February 14th, 2018 by OYO Team

Goa is all about colors, happiness, and an easy existence. All of these factors come together in this gorgeous OYO Home near Siolim. The location is serene, far enough from the crowds of North Goa, but close enough to experience the charm of Goa in all its glory.

This home is a marvel for more than one reason. Not only is it a beautiful design, it was executed within a minimal budget and really tested the innovation of our designers – a battle that was won skilfully.

The budgeting constraint meant that our design team faced a constant challenge throughout the design and execution process. From the furniture which had to be made from scratch to the artistic design elements, everything was done without compromising on quality.

“The motive of undertaking this project was to completely furnish a 2BHK in a surprisingly low budget,” Tuhin, the designer of this house, says. “Due to this constraint, almost all the furniture had to be made locally without compromising on the durability or quality of the product.”

“Space did not come together until the last day because the furniture was made off-site,” Tuhin explains. “So when everything reached the site, and we started getting everything together, it was the best part of the project. No one, except the people who had conceptualized the space, could imagine what the house would look like before it all came together.”

The design of this property was unique in another way. The furniture in the bedrooms and dining area was a combination of mild steel and pinewood while the living room furniture was made entirely of pinewood and acacia wood. The minimal, contemporary design of the furniture gives the living room a neat, clean look which will appeal to everyone who dislikes a messy house.

The lighting in this house is another unique feature of this house. “All the light fixtures were custom-made from locally available material,” Tuhin says. “It was inspired from the idea of using the same set of lights for general as well as ambient lighting. They also double up as decor elements.”

The limited budget also presented a chance to showcase one of OYO Home’s main missions – to upcycle and reuse without breakage. As Tuhin explains, the decor elements in this home were a result of innovative upcycling which gave this house a more homely vibe. For example, the wooden panel in the dining area serves three purposes – it provides ambient lighting, it’s a quirky decor feature, and it’s a functional piece of furniture.

“This panel is unique in so many ways,” Tuhin says. “Not only does it look great, it’s a result of using salvaged material and successful upcycling. Everyone was quite surprised about how something so beautiful came out of a tight budget.”


While admiring the decor, the bar-style dining table will also catch your eye. Instead of having a conventional dining table with four chairs around it, Tuhin used a high table and chairs that look like bar stools but are way more comfortable.

While making the house comfortable for our guests was our main focus, we couldn’t ignore Goa’s love for colours. So every room in this house has a wall which stands out and brings a bright splash of colour to the area.

“The overall design language of the house is contemporary and follows the principle of straight and clean lines,” Tuhin explains. “There are elements of surprise here and there, including the bright walls which break the monotony of wood. The fact that so many elements were possible in a low budget is proof of how design can work wonders even when resources are limited.”

Step into the balcony and you will find another surprise waiting for you. The calming view of the trees, and seating which is inspired by the abundance of nature around you, can make this spot a favourite with all the travellers in your group.

“This house is surrounded by dense greenery on three sides which makes it feel like you’re living in the wild,” Tuhin says. “That adds a sense of adventure to the house. Complementing this is the grass bed in the balcony along with a breakfast counter which makes this the perfect spot for your morning coffee or the first meal of the day. This is my favourite part of the house.”

Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Goa, the surroundings of this house have a lot to offer. The gorgeous Morjim beach is only 8 kilometres away from here, so you can spend all day at the beach every single day. But don’t let the beach distract you from the other gems around this area. There are some wonderful boutique restaurants in the vicinity which serve exceptional Goan and Italian food. O Papagaio Bar and Restaurant in Mapusa is only 550 metres away, so you can stroll your way to a delicious meal.

Book this cozy, colourful OYO Home on your next trip to Goa and discover the hidden gems of this charming state.

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