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A wedding has to be perfect. This is the event that marks the beginning of the rest of your life. Your wedding is the perfect occasion for your friends to wish you the very best in your life with your partner, for the elders to bless you, and for you to flaunt your perfection and style. From the engagement halls in Mumbai to the wedding halls in Jaipur, you leave no stone unturned to make sure you have chosen the right venue for the events associated with your wedding. You obviously make it a point to look perfect and have an impressive food menu. But there are some things that need a little bit of experience to notice.

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A wedding is once in a lifetime event. If you are feeling a little lost as the bride or groom, do not worry, this is exactly how every bride and groom feel. Most of us do not even have siblings to help us out. Our friends live far away and are lucky to get to attend the wedding. Hiring a professional wedding planner becomes mandatory if we do not have enough experienced people among our friends and family. If you do have a big family and many friends who are available, you are truly blessed.

The Little Things

Youngsters of this generation are pretty good at getting things done. Even if you have never arranged a big event before, you will know how to make contacts and reach out to them. If you are making your own wedding arrangements, it is stressful. It is even more stressful if you are organising the wedding of a dear one, say a sibling, cousin, or best friend. But you won’t go wrong in things like the wedding venue, date, food menu, and finding a priest. The places you will go wrong are the little things that often go unnoticed.

The bridal outfit and makeup have to be on point. But you might have not even thought about the flower Chaadar and the family heirloom which needs to be hunted down at the last moment. You must have already thought about the mandap decoration and the wedding bands, but the wedding aisle that needs to be well decorated too.

A Little Help

Since you have so many things going on within the wedding, we thought of helping you out a little. We will tell you about some amazing ideas for decorating the aisle. So, here are some ideas.

  • Gazebo of Greenery

Green leaves, real or fake, are easier to maintain than flowers. Plants are much cheaper too. Go for a gazebo with small pots of green plants to make it a lush green shade to get married under. You can add some white flowers all over to make everything look brighter, but no other colour.

  • Balloon Arch

If you are a little tight on the budget and do not want to compromise on anything, go for multiple balloon arches leading to the wedding aisle. Avoid using multiple colours of balloons altogether because that looks more like a kid’s birthday party. Go for all white, like the Christian wedding, or all light pink if you want a subtle hint of colour, all yellow to make things much happier. You could also match the colour with wedding dress of the bride.

  • Flower Mesh

If you must have flowers for the wedding aisle, go for a meshwork in super ductile iron frames so that you can wind it up with strings of flowers such that the mesh is not visible. It will look like the entire structure is just flowers hanging on their own. This is one of the most beautiful aisle decoration ideas.

  • Cave Arch

To continue with the wild imagination, an arch that looks like a cave is perfect. The wedding decorators will know how to make a sturdy structure that resembles a real cave. You can add more detail to it by making the inside walls a little rugged. Let the bride walk through it while nobody can see her. If you pull this one off well, the guests are going to breathe heavily in anticipation for the little time the bride is inside the cave, and have a sigh of relief when she comes out on the other side, despite knowing it was only a made up design. The effect is much like the haunted house effect at theme parks. This idea can be used for a park wedding theme.

  • All White

Indian weddings are mostly red and pink. But if you like the Christian wedding, which is quieter but has a more serene aura, you should go for entirely white wedding aisle decorations. White balloons, white flowers, white drapes, everything white.Let the bridal dress and groom’s outfit be of the dark maroon or red colours that are usual for Indian weddings. Let the aisle be in contrast to the bride and groom’s outfits.

  • Colourful Drapes

If the bride is wearing the classy white and golden combination, balance out the colours in the aisle drapes. Go for all eastern colours like the sunshine yellow, sunny orange, crimson, and pink. The right blend of these colours will make the aisle look amazingly beautiful.

  • Pillar Decorations

For indoor wedding aisles, make use of the pillars. Let them be the element of beauty. Many people avoid halls with pillars right through the middle because they look at it as a hindrance in the way of the decorations. But if you find wedding venues with these gigantic pillars running through the hall, you are lucky. You can put fairy lights on them, drape them up in the colours you want and hang flowers from them. You can use them to run a canopy of flowers or lights to cover the aisle up like a boulevard. Avoid balloons though; having too many balloons indoors makes it suffocating.

  • Fake Pillars

If you liked the pillar idea so much that you really want to have them even for an outdoor wedding, or indoor one where the pillars are at the ends of the hall, you can get fake pillars installed. Leave it all up to the wedding planners and decorators. All you need to do is let them know what kind of canopy or boulevard you want the pillars for. You can have strings of balloons outdoors, or orchids, drapes with hanging flowers, little plant pots, the list is endless.

  • Canopy of Creepers

A canopy of creepers is classy, not too wild, and not too fake. It reflects nature so perfectly. There can be little wildflowers growing from them. You can have some of the creepers grow out and hang from the canopy. This might just make the coolest of all wedding aisle decorations in the city.

If you liked these wedding aisle decoration ideas, use them. Discuss them with your wedding decorators. If you have some aisle decoration ideas of your own, share it with the world here and that’s of course after you are married so that nobody takes inspiration from you and gets it done before you get a chance to flaunt your unique idea of decorations at your own wedding.

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