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Indian weddings are a big deal. Even if it is not one of the high profile weddings with the budget in crores, there are various things to take care of. There are destination wedding venues to choose from, decorations, food menu, lighting, loads of other things that need to be taken care of. One of these things also includes the bridal look. The bride is all busy arranging parts of her own wedding and wrapping her deadlines up for the leave she needs. So, we thought of helping her out with the most important thing for her personal appearance on the wedding day.

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Wondering what is it? It is the bridal attire. All eyes will be on the bride on her wedding day. She must look stunning and her wedding dress is crucial for the purpose. You can find beautiful wedding dresses online, or at a traditional store that you have known for years, or you could even go for designer wear if you want to splurge on the bride.

We will help you out with some tips to choose the perfect wedding dress for the Indian bride. So, here are the tips you could find useful while going to shop for a wedding dress for the bride to be.

  • Choose it Yourself

The custom in many Indian weddings is, the bride’s close relatives gift her wedding dress. You don’t have to disregard the tradition. But you can always tell them what you want, or better still, go shopping with them. This is what most people do anyway. Earlier people used to ask the bride what colour she wants her wedding dress to be. But now, they want to make sure she loves the dress. They don’t want to take chances.

As a bride, you would want to make sure you like what you will wear to your wedding. Also, you should not put that much pressure on the people buying the dress. They will be anxious about your choice. So, go choose your own bridal lehenga, or saree, whatever you like. If your family believes in omens like the bride shouldn’t go buy her own wedding dress, we always have WhatsApp. But make sure you are the one choosing your dress, whether you are physically present or not.

  • Type of Outfit

There are basically two types of traditional outfits for the Indian bride, the saree and the lehenga. But Indo Western bridal gowns, traditional Rajasthani or Kashmiri attire, these are options too. If you are going for a theme wedding where you are a Disney princess or a Rajasthani bride, you will need to dress accordingly. So, the lehenga and saree are not your only options.

  • Colour

The colour of the wedding dress is crucial. You need to make sure it suits your skin tone. You need to make sure you are not buying similar colours for any of the wedding-related events. Each outfit must be of a unique colour combination.

You can go for the traditional colours like maroon, golden, red, and pink. You can go for the trending pastels. You can go for white with golden detail. Or you can go for statement lehenga colour combinations like brown with purple, or blue with yellow. These are just examples. You go for your favourite colour combination.

  • Fabric

If it is a winter wedding, wear whatever fabric looks best. If it is a summer or monsoon wedding in India, you need to avoid velvet, thick silk, or anything too heavy.

Wing it with bright colours so that you can wear an outfit that is light on the weight.

  • The Occasion

You need to dress according to the event. The saree is traditionally in a shade of yellow. Try going for a bright one. If you don’t want it to be monochromatic, orange is a good colour to go with yellow. The mehendi and sangeet night outfit needs to be any colour that complements your brown or orange mehendi. But do not go for the signature wedding day colours. Spare them for the wedding day. Wear something with a lot of poof so that you can get amazing sangeet night photographs when you twirl. The wedding day outfit can be the traditional reds or the modern pastels. The reception evening outfit needs to look totally different from the wedding dress. So, maybe go for a lehenga in pastel shades for the reception and a saree in traditional hues for the wedding.

  • Design

A lot of embroidery, zari, or handmade motif prints makes a wedding dress look worthwhile. Your veil needs to be nicely adorned with sequins and little flowers if possible.

If you are wearing white or beige, the print can have bold colours on it. Rajasthani theme attire needs to have a lot of mirrors. You need to make sure the design is immaculately beautiful.

  • Where to Buy it From

Go to the local shop you trust and love so dearly because they always know exactly what you are looking for. Or go for designer wear, a Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi bridal wear collection maybe. Celebrity designers are making their collections available to the masses and the cost too is reasonable enough for a wedding dress. Buy them, or get them tailor made from the best professionals in town. Customise the design if you want. Go through the design catalogues to get an idea. Buy the blouse from someplace you can trust with the cut and the fit and your exact instructions. Buying a readymade lehenga for the wedding is convenient. So go to the best stores first. In case the readymade blouse won’t fit you perfectly, go for the best tailor in town.

  • When to Buy

By now you must have noticed that there is a lot to be done. There are so many outfits to buy or choose if a family member or relative is gifting it to you. There are colour combinations to think about, design, fit, everything to be made perfect. So, you must start very early. Buying a wedding dress two months before the wedding is not an option. You must start at least six months in advance so that you can choose at leisure and buy all the dresses for every wedding-related event. You will have time to choose accessories like shoes, clutches, and some custom jewellery once you have bought the outfits. When you consult with your makeup artist and hairdresser, it will be good if you can show them the outfits for the occasion. So, if you want to look perfect for your wedding, start early.

  • Altering Options

Make sure it is a perfect fit. Also, leave room for alterations. You are buying the dresses many months prior to when you will actually need them. Just in case you gain a little weight, there should be room for alteration. This won’t be possible if you are buying a designer wear. You will need to fit the outfit instead of the other way around. So, if you think you are ready for that kind of commitment, go for it. Else, buy it from a store that offers flawless altering services and make sure the fabric has room for alterations on the inside. Getting your outfit tailor-made helps the purpose. Try maintaining a steady weight until your wedding. After the big event is over, lose weight, gain weight, do, what you want.

These tips will help you avoid making rookie mistakes that can ruin the wedding look for many brides. But you know better, at least now. So, go out there and choose your own wedding dress, reception dress, haldi, and sangeet outfits. Don’t skip the trial. Your bridal lehenga has to be perfect for you. Do not compromise. Buy only what you really like.

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