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Gifting someone is no easy task. You are somehow to get a little baffled on what to gift and whether it would be liked by your guests or not. But, when you are the bride and groom, you have far more important tasks that just looking out for caterers, DJ, planners or party halls in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata or any other location that you have decided upon. Zeroing on a gift is troublesome indeed. Since you are going to gift for the guests of varying age, you might want to consider something which is suitable for every one of them. Moreover, you cannot gift the men and women separately. It would put a strain on your budget. Thus, the wedding party has to decide on something gender-neutral. Though your guests might not expect anything extravagant for you a little of appreciation for their presence would not go unnoticed. Here’s a list of 12 return gifts for marriage that you would definitely love to present your friends and relatives with.

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  • Customized Chocolates

It could be very well personalized by both of you. Gift your guests with a box of chocolates with your name written on the box cover. Your guests would definitely love this offering. You may imprint your name or photo on the chocolates as well and make the entire box more interesting to view from both inside and out. Moreover, chocolates are lovable. They make for an elegant gift idea whether yours is a small or a grand wedding ceremony.

  • Mini Toiletries

This practical gift would definitely be loved by everyone. Box up a “him and her” face wash, body wash, shower gel, spa set, soap cakes and cover, scented sticks, shampoos, lotions, oils and fragrances and all these or just a few of them would definitely make for an ideal wedding return gift. Moreover, toiletries are a good choice if your friends or relatives love travelling. You can pack them up in some wicker basket or get a travel pouch. Several local gifting brands also provide with such pre-made boxes so you don’t have to put an effort in sorting out the products.

  • Designer Cookies

If you want to gift something related to food items, then gifting these designer cookies would be the best choice. Personalize your cookies in your own style, flavour and colour to leave that awe-struck impression on your guests.Think of some particular shapes like groom’s Safa, wedding cake, wedding dress, Mehendi design, name initials or any other design that you have decided upon to make the cookies like it. The same could be done with cupcakes as well. The top of the cupcakes could be given the shape of cookies.

  • Dry Fruits Tray or Box

Well, it’s not just the dry fruits that need to be gifted. Think out of the box! Gift your guests with some creative dry fruit boxes or trays. These could be ranging from some ethnic styled or brass structure. Just keep your budget in mind and choose the material of the box wisely.

  • Creative Crockery

Why would it only be your guests gifting you crockery? Now return gifts for the wedding have taken up a creative turn. Couples today want to gift their guests with some useful gifts that would be in their memories for a lifetime. This is not just about the 6 ice-cream bowls. You may gift them a set of dinner plates, set of glassware, a designer set of spoons etc. An excellent selection in every way and with such a thoughtful gesture it would make your guests happy all the more. This can also be selected as a couple wedding gift.

  • Key Holders

Both practical as well as beautiful, the key holders would make a perfect wedding return gift. These quirky gift items would undoubtedly impress your guests with your creativity. You may personalize the gifts with your name or a wedding photo. This is a useful gift that would be used in daily life.

  • Candle Holders

An enchanting gift, these candle holders would prove to be exquisite in every way. Used more on the basis of decorative purpose, when used with scented candles, these would prove more useful. Gift the holder as a single gift or present the fragrant candles as well. Designs are in galore when you are looking for some extraordinary design.

  • Plant or saplings

If you want to eco-friendly with your guests’ then gifting the plants would make for an ideal choice. A really great way to show your support to the environment as well as heighten up the reputation of your wedding, plants would look lovely everywhere.

  • Pots/vases

The earthen pots and vases are also a superb choice for the couple who are looking for a contemporary yet rustic gift. This is a versatile option whether you want some plain yet self-designed pots to be gifted or get the pots painted as per your choice. You may even draw up your initials on them.

  • Jewellery Box

For an Indian household, jewellery boxes would be the perfect return gift that could be given. Various wood crafting, kalamkari design, crystal or brass jewellery boxes are available. Remember these are jewellery boxes, so you are targeting the women only. If you are looking for something that is useful to all, then choose a box design that could have multiple uses.

  • Vegan Gifts

Vegan is the word of the era. Vegan chocolates, cookies, organic teas, cashews are some of the good ideas that you might like to include in your return gifts list. Make a gourmet box to stock a little of everything and wrap them in a beautiful box.

  • Shawls

Though used as a gift in bridal showers, shawls are getting a popular place in the name of return gifts for the wedding. Get shawls that are not gender specific and give a pair to all your guests.

Gifts are your vision and with the help of this list, you might get some help in choosing the one for your own. Just rack your brains and pick that particular gift for your guests.

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