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 When you are invited to a cocktail party the first thing you think about is your dress. Be it wedding halls in Mumbaior a corporate affair, your dress defines your style, which reflects deeply on your personality. You can go for the totally western dresses which are pretty as they are. You can also go for a completely Indian outfit. But, what is in vogue is an array of Indo western cocktail dresses. Here are some tips for you to help you out with selecting the perfect cocktail dress.

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  • Floor Length Maxis

The Indian haute couture scene includes cocktail dresses that manifest uniqueness by exposing the essence of the culture. Floor length gowns OR maxi with flamboyant embroidery and design are in vogue. The outfits possess an easy going yet elite vibe to it. The vast array of different necklines or unique blouse designs like halter necks, deep v-necks, U-necks, keyhole necks, wide round necks, and cowl necks indicates the experimentation and ideas implemented through design on the outfit. Though the length of the gown may vary from choices to comfort, there are varied styles of sleeves to be chosen from like sleeveless, cap-sleeves, transparent sleeves and spaghetti straps.

  • Lehenga gowns

Glamour encompasses through the Indian culture in many forms and hues. A different approach to clothing customization is always a head turner. Some of the cast-out options one can try are lehenga gown, which looks more like a corset like a blouse, with a lehenga skirt and dupatta. Saree gowns are the next big thing that is trending, it’s becoming one of the fast pacing interest in the market.

  • Sleeve Styles

At a cocktail party, everyone wants to look different. What makes the uniqueness more visible and noteworthy is the bold customization and application of design in the simplest of outfits. The sober yet exclusive look turns a lot of heads. The best way to customize an outfit is through the sleeves. The different structure, design, embroidery and alteration on the sleeves are the creative compass of the outfit. Sleeveless, cap-sleeves, transparent sleeves, V-sleeves, moon-sleeves and spaghetti straps are some of the designs one can apply to their outfits, in order to maintain the perfect blend of Indian and Western party wear.

  • Back Designs

To leave a lasting impression, an impression that will be engraved in one’s memory for a longer time than just through the launch of an outfit is challenging. However, it is not impossible. Designs regarding back can be implemented in gowns, lehengas, dresses, and even sarees during attending or organising a cocktail party.

Some of the back designs are round Sweetheart design, high neck zipper blouse, cut out the pattern, Deep neck blouse netted back neck blouse, teardrop back neck, one shoulder blouse, and off-shoulder blouse. For a lasting impression choose a unique design.

  • Layers

Layers in a dress, lehenga, or maxi, highlight and broaden the colour combination and style of the outfit. Different designs of layers overlapping on each other show the essence of the mixture. A layer of one colour can be overlapped on the layer of another to magnify the variance. Layers can be used on frocks, long maxis, Kurtis and even sarees.

  • Colour Combinations

Even if the designs, structure, and embroidery of an outfit are flawless, the entire outfit can blow out of proportion if the colour combination is messed up. Color combination reflects the personality of the person in the dress. When it comes to fashion sense, it is one of the most important elements to be taken into consideration. There should be a colour palette for every outfit. It can be dark, bright, a mixture of both or it can be nude shades, or grey, whatever best defines your style.

  • Accessories

These are the add-ons that help in brightening the essence of an outfit. A dress emphasizes the frame of the wearer. Accessories emphasize the aura around it. The right shade and design of an earring, nose ring, bangles, hairpin and even ring, can bring a lot of important contextual elements from an outfit. The accessories should be chosen by taking the colour combination of your outfit into consideration.

  • Dhoti Sarees

Dhoti sarees are trendy, unique outfits which have become the new talk of the town. But as good as dhoti sarees look it can get complex when it comes to wearing it the right way. Check various tutorials on, how to wear a dhoti saree for a better understanding.

  • Gowns with Desi Ruffles

Ruffles are beautiful add-ons to gowns. Poof is the extended silhouette of an outfit. A gown can look simplistic yet intricate with a Desi ruffle. It can have netted or just cotton embroidery. The Indo western gowns by Manish Malhotra are famous for its ruffles.

  • Desi Prints

When it comes to adding an elaborate sense of culture to an outfit, desi prints work.  Make sure you wear a gown or a fancy French dress but has some desi designs depicting typical Indian style. Eastern prints on western fabric and design is a bold style statement.

  • Salwar Jumpsuits

Another unique outfit on the market is salwar jumpsuits. The reason these outfits are widely preferred is that of the comfort it achieves. You don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunction or complex handling of the outfit as these are extremely easy going and easy to handle. Add a ruffle or layers of different colour shades with it to make it even more vibrant.

  • Skirt Chooridar

A skirt Chooridar makes you feel like you’re wearing a salwar and a skirt at the same time. A remarkable combination of these two styles gives an impression that is individualistic. One can do a lot of experimental customization with Skirt Chooridar such as desi embroidery on the skirt.

  • Saree Skirt

The comfort of a skirt and the beauty of a saree is coiled in unison to create a beautiful design. A skirt that looks like a saree from the print, to the folds of the skirt is amazing if done right. It’s a fashion statement that says “I know my style and I know my roots as well”. Bright combinations are always best for saree skirts.

  • Fabric

The fabric has to be comfortable. The best Indo western dresses can be ruined by the appearance of the fabric or the discomfort of the wearer. If it is winter and you have a lot of patience, go for any fabric you want.

  • Neckline

The neckline is one of the first things people will notice about your dress. It is more prominent than the sleeves or the backline. The neckline is where you can add a lot of eastern essences to make a western gown turn into a perfect fusion.

These were some tips that will help you stand out in the crowd of beautiful ladies in wedding halls or cocktail parties. You will love the attention you get for your dress. Wear your hair right and have the right accessories, you will be the talk of the town after the party.

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