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Wardrobe malfunction is indeed something that none of us likes to experience. And moreover, if it’s that D day when the bride is the connoisseur of all eyes, it’s the last thing she wants to go through as she ties the knot in any of the banquet halls in Kolkata. Bridal malfunctions can be embarrassing and hard to forget. And it’s certainly something that doesn’t fade away easily, after all its something which is totally unwanted and uninvited. These kinds of blunders are not something that can’t be fine-tuned right away; all you need is pre-planning and a big hearty acceptance with just a few funny laughs if you ever experience it during your wedding festivities.

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You won’t get perfection in everything. There are some things you can avoid to have a hassle free customary wedding routine, learning from other people’s experiences.

Just as the world moves on, this too will fade as just a terrible memory. Fret not! And take cues from the blow bridal mistakes if your wedding is just around the corner and you don’t want to be remembered as a bridal clown on your big day. Don’t guess! Have a look!

  • Opting for the Wrong Lining

Not choosing the right lining can put you in a fix! Yes, literally! It’s not just that you will have a hard time trying to manage your walks and the flows of your lehenga but it can give you some really troubled times if the fabric is too rough or too silky or the lining is too short or too long. The lining should be just a few inches shorter than the length of your lehenga. Also, make sure its smooth and stitched well! Always keep in mind that the heavy embroidery on your lehenga can be difficult on the skin sometimes, so the right lining is not a choice, but a total must!

  • The Matching-match Game

Don’t be that schoolgirl who wanted to be totally matched in one clear colour tone from head to toe. After all, your school days are over and now you are one grown-up tall bride, isn’t it? One of the biggest malfunctions and bridal mistakes that a bride can ever make to get herself dressed up in one tone of red, green or any other colour from the top to the bottom.

You will be nothing less than a funny idiot if you do that. Try different shades of the same colour or opt for two colours. Make it look more vibrant and add more character to it by adding a different coloured dupatta.

  • Bad Neckline

You don’t want to have a breakdown by suffering from an Indian wedding wardrobe malfunction, right? Well, even we want you to be as away from it as you can on your wedding day. The right neckline is a must! A plunging neckline, a neckline too tight and ill-fitted or one that’s simply an odd-shape is certainly not something we want you to flaunt on your wedding day.

The styles that look the best with Indian outfits are – round, a leaf design or just a U-cut. Don’t keep the neckline too deep, you don’t want to reveal your chest, right? After all, you’ve got to flaunt that bridal necklace too!

  • Not Going for a Makeup Trial

Now, this is one of the biggest mistakes brides make. You certainly don’t want to look like a glam doll on your big day, right? And we are certain, you don’t want to be that bride who looks at the wedding pictures later and feels what if the blusher had been a little light? Or that the mascara was a different colour? Well, to stay away from the biggest regret on your D day, it’s essential to do a professional make-up test so that you know the exact look that you will be carrying on your big day.

  • An Ill-fitting Blouse

More than the lehenga, it’s the blouse which needs to be well-fitted as that will get the attention first when you walk in. It brings together your entire look even when it gets hidden under the dupatta. If it’s too tight on the chest or arms, plunging down or going up from the back, you will end up making the biggest mistake of your life. To ensure the sequins and studs don’t brush against your skin, it’s important to get a good lining inside your blouse.

  • Not Pinning the Dupatta Right

Now, if this is not done the right way, we are sure you will end up having a terrible headache, losing our some hair strands or spoiling you wedding dupatta! This is something where most brides go wrong. Most brides go for a bun and pin their dupattas to it. Move your head around to adjust the dupatta so you can move around freely. You’ll end up looking a tad bit shabby with a dupatta that’s difficult to manage if this is not done the right way.

  • Not Styling It Up For Each Event

It’s not like, your marriage date is fixed today and you are actually getting married tomorrow, right? Styling up beforehand is essential if you don’t want to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction at the various wedding ceremonies. Are you planning to do a big walk down the aisle or does your wedding have a party after the rituals? Keep all these factors in mind before you opt for the right outfit for each function of your wedding. You don’t want to dance at your mehndi in all ill-fitted straight palazzo, right? And we are sure you don’t want to dance on your reception wearing an outfit which is giving you a hard time to match steps with your partner!

  • Not Keeping the Weather in Mind

Weather also is a big deciding factor when it comes to bridal lehenga selection. Don’t wear dark lehenga colour combinations like navy blues, bottle greens or maroons on your day wedding. Instead, try and opt for peaches, salmon pinks and even beige and coral reds. In the night, wear the darker shades and offset them with sparkling jewellery. For a summer wedding, you must choose cooler, lighter fabrics. In case you are getting married in the winters, you can go for velvets and crepes that look fab and will keep you warm too.

  • Changing Outfits Between Two Functions

The biggest of blunders can be made if you need to have two different looks and two major outfit changes between two wedding functions. If your pheras end up happening late in the night and your reception is slated in the hotel soon after, you can be making some serious malfunction even if you think you are looking your best. It’s essential to have some breathing time so that you don’t end up with a wrong hairstyle or end up wearing the wrong set of slippers or saree pleats which are falling off before you set your foot on the stage, right?

  • Not Wearing the Right Lingerie

Don’t experiment with your lingerie on the day of your wedding. Lingerie can make more difference than you ever thought. The right lingerie will always give you a good fit and will help you to avoid looking like an ill headed girl when you wear a tightly fitted gown on your reception or a fish-shaped dress for any of your wedding ceremonies.  You’ll need to sit through the ceremonies so make sure you wear comfortable lingerie. Also, do a full trial run with the lingerie you’ll be wearing so that you know how it will feels.

  • Wrong Length of the Lehenga

This is one of the most common mistakes brides make and something that can seriously give you a nightmare if you don’t do the trials properly. It’s important to note that all or at least most bridal lehengas have can-can beneath them. It is this can-can which gives them the princess vibes. To ensure you don’t end up wearing a lehenga that has its inseams visible – move around, sit, stand and twirl if you like when you go for your lehenga fitting! Always remember, the can-can shouldn’t show when you sit. Also, make sure your lehenga doesn’t end up being too much in length or else you can end up being stuck below your heels and falling down at the altar where you are meant to take your wedding vows.

  • Not Finalizing the Dupatta Drapes Beforehand

If there is a dupatta with any of your wedding outfit, make sure you do many trails beforehand of how you are going to carry it off and pin it up with each dress. Say you got a fabulous necklace for your lehenga on your sangeet, and it sits perfectly with your blouse.

But you decided that a certain drape works better for you. It is not certain that the drape may go well with your jewellery or blouse. Avoid ending up with this kind of malfunction if you want to highlight your dupattas, your dress, your jewellery and most of all, yourself!

Every bride has a vision for her wedding, which explains why they spend months trying to make that come true. But even after you get everything on your to-do list in place, there are some things that can, and will, go wrong on the big day. Worry not and take your cues from here which will help you a lot.

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