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A wedding album is incomplete without the bridesmaid photo sessions. No matter how busy the bridesmaids are on the wedding day, there must be time to get clicked with the bride. The bride deserves to have forever pictures of herself alone, and herself with all her favourite people.

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  1. Eloping

Go back to your teenage fantasies and recreate some of them. If you had not considered actually eloping with your lover, you must have at least thought about it. There is this certain romance in the idea. Get ideas of pre wedding photoshoot with your beau, like you are running away with him or elope to the wedding venue itself. You are all decked up in your bridal attire, now just pose like you just stopped running to look back with a cheeky smile. This way the photographer can get the entrance of the wedding venue in the frame as well.

  1. Running Away

A running to the groom pose can be complemented by a running away from him pose. Be your own Julia Roberts in The Runaway Bride or Rachel Green in the pilot episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The “marriage is scary” joke isn’t the patent of the men. If your beau has been joking around about the marriage this way, this is your answer to him. You can always tease him about getting cold feet yourself.

  1. The Happy Reunion

Your wedding day is the day when you meet so many old friends. You had planned to meet up and the plans got cancelled every time. This is everybody’s story. But on your wedding day, friends will make it.

They will surely come for you. So, take a photo with just those friends you haven’t met in a while and put a text that makes it nostalgic but funny. Say, something like “Had to get hitched to get these ones to meet”.

  1. Best friends Forever

You deserve not one, but lots of photos with just your best friend, or best friends. If you have a group of three or four, the photos will be more fun. Maybe some of your cousins are your best friends too. Add all the best friends in. Take lots of photos. Get a wedding picture of your squad. They are the equivalent of the Western bridesmaid. The wedding album is incomplete without the bride with bridesmaids photo. They are by your side the entire day. Get a lot of photos taken while you are in the makeup room too. Pictures taken when your hair is half done, with eye makeup all done on just one eye, all this is fun and real!

  1. The Sassy Queens

Get all decked up and pose with champagne glasses and the cool shades. This is getting a little cliché these days. But that is the reason they are mandatory. The competition here is tough because it has been done so many times in the recent past already. But if you and your squad are the queens, you will pull it off with great oomph. Just bring out all the confidence you have and do justice to all the makeup and hard work at the parlour.

  1. The Candid

Now, there are two types of candid pictures. One is candid that you post proudly on your Instagram with the hashtag “candid”. The second one is the one that you never want anybody to see because it is an actual candid.

Well, do both! Don’t shy away from looking your real self while having a moment with your friends and family. Pose for candid pictures too so that the best angles of your face on your wedding day are captured. But do some real candid shots too. 10 years down the line, these will be your favourite.

  1. Nostalgic Shots

Talking about 10 years down the line, think about 10 years back. You did not even imagine you would move so far away from your parents. Of course, you knew you might marry or get a job and move to a different city. Maybe you have already done that. But the nostalgia of the bachelorette life is setting in now. Take some shots with your bridesmaids in your childhood bedroom. Talking about shots, pose with some shots with your bridesmaids for the perfect bridesmaid photo. After all, the point is, the tradition of pyjama parties in your bedroom will not change just because you are getting married.

  1. Pearl Eyes

Photos of the bride getting a little teary-eyed with her mother, sister, best friends, or cousins, are not to be missed. Now, this is where a real photographer’s skills come in. These shots are best when taken candidly. A bevvy of beauties with slightly teary eyes and a hint of a smile, all sitting close to the bride brings out the perfect bridesmaid poses for a wedding.

  1. All the Props

Getting back to all the fun stuff, get all the props. The huge soap bubbles, the colour bombs, the confetti bombs, the firecrackers, balloons, and maybe even the bikes that the sassy bridesmaid squad rode into the wedding. Get pictures with all of these. Make sure each bridesmaid gets focus in various photos with the bride.

  1. One with the Guys

The bride has her groom. The bridesmaids deserve some attention with their respective partners as well. It doesn’t matter if you are next in line to get married, or if you just started going out with this guy, or even if you just got hold of him because you didn’t want to go to this wedding alone. All those guys who have come dressed to impress, deserve to be in some of those wedding photos. Do follow some tips for wedding photoshoot.

  1. The “I only care about booze”

The first thing that came to a lot of people’s minds with the partners pose is “I don’t have a partner!” Doesn’t matter. You get to get the whole picture to yourself! Share it with booze and food though, because after all, having fun and being happy is the priority of life. And you can do that with or without a partner. It is not surprising that the women with these bridesmaid poses are the pillars of the wedding most often. Being single, they dedicate themselves to the wedding fully. They are the ones who keep things running smoothly. They deserve a drink.

  1. One with the Parents

It is tough to get the father to be in the pictures but today, even the mother might hesitate. They don’t want to get too emotional in front of the camera. But they don’t have to! Today’s bride will come home whenever she wants.

Actually, whenever she gets a leave from her office. But the point is, the wedding is a happy day and the bride’s parents deserve to be happy and get a perfect frame standing on either side of their beautiful daughter.

  1. Dedicated to the Siblings

If you have siblings you must dedicate some pictures to them. Even if they already got enough footage in the bridesmaid photo sessions, they deserve a dedicated siblings photograph. You don’t need to be told how to pose with your brothers and sisters. You already know each other’s angles and poses. Just get clicking! Get all the poses, smiles, pouts, fighting, grumpy face, candid, hugs. If you have more than one sibling, get pictures with all of them together, and individually. Get a lot of selfies too. This day isn’t coming back. So go mad with the clicking.

  1. The One with the Pets

If you have a pet, you must have already decided to take a lot of photos with him or her. If you have more than one pet, it might get a little difficult to get them to pose. You cannot run around after them in your wedding attire. But you can totally get someone to do it for you. Your pets will love all the attention. Give them some props like shades, hats, bow ties, hair bands. Pose with them. They are the most special part of the family. If you’ve not already been away on a job, they will have no idea why your vacation is taking so long. You will miss them most.

  1. The One with all the Kids

Get a picture with the kids at the wedding. They will be more than happy to pose. Make sure nobody is trying to get on your lap though. You can depict it any way you want. You could be that bride who is so ready to become a mother or the one who is still a child herself. Get the bridesmaids to pose with you in this too.

These were some of the many bride and bridesmaid poses you can pull off at your wedding. Take out some time to get the best shots because here you will not get retakes for another day.

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