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Though one of the most underrated props, umbrellas are gaining their substance in today’s modern stylised weddings in banquet halls in Delhi. It was always the flowers, lights and drapes who were given the highest priority in décor. But the latest trend dictates that umbrellas have somehow taken up the spotlight as previously given to its other décor counterparts. Not just for blocking out rain and sun, these are used to amplify the frill and flourish that is adorning the venue. You may even keep it as a DIY option and give an identity of swank in your ceremony. Check out some of the quirkiest ideas where decorated umbrellas for the wedding are getting used in most unusual of manners.

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  • Shade the Aisle

Want to save your guests from the blazing sunlight? Then offer a shady walkway decorated all the way with colourful umbrellas. You may even choose some embroidered types to bring out the beauty in your backgrounds. With a tang of colours, it would give a picture perfect view. For your outdoor destination wedding in Goa or beach wedding, umbrellas will be an ideal solution that could be dangled from a rope or thread over the entire walkway. Now, this makes for the best inspiration to have a summer wedding fully under shades!

  • Make a wall of Umbrellas

Photos make for a treasured memento during a wedding. And think how cheerful it would look when you get to click the pictures with your husband, friends or family in front of those.

Choose a colourful combination in plenty and arrange them in the form of wall to make it a perfect location for a photo booth. Designed or embroidered, choose whatever your heart desires and give your wedding a flattering display.

  • As Bunting Item

No need to go with a floral bunting this time. Use umbrellas to give a vibrant touch to your ceremony. Give them a drooping appearance along with garland or lights. This will definitely look enchanting in your wedding ceremony.

  • As Centrepieces

Umbrellas make for cute centrepieces. Just stick up some paper flowers, natural flowers, ribbons, pearls, or lights in most alluring of ways that can elevate the level of ornamentation within the venue.

Get a little creative and used them in the ally with some other props that gives a glam look to your wedding.

  • Prepped Up Parasols

Another variant in umbrellas- parasols, when used craftily, can add the WOW factor that you are looking for. Being more of a flat-shaped rather than a curved one as seen in the conventional umbrellas, these are equally enticing as you want them to look. Just give it a right combination and you are good to go.

  • Use the Umbrella for your Personal Shoot

Bring out some swag in your wedding photos by using the very conventional umbrellas in most creative of ways.

Use a lacy one or an embroidered one and let your photographer do the honours of clicking your first photograph as husband and wife under that umbrella. You may even take a rain shot under the rococo umbrellas.

  • For a Poolside Party

If you think umbrellas are just to save yourself from the rain, then prepare what an umbrella could do to decorate your poolside reception party. Scatter out some adorned umbrellas inside the pool with flowers or any other suitable item that goes well with your background.

  • Overhead Centrepieces

Hey! It’s a refreshingly new idea if you are looking for one. Since you have chosen umbrellas for wedding décor, then you might find this idea equally enticing. Use the upturned umbrellas and stuff them to the brim with colourful flowers, urns or any other item that looks good with your chosen umbrellas. Even embroidered umbrellas on a colourful palate could be used to inject a traditional feel. You may use a transparent plastic umbrella and fill it with some fripperies as well.

  • Over a Seating Arrangement

When the seating style is a banquet or cabaret then indulge in some décor of that area as well. For an outdoor day wedding, it would serve the dual purpose of shading your guests from sunlight as well as a decorative material. Decorate the umbrella with a garland or any flounce and fandangle that gives it a cheerful look.

  • Hanging Umbrellas from ceilings

Give your wedding decoration a playful punch with some hanging colourful umbrellas that could be tied up with your ceiling bar or drapes. The umbrellas could be arranged in combination with flowers, fairy lights or any other adornments in some creative manner to add more intensity in your wedding decoration ideas.

Umbrellas could also be used as chandeliers where one can stuff flowers or lights within the inverted form while it gets hanged from the roof. It would look even better when the dripping flowers are of distinct than the ivory or some pastel coloured umbrellas.

  • As a Party favours

When you are going with a summer wedding, then it would be a nice gesture to give out some umbrellas for your guests while they are standing outdoors for your ceremony. It will save them from the sunlight and on the other hand praise your thinking as well.

  • Perfect addition to a Lawn Wedding

Decorate the garden tree with coloured umbrellas. It will be a cute appearance for your backdrop. You may even hang out some directions on them to help the guests with the accurate location of the ceremony. Think how funkier it would look in your otherwise creative ceremony.

  • Used as a Bridal Entry

The florally decorated umbrellas, satin umbrellas, lace umbrellas and any such unusual style could be used for making a breath-taking bridal entry. Your guests will never forget the majestic view and the moment when the bride made a regal entry.

If you are resolute enough and have finally zeroed down on umbrella for wedding décor, then pick out from any of these fabulous given ideas or use your own DIY and give the tempting streak to your wedding ceremony.

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