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 With the battle of the east or west, we always agree, why not both? The blend of the good things from both sides of the world is a satisfying conclusion. You can use it for clothes, accessories, as well as food! The desserts can have items that resulted from this Indo Western fusion. There are many such dessert items that have been put together with Western recipes for a perfectly new item and is in trend nowadays at various reception halls.

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The best halwais in India have been trying this for years and many Indo Western desserts have actually successfully been made. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love many of these recipes. When you order any of these items, expect some Indo Western magic in return. You can even follow some of the Instagram accounts to get the ideas about the latest trends in desserts. Here are some of these fusion desserts.

  • Vegan Trifle

With hundreds of people turning vegan, we need some vegan dessert items on the list. This trifle contains gaajar ka halwa, pistas, and coco malaai. It is rich with milky buttery deliciousness with only coconut, dry fruits, and carrots.

  • Sweet Ravioli and Lacha Rabdi

Paneer and dry fruits stuffed pasta, made sweet with sugar syrup and rabdi. How does it sound? Kind of a little too much in one place? Well, try it out sometime. You might want to make it the dessert item on your menu the next time you host any event that could use a something sweet in the end.

  • Boondi Parfait

This is something you can make at home from scratch with just a few hours at hand. Go for some homemade rabdi and add in some pistas and chocolates.This is a baked dessert so there is no deep sugar frying going on here. It may sound easy but may not be so easy to pull off.

  • Gulaab Jamun Cheesecake

Gulaab Jamun is a favourite dessert. Even people who do not like sweets so much, like Gulab jamun. Cheesecake, on the other hand, is an equally popular western dessert. If you want to make a dessert that is popular with the people, mixing the most popular desserts of the East and the West could just be the way. The trick is in the recipe because if done wrong, two very good ingredients can make something horrible. But the Gulab jamun cheesecake has been around for a while and it is a hit.

  • Thandai mousse cake

Talking about hit desserts, think about pista thandai and whipped cream together. The perfect mousse cake with these ingredients will make a wonderful dessert. This isn’t the entire recipe or even all the ingredients of course. But it varies depending on whether you want to keep it on the Western style or more on the Indian style.

  • Apple Jalebi

Apple jalebi is exactly what it sounds like. Jalebi out of fruit extracts. This is not only the newest type of jalebi you will ever taste, but also, it is healthy. So, for those whose doctors have advised them to stay away from sweets like jalebi, this if for you. An apple jalebi at dinner keeps the cholesterol away. And if you are partial to sweets, you can have this to keep yourself away from wedding jitters as this will act as anti-anxiety foods.

  • Sesame Oats Laddu

Please don’t run the moment you hear ‘oats’. Though it is a very healthy food, it need not be as bland as you are used to finding it.

Oats can be very tasty in various recipes. Even in dessert! Making oats laddus with some dry fruits and seeds is a smart way to get people to have oats. Add some honey in the process and you are golden.

  • Mango Phirni

This isn’t too difficult to pull off. You don’t even need to be told how to do this. The basic thing is, you need mango pulp, and the other ingredients for phirni are already there. Mango isn’t typically a western fruit but adding it in our typical Indian phirni does change things. Who does not love phirni? And who does not love mangoes! Put your hands together.

  • Kiwi Barfi

We have kaju barfi, pista barfi, and Kesar barfi. We love them all. But a new flavour couldn’t hurt. So, what do you think about kiwi barfi?

There can be two ways to make kiwi barfi. One is put chunks of kiwi inside a regular kaju barfi. Two is, get kiwi extract and barfi out of kiwi. Either way, you just gave the popular Indian sweet a Western fruity touch.

  • Phirni Thandai

This one again isn’t quite an Indo Western fusion dessert. Both thandai and phirni are very much Indian desserts. The dry fruits for garnish are available in India too. But the taste of thandai phirni has to be amazing no matter what process is followed for the recipe.

  • Caramel Popcorn with Elaichi twist

Anybody who loves the elaichi flavour will love this caramel popcorn clusters. These have already been aced by some dessert makers. The flavours and the recipe perfected already. All you need to do is give it a try.

  • Motichoor ki Rabdi

You can make a parfait with motichoor and rabdi.

Everybody loves rabdi and everybody loves motichoor. Sometimes a good fusion is in blending two eastern ingredients in the desired western recipe.

  • Butterscotch Sheera

This is a very quick recipe. It is simple but tasty. Butterscotch toffee is made and sheera is made and they are put together. Simple as that. The good thing is, it is very tasty.

  • Choco Gujiya

This is not quite the fusion dessert you will want to serve at a wedding or any big event. But imagine a twist with the gujiya wherever people expected regular gujiya. Go for chocolate cinnamon gujiyas. They will have milk solids inside and a totally chocolate cover. You can put in nuts too. Add some cinnamon sugar for flavour.

  • Saffron Macaroons in Jars

Macaroons are so Western and saffron is so Indian. Simply blend the dessert with the flavour. To add to the complexity, add some cardamom and chocolate ganache to really blend in the flavours of Indo Western fusion altogether.

  • Apple and Coconut Barfi

This isn’t too complex an idea but the taste is amazing. The flavours are fresh. It is something people haven’t tried too often, or at all.

So, be the first to serve this to your guests. As long as the texture is smooth and the sweetness is balanced, you cannot go wrong with this one.

  • Kesar Badaam Cupcakes

This is once again, self explanatory. Anybody who can make cupcakes will know how to add in the flavour of saffron and nuts. Don’t overdo with the flavours. Saffron has a very strong smell. Go for the right amount, just a dash, and you are golden.

  • Turmeric Ice Cream

Sounds like a disaster right? It will be if you put too much turmeric. Go for a regular neutral or sweetish ice cream and add a dash of turmeric while churning. Nothing speaks Indian like turmeric. Make your Indian flavoured ice cream a thing at parties.

  • Peach Curd

Get peach, process it, smoothen the texture, add to the regular curdling milk, give time to set. This isn’t even a little difficult.

You can do this anytime. You will love it so much you won’t want to wait for some special occasion.

  • Avocado Sandesh

This is probably the closest sweets which can get healthy. With the sweetness factor reduced and avocados introduced in the recipe, the Indian kalakand can have a makeover that will fetch hundreds of new fans.

  • Mango Muffins

This one again is nothing difficult to make. It is already popular. The blend is perfect. To add to the Indian flavours, you can add some cardamoms or sesame to the muffin.

  • Chestnut Pannacotta

Italian cream recipe with freshwater chestnuts is a good blend for an Indo Western dessert, what say? You will love this dessert. Trust your gut and make it a part of the next important event you will host.

The presentation of the dessert matters the most. The desserts need to be prepared a day early and refrigerated with care. Those that need to be fresh on spot are difficult to manage. The common ingredients like milk, curd, cheese, nuts, and cream need to be balanced out. The fruits have to be fresh. The pulp has to be smooth. It is not difficult to make great fusion desserts. Go to the right place for your desired dessert. India is coming up with some of the best Indo Western dessert places.

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