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  Your wedding day is the occasion when you are going to be under the bright spotlight. And too bad, you cannot avoid it! Perfection is what you require to give a seamless end to your celebrations. From choosing the perfect banquet hall in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai or whichever city or location you want, to selecting the accurate dress style and colour, everything should be absolutely perfect from top to bottom. As we say that beauty is skin deep but when adorned with all the essentials, it highlights your beauty with radiance. Makeup is an undeniable part of wedding preparation. To put your best face forward, you need to be careful enough in drafting up your bridal makeup kit list. Every girl is aware of her skin type. And you need not be shy about it.

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Since, you are going to be all under the tutelage of your wedding makeup brands, professionals, you need not worry about any makeup disasters. But, for your own knowledge, we are putting together some of the bridal makeup kit essentials that you cannot ignore at any cost.

  • Moisturizer

Inside this makeup kit of the bride, this should make the first entry. You cannot let your skin looking dry and chapped. A good moisturizer is a lifeline in carrying out a perfect makeup afterwards.  Moisturizers are of various types ranging from dry to oily skin.

Just choose the one that is in accord with your skin type. It would be better if choose the one that you are using for a long time. You need not worry about any breakout. For a better nourishment and supple look, begin your makeup with a nice moisturizer.

  • Eyeliner

Eyes are the most expressive elements in your face, so take some eye makeup tips to keep yourself up to date all the time. For sleek and smoky eyes, Eyeliners are a must. You may choose liquid eyeliner or a gel-based to have a clean stretch with no scribbles left.Though most brides prefer a liquid foundation, a matte finish is also popular among the oily skin girls. So, for an unblemished look, consult your makeup artist and go for it.

  • Concealer

Now, this is the day saver. When you need to hide any last minute pimple, dark patch, under eye bags or to even out complexion, concealer will help you out from these situations. Though you go for an all-around skin care before your marriage, it might not be possible to get absolute results. So, concealer is here to give you just that perfect look. Several concealers are available and you need to choose the one that complements your skin tone.

  • Lipstick

No makeup milestone could be achieved without applying the dear lipsticks. You should carry 5 lipstick shades that you prefer the most. In the shades of pink, red, maroon or nude, apply the correct one. Do not try to experiment with this. It would look odd and you might not be even comfortable in sporting the look.

  • Primer

Most underrated of the makeup essentials, Primers are a wonderful substance in binding your makeup for a long time. While in your wedding or reception, you are definitely going to get exposed for a long time, and a light makeup without a binder would make it vanish in the harsh sun, humid air or cold weather.

So, primer helps with all these singlehandedly. Invest in a good primer and use it appropriately before donning your makeup.

  • Kohl/Kajal

To bold out the eyes and highlight the shape, you need a kohl to do that for you. There are different shades of kohl that are available. From jet black to mesmerizing green or electric blue, you may pick out the one that goes well with attire.

  • Compact Powder

The application of applying makeup ends up with the compact powder to give a dried up appearance rather than Oily one. It keeps the makeup on the place and does not initiate in sweating it out. It is essential for the ones with oily skin to remove that look of stickiness that comes after applying foundation and concealer. Just swipe the powder puff over your face and get a flawless skin in return.

  • Foundation

Undoubtedly, this is an integral part of bridal makeup. Available for different skin complexions, from dusky to fair, pick the right one. Moreover, they are of a different variety as well.

Though most brides prefer a liquid foundation, a matte finish is also popular among the oily skin girls. So, for an unblemished look, consult your makeup artist and go for it.

  • Blush

For the rosy cheeks of yours, you definitely need a blush inside your vanity bag. Buy a blush brush and apply the powder evenly on the apple of your cheeks. This will bring out some liveliness in your cheeks.

  • Mascara

Well, the makeup over eyes is what beauty professionals put the pressure on. Get a bright-eyed look and pair it up with kohl and liner. If you have decided to go for a nude look, then applying mascara would give the rightful look that you are looking for.

  • Eye Shadow Palette

While creating your makeup kit for the bride, do not forget to include the eyeshadow. You might not use it in your daily life or some normal functions, but when this is the matter of your wedding, eyeshadow is a must. Since the glitter is all around you, why leave it out of your eyes. With subtle pinks and golden, you should carefully pick the shade that goes well with your skin complexion as well as your dress.

  • Makeup Brushes

A good collection of makeup product will get worthless if you don’t know how to apply it to your skin. Thus inside a makeup kit for the bride, you cannot leave these out.

It is generally a set of 12 with various brush size given inside the box. Just understand the use of each and every applicator to get a flawless look on your wedding day.

  • Nail Paint

A complete bridal look comes equipped with nail paints. With such a variety available in the market, why devoid yourselves to the same boring pink. Pick out a bright shade. You may go for a nail art if you feel courageous enough.

Just because makeup is an essential part of your look, no need to overspend on it. Try out familiar products to avoid any last minute breakout to spoil the look. But, before buying out a new one, ask the store guy or the brand specialist to have a clearer idea of what product to use.

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