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Well, congratulations on your impending nuptials! You must be super busy with the booking of marriage halls in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata or any of your desired location along with the search of perfect caterers, photographers, stylist for giving your wedding a rightful conclusion.

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But, the only thing that remains alive within your weddings is the photographs. Your album is the treasured possession of your marriage. While you are perfecting the pose with your husband-to-be, don’t forget that your brother who has given you the oath of protection is equally an important member to be clicked for your wedding photos.

Have a look at some of the poses that you might click up with your “Bhaiya” for your wedding.

  1. Playful Pose

We all know how brothers are. They are always full of mischief and have some trick under their sleeves to be played on their sister. Why not give their playfulness a frame to capture? Get your brothers into the limelight and click your cherished bond with them.

  1. Hugs and Kisses

Your brother knows that these are the few moments you have left as a maiden before you begin your marital journey with your husband. It’s the right time to get your pictures clicked while you both are hugging. So keep up your fashion and click the beautiful poses.

  1. Click under the Perfect Coordination

It’s not always your husband who is going to complement your dress. Let your brothers do that in the same way. Wedding dresses for bride brother in Indian wedding are taking an equally fashionable twist.

Modern brothers know how to carry the swag with their modern sisters and sporting even a soft pastel look in their attires to make the wedding photos more enchanting.

  1. A Sunglass Pose

How about clicking a photo under sun sporting your aviators? would definitely look cool when you both have your shades on. Shot the pose in this coordinated manner and the picture would surely take the spotlight in your album.

  1. The Chaadar Pose

Well, this is a mandatory pose! Your brothers walking down the aisle with you is something to hold in your memories for life. Get your brother to wear coordinated colours and let them carry a coordinated Flower Chaadar above your head. This is surely a must-have picture with plenty of sentiments running in the backdrop.

  1. “Don’t let her go” Pose

Involve your groom in this picture. How about your groom taking your hand while your brothers are pulling your dupatta to stop? Cover the humorous moment with your brother and you are surely going to cherish this picture for a lifetime.

  1. A Flower Shower Pose

A cute pose indeed! Depict your brother-sister love in this beautiful picture where your brother is showering you rose petals while you are having your Mehendi ceremony or in wedding entry. A very fresh and jovial pose that you could arrange with your kid brother.

  1. The Vidaai Pose

You don’t need to go through some additional photographic moments with your brother to do this. He is as much emotional as you are during your vidaai. This is a moment that will be captured by your photographer instantly because he knows how valuable it is for a sibling.

  1. Make a Grand Entry

Nothing would look more royal than getting a grand entry down your wedding aisle. Just sit tight and let your brother take you into your ceremony on his bike. This would make a nice entry into Indian wedding design pictures if you get a nice background to go with it.

  1. Jaimala Pose

Jaimala is the ceremony where friends and family make most of the fun moments. The bride and groom are given few lifts when at last they get to put the Jaimala around their necks. The brother here plays a very vital role because he is the one who would be messing around with your lifts when you finally get to do the deed.  Just click that moment and it will be a picture to torment when he is about to get married. Make sure to get the shot right while you are airborne to get the Jaimala done.

  1. Doli Shot

This would surely be regal in every way when you are sitting inside the doli or palanquin while your brothers are lifting or about to lift it. Just get ready for this fabulous shot.

  1. The Classic Pose

This pose is just like a portrait where your brother is standing behind you and giving a clean cut shot. It could be done in many different ways where you may sit on a royal chair while your brother is behind you. The colour combination is must in these pictures to enhance the overall look of the image.

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