flaming campfire below to keep them warm and hushed with comfort. Others woke up, bought some bread and milk, prepared our favourite beverages and headed for ROHTANG PASS.

Snow on the way to Rohtang Pass, beauty at its purest form
Snow on the way to Rohtang Pass, beauty at its purest form

The jam at this route is quite famous, and we saw it to believe it. But the wait was truly worth it, a piece of land which is as white as a piece of cake. Even the trees were covered in snow, a breathtaking sight, which at some angles would expect you to move away as the sunlight would be reflected. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen for the extreme damage that sunlight can do after being reflected off snow

Things went smooth and after a week’s planning, we zeroed in on a budget. After servicing and oiling, we decided that it would be a leisurely trip. The next day was spent walking and exploring throughout the lush verdure of Manali. The third day was booked for Old Manali, a charming place, exuberating Tibetan and Himalayan Culture.

Sunset at Beas, dividing Manali from Old Manali
Sunset at Beas, dividing Manali from Old Manali


The fourth day was laid to scale up our engines till Chhatru, which comes via Rohtang Pass. It took us about three hours to arrive at Chhatru, and the wind was screeching cold and dry. This was the first time that I encountered winds which could literally freeze us with all those coats, fur and leathered garments. Batal Camp took care of us that night, although, we were a little stressed regarding what awaits us. Food cooked on the open flame with rum became a must, which was savoured by all of us.


A rocky and broken road, which would sap the life out of you, the journey is not a bed of roses, and you need to acclimatise yourself to the harsh weather as well as the harsher topography. About 20kms away(roughly), the maddening journey was worth it. No planned roads, but pebbles and stones all the way, with rising adventure to caught up in a puncture, we rode carefully throughout.

The mesmerising Chandrataal Lake

Chandrataal Lake is astonishingly silent and surreal. We camped for a few days at Chandrataal, but make sure to book before you leave, as this is not a sight where any chances can be taken and you could literally freeze out here. Only guts, expertise can lead you here, do not encourage any mates, who are amateur in bike rides.


89 km of frenzy would lead you to KAZA via the Kunzum Pass. The awe-inspiring view of Bara-Shigri Glacier is unnerving, the second-largest glacier known to humans.

The enchanting Bara-Shigri Glacier
The enchanting Bara-Shigri Glacier

6. Kunzum Pass

We found ourselves driving at the highest motorable pass after driving 7kms from Chandrataal. While being filled with caution at these stretches, enjoyment be the first priority. They can always prove to be treacherous. This pass also separates Lahaul and Spiti and had a place in the bucket-list of several of my inmates. We camped in local stays operated by locals and experienced our own share of adventures.

A dilapidated road in Spiti Valley
A dilapidated road in Spiti Valley


Almost medieval, this place reflects the unadulterated Buddhist Culture of Spiti Valley. Backed by steep mountainsides and arid lands, this place has invented vegetation as the stone-wall terracing allows it to flourish.

With stunning landscapes and mesmerising sceneries, Spiti Valley, also known as “Little Tibet” is an ideal respite. It comes with its own thrill and struggles, but the journey is worth it. 

Explore OYO Homes in Manali

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Why you should check out the fascinating Ooty Summer Festival at least once!

Ooty, a city offering affluence of British Raj, beaming colours of south Indian culture and home to Nilgiris, is an enchanting place to spend summers at. The swathes of veritable beauty would wrap you around and make you a fan. Away from the wolfish eyes of tourism companies and hordes of travellers, score on the uninhibited charm that comes from the cultural simplicity and bountiful nature.

The popular summer festival showcases its beauty in an organized manner by holding a fair which in itself is a 121-year-old tradition. Ministry of Tourism and Culture of India and The Tourism Department of Tamil Nadu are involved and no stone is left unturned to make it any less of a magnificent event which is archived by media as well. This year the schedule has been set from 4th May till 27th May.

Explore OYO Homes in Ooty

Things To Explore At Ooty Summer Festival

1. Spice Show

The most unheard of shows by the western audience. A paradise for gourmets, heaps of distinct spices onto the plates. It marks the opening of this festival, a sight worth visiting.

