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Riding horses to your wedding – so behind-the-times and overdone, it’s time to get creative gentlemen, Right? Innovation! Creativity! Wedding! So let’s get started! It’s your big day! You may be a shy soul, you may be a bookworm or an outright introvert – but let’s face it, all of us want that grand wedding that no one has ever seen before. Well, the start of a grand wedding is at the entrance itself! Leave the endless search of wedding halls to the family and instead get into planning that dhamakedaar entry with your groom and wedding planner!

This moment should be the most memorable memory as it should be remembered by your guests as well. Its high time when the couple used to come one after the other, the couple should enter together with the jaw-dropping amazing entry. It’s that moment when the traditional ceremonies and rituals end and the real fun begins. It only makes sense to make it a spectacle that no one will forget as the bride and groom walk into the reception area hand-in-hand.  From the passé ‘phoolon ki chaadar’ to the over the top and done to death hydraulic entries, we have seen it all.

Are you ready to make your wedding entry like a show stopper? If yes then just scroll down to the options and explore and make your wedding entrance the best one!

So here are some of the amazing entries which you can really try on your wedding and make it a unforgettable moment:

  1. Lighten Up

This one is definitely out-of-the-box and that means, glowing fairy lights and fun lighting ideas. The wedding sure has all the kids running about and playing under the fairy lights.

So why not the bride and the groom? Let them both be covered with sparkling fairy lights over a flowing fabric amidst a dark entrance and as they get lost in the darkness of the skies and their own deep love, they will look like two angels walking the path of love. No one will ever forget the look on the faces of your guests and this one will surely make for great photographs. The other thing you can use is the sparklers light on the pathway and when they enter, the pathway will lit-up like crackers. It will be an amazing experience and the guests will be amazed.

  1. Segway – The Karan Grover style

Riding a ghodi or an elephant is oh so passé. Why not try something new and quirky to make jaws drop at your wedding venue? Take inspiration from actor Karan Singh Grover who married the sultry actress Bipasha Basu in style. The handsome hunk ditched the traditional haathi-ghoda style and made a grand entry to the venue on a Segway. And yeah, this style is not just restricted to the entry of the groom; if you are cool bride do give this dashing entry a shot and the couple can make a splashing entry together.

  1. Make a Heavenly Entry

If money is not one of your major concerns, you can finally fulfil your Bollywood dreams by deciding to make an impressive starry style entry. Just like the way celebs do it at award functions – enter your wedding venue hanging from cranes, cables etc, or simply rent out a chopper and make everyone’s jaw drop as you make that impressive and rocking entry. As you land into the venue, you sure will make news with that oomph factor you just added!

  1. Be a Jai-Veeru

If you are a die-hard Sholay fan, you definitely should go ahead with this style of entry. Ride to your wedding with your bride for an adventurous couple entry after you rent out a vintage scooter with a sidecar and decorate it with flowers.  Not so long ago, Actress Gul Panag adopted the same style and made a cute entry with her hubby at her wedding. Giving you one beautiful memory to cherish forever this ride will not burn a huge hole in your pocket. Of course, don’t try this for a monsoon wedding.

  1. Bollywood style!

Well, the name says it all. An auto rickshaw decked in genda Phool (marigold) and Bollywood posters is just what you need to make that typical a hero and heroine entry just out of a Bollywood film.

A badass bride with a gun and her man driving her into the venue will have everyone laugh it up with the couple. Now, this is something we hope to get to see more often! We are loving every bit of this couple entry!

  1. Piece of Jugglery

Holy Cow! Where’s the bride? The anxious guests are about to declare the bride’s been missing when she appears in a glass cabinet on stage decked up in wedding attire amidst the billowing smoke holding a magical wand and chanting a magic spell which makes her husband-to-be emerge from a giant lotus! Countless of such stupendous magic tricks are a glamour quotient for the couple and a visual delight for the guests.

  1. One Step at a Time

Indian weddings are tagged as ‘fun unlimited’. Whether you can shake a leg or not, here you can freely express and rejoice in your family’s or friend’s wedding processions. You and your guests can shake a leg to the beats of dhols. From wedding songs to your favourite tunes, it’s amusing to watch your friends perform live not only increases the charm of your wedding but also euphoria for the couple.

  1. Dance, dance and dance

This is one of the jubilant Indian wedding bride and groom entry ideas and is a splendid way of keeping the guests happy. Right from the entrance to the mandap the bride and the groom will dance their way out with this one. You can even encourage your close friends and family members to participate in your entry dance.

  1. Choose Elephant, Horse or Camel

Choose any of these animals, decorate them and use them for your special entry. It need not be an elephant or a horse only. If you are crazy and flexible enough, you can even choose donkey or other animals which will escort you and your fiancé to the wedding reception. Make sure the Animal welfare association doesn’t have a problem with the proceedings!

  1. Flash Mob

You can arrange for a flash mob and if you want to be a part of it, you can practice the dance moves well in advance. You can have the flash mob and follow their dance moves when you enter the hall. Not only is it the best way to enter the hall by surprising and entertaining your guests who are eagerly waiting for your arrival but also thrilling for the couple at the same time. Ensure that you practice it well so that there are no confusions on the day of the performance.

  1. Music, drums and band

It can be the most exciting entry as a couple when you enter the wedding reception hall with loud music and band.

It grabs the attention of the audience and you can feel the cynosure around you! Make sure you don’t feel sick because of the noise. Enjoy the dramatic way of entering the reception hall with your partner.

  1. Horse Carriages

Well, we all want to feel like royalty, even if it is for a day. Rent out a few horses and live it up or get your decorator to get a metal carriage and decorate it with flowers! Have some cutesy moments and enjoy in the glory of the beautiful and royal carriage as you make that dashing couple entry. This one’s as creative as it can get, so go wild!

  1. A Hoverboard Entry

Try zooming in at your wedding on a Hoverboard if you are good with the balancing act and all. Hoverboards are really a trend these days and are catching up with the wedding season. Do mind your ghagra though or even the long train of your dress if you are a bindaas bride trying to give this one shot with your hubby.

  1. Vintage Vehicle or Tractor

Get creative and get hold of some flowers and other fancy decors as you choose your dream vehicle – a tractor, a scooter or any vintage vehicle for this purpose. Enter the reception hall using the vehicle as a couple.

When the bride or groom drive the vehicle together, it becomes so much fun and a pleasant memory for everyone. Practice it well in advance and make sure you know the condition of the vehicle well enough before you do this! Leave no room for goof-ups!

  1. ATV Style

This one’s really for those who aren’t faint-hearted. To bring out that adventurist in you, make that powerful entry as a couple on an ATV. The ATV adds a luxe but adventurous vibe and a beach wedding more than support that. We love the floral decor with the ATV – you could really up to the ante with this one!

So it’s really important that you make your wedding’s moments the best one. Every moment should be amazing because it’s happening for the first time and you need to make it memorable so that your guests also can’t forget the moments. You yourself should be rejoiced remembering the time.

Just go ahead and make your wedding entry the best and memorable one!


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