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Weddings are a fusion of fun, happiness, sentiments and love. The bride is glowing in lieu of her impending nuptials while the groom is all set to shed his bachelorhood and take a leap into a more responsible zone. But, above all this comes lots and lots of planning. It is undeniably the colossal part of the wedding. Say, from choosing among the perfect banquet halls in South Kolkata to appointing your caterers, makeup artist, DJ etc., you have a lot on your plate.

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And amidst all these celebrations, comes your photos that are a remembrance of your beautiful day. Modern day couples are not just into giving a classic pose like their parents use to do. The hottest trends among today’s modern day weddings are the photo booths. With lots of swag and a whole bunch of creativity, photo booths are gaining a higher censure in the name of entertainment. And what a party is without photos? If you are looking forward setting up a cool photo booth station in your weddings, then check out some of these coolest Indian wedding decorations and set up one among them.

  • Carnival Theme

Since this is an Indian wedding photo booth, you can definitely expect a lot of colour, flowers and extravaganza. And adopting a carnival would rightfully mould it into the spirit of the ceremony. You may decorate a cycle or scooty with some ethnic trinket, put on some pagdis, hang out hollow carved frames, or drape some satin dupattas and mirrors. All this would definitely make for a perfect carnival theme for your wedding.

  • Floral Theme

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. No weddings in the centuries gone have been concluded without the use of flowers. From roses to marigold, Indian weddings are brimmed with floral decoration all the way from the entrance to the Mandap. The same here goes with your photo booths. Prepare a fun loving backdrop with garlands draped over painted wooden frames. Floral hangings too make a romantic setting. Dangle the exotic ones and take a pose underneath them to add them to your albums.

  • Bollywood Theme

Are both of you in love with Bollywood themes? Then, it is the right time to add a lively touch to your Indian wedding photo booth ideas with such kind of theme. Take up the Desi props that have been used in movies or copy the poses of your favourite actors within the booth. You may use some funny movie quotes to decorate the booth more creatively. How about using your favourite actors’ standing posture and giving a buddy click with him/her.

  • Instagram Photobooth

Let Instagram frame up your wedding photo booth. Being the latest in trend, Instagram backdrops are wonderful in every way. You know how people love to flaunt their style on social media, then why not pick that social media platform for your photo booth? Write up some hashtags, and hang the props from a tree. You may settle it up as a canvas and click the photo with your spouse-to-be.

  • Fairytale Theme

Now every girl dreams of her wedding in some majestic manner. Choose your favourite story of Cinderella or Snow White and settle up your photo booth accordingly. The colour theme would look really enticing in your albums. Since you have dreamt of your prince charming while you were a little girl, then this is the right time to get yourself clicked with him. Even your groom would love to pose as your knight in shining armour.

  • Ride Theme

These are really fun loving poses where you get to sit in a rickshaw and your spouse-to-be is driving you out of the venue. This truly depicts an ethnic essence. With cycles, auto-rickshaws and rickshaws as the main props, you may decorate the vehicle with bright colours and flowers and give a picture perfect view to your guests.

  • Frame Theme

Frames are in a height of fashion. You may DIY your theme as per your own creativity or can use the ones that your decorator is providing.  You may also fix up some colourful frames on cardboard walls and get your pictures dome with your buddies. Even the frames decorated with garlands or such are used for a single picture photographic moment. Stuck up some old photographs and walk down the memory lane if you have a story to tell your guests.

Cardboard Themes
Revive your childhood memories if this is your childhood sweetheart you are marrying! Well, nothing serious. If you both want to opt some simple yet creative theme, then go with the “cardboards”. Chalk out when you met, when he proposed and pose along the prop with your groom to get a perfect picture. It could be added to your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Umbrella Theme
The prop of the era-umbrella has taken a centre stage in the wedding decorations. From draping over the ceilings to giving a rustic Indian décor, various designer umbrellas have been used most of the time and again, to decorate the frame of the photo booth. If you are in a mood to go with a traditional theme, then use embroidered umbrellas on the wall.

  • Graffiti Theme

If you are creative enough, then clicking a picture before a graffiti wall would make for a nice option. With vintage bicycles in the front and the graffiti wall in your backdrop, you both are definitely going to earn the title of a picture-perfect couple.

  • Cut out Faces Theme

This theme has been in trend for a long time. You get to insert your faces into the cutout masks of the cardboard poster and give a cute picture. To give it a hilarious touch, try out the posters of some cartoon characters.

With lots of ideas buzzing your mind, fix yourself with one of them. DIY your photo booth stalls or make it up with some flowers and glitters. Just plan your photo booth station and give your guests a mode of entertainment.

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