Duration: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 15 for kids and INR 30 for adults
Address: St Thomas School, Court Road, NH 67, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu

2. Flower Show

<center>Admire formations made with flowers</center>
Admire formations made with flowers

Witness the ethereal sights and formations modelled with flowers, with the help of meticulous artists and craftsmen. A glimmer of hope for young talents to enter into such unorthodox art spheres, which are not well-known in India. Usually arranged for three days in a season, it takes about a half-day to take a tour and enjoy it.

Duration: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 15 for kids and INR 30 for adults

Address: Botanical Garden, Near Assembly Theater, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

3. Rose Show

A sensory delight
A sensory delight

Roses of every colour that you can imagine are propositioned to be showcased in this festival. Your senses will thank you to have arrived at such a place.

Duration: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 15 for kids and INR 30 for adults

Address: Rose Garden, Bombay Castel, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

4. Fruit Show

View varied ways of presenting fruits
View varied ways of presenting fruits

The major function of fruits is to keep you young and healthy, whilst presenting a good dose of vitamins and minerals. Here, they are set to present statue and lovely formations. Sweet-smelling idols and sculptures shall make it an immersive experience.

Duration: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 15 for kids and INR 30 for adults
Address: Sims’s Park, Walker’s Hill Road, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

The most fascinating feature of this festival is that the treasure trove is not limited to here. Ooty Summer Festival attracts throngs of visitors who have a number of sights in their kitty that needs to be filled. Ooty tourist places are exotic and need to be explored, like Emerald Lake, Avalanche Lake, Nilgiri Mountain Railway and Kotagiri are a few places that will treat your eyes to misty greens and freshly-cut tea plantations.

Ooty Tourist Places that you must check-out for sure-

1. Avalanche Lake

A picture-perfect location created due to a gorge made by an avalanche in 1823. The magnificent spot with crystal blue waters, surrounded with billowing greens, colourful flowers and serenity make up for a kickass experience. One of the ideal places to visit in Ooty, for nature and photography lovers.

2. Emerald Lake

An exemplary sight for tranquillity
An exemplary sight for tranquillity

Amidst dense forests and green meadows, a look at the horizon shall enamour you. A haven for birds, and an exemplary sight to spend some moments of peace and tranquillity. A part of Silent Valley National Park, spotting native birds would be a pleasant surprise. Away from the flurry of regular tourism, this would make for a refreshing trip.

3. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Lose yourself in the sight of scenic moments
Lose yourself in the sight of scenic moments

Meandering through luxuriant tea plantations and dense verdure of the blue mountains of India, Nilgiri Mountain Railway holds some of the most scenic moments while the sun plays peek-a-boo from the tall trees that seem to be shading the area throughout. An experience to hold onto while the train climbs the steepest trek in Asia.

4. Kotagiri

Lush tea estates to swoon tea connoisseurs

Never-ending tea estates perched on cascading Nilgiris is a charm, which must be experienced. A sight, enough to transcend you into what can be called as heaven. Breathe-free in this tiny corner, add some sighs of purity and unbridled nature away from the cacophony of cities.

Overlooking the wilderness, whilst giving space to the culture is a sure-shot experience that a homestay in Ooty provides you with. Ditch Ooty resorts which might as well burn a hole in your pocket. The top places that you should consider for your stay in Ooty are now sorted. Here is a list of homestays in Ooty that would take you in, for an immersive experience.

Top 3 Holiday homes in Ooty that will blow your mind with enticing views

1. OYO Home 23402 Elite Stay

Nothing can beat the view from this homestay in Ooty
Nothing can beat the view from this homestay in Ooty

A homestay in Ooty for those seeking some quiet time in the lap of a luxurious avenue, loaded with all the amenities and fitted with minimalistic décor. An ideal fit for the weary traveller while enveloping them in the solace of this laid-back, yet enamouring city.

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2. OYO Home 24517 Exotic Stay

A typical Ooty stay, shrouded in the wilderness, this elegant home has an inviting ambience. Pleasant winds are bound to hover around the property as you enjoy breakfast in the pergola outside.

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3. OYO Home 23506 Luxury 2BHK

Make beautiful memories at this homestay in Ooty
Make beautiful memories at this homestay in Ooty

Spacious accommodation in Ooty for you to accompany your friends or family and enjoy some gala time as you lounge in the commodious living room. Cook delicacies that you wish to indulge in, and make memories while you hover around.

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