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The thing we all look most forward to on the engagement day is, of course, the first look of the bride and the groom. Being one of the most special days of their lives, unknowingly the attention lies on these two even as the others start planning their own looks and attires some days before the ceremony. Everything that the bride wears and that the groom carries off is seen with utmost precision and as such their entire look is decided keeping in mind every single detail to make them look the best in their life.

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As times are changing and as everybody has different preferences, we see a lot of grooms and brides in colour coordinated dresses at their wedding and engagement ceremonies. Well, this is certainly not to assure each other of their feelings or a portrayal of their love to the world, but just a personal choice to get dressed in a common tone on a special day. Let’s look at some inspiring dress colour combinations for the bride and groom that are the best for this season. Have a look.

  • Ivory Gold and Pista green

Such a beautiful colour combination isn’t it? With both being such muted, simple and divine colour tones, a couple wearing this heavenly colour combination is sure to set some temperatures soaring on their engagement day even with these two cool and subtle colour tones.

Even as the groom turns heads in a Pista green sherwani and the bride walks hand in hand in a gold and white sari or lehenga, we are sure they will set inspirations for many other couples!

  • Bright on Bride and White on the Groom

Isn’t your thing? Well, try and see for yourself, a bright and a subtle colour combination does certainly look promising if you are sure you are using some good colour tones. A bride wearing yellow, pink or a blue dress and a groom dressed in a white Nehru kurta or sherwani with a colourful shawl will make for some delectable colour combination in our words. Just make sure, you always chose colours according to the time of the ceremony. Choose softer tones for afternoons and bright ones for the night.

  • Contrasting Colours on Both

If you are willing to experiment, then let us tell you contrasts do work and look cool on engagement ceremonies. Some classic bride and groom dress combinations would be – the bride in red and groom in blue, the bride in yellow and groom in green, the bride in orange and groom in blue, the bride in blue and groom in a black suit.

  • Gold on Bride and Off-white on the Groom

If you are a bride who’s dressed in a lovely gold ensemble throughout, then ask your groom to adorn an off-white kurta or sherwani! This dress colour combination is idealistic and just so charming that you will simply look like you are walking on stars as you walk down this journey together. One of the most preferred combinations in 2017; you will see a lot of couples opting for this colour combination in 2018 as well. It’s simply so melting, royal and absolutely trendy, as we say!

  • Matching Hues

Well, we certainly don’t mind a couple who’s dressed in the same matching colour tones for their engagement or wedding ceremony. If you desperately want to coordinate but find coordination schemes very complicated and puzzling, then just coordinate like this conveniently. You can opt for some nice cool and rocking outfits keeping the same colours in mind for both of you.

  • Bride with Coloured Embroidery and Groom in Pink

If you are a bride who chooses a nice cream outfit with beautiful Mughal embroidery in different colours (a trend much in season), then your groom will look dashing wearing any of the colours used in the embroidery to complement the look and to give a sense of belongingness. The groom can opt for pink, blues or greens keeping in mind the tones that will best go with the season and the time of the engagement.

  • Baby Blue on the Bride and Powdered Pink on the Groom

Pink and blue go so well together, don’t you agree? The pastels just make everything so much dreamier, don’t they? If yours is a day ceremony or even a night one, then opt for a pastel blue or a mint blue dress and your groom dresses options would be a powdered pink sherwani or a pink sherwani. These two colours make such a twinning Indian bride and groom dress combination and we can’t take our eyes off a couple who wears this lovely combo!

  • White and Gold on both

For a couple who loves to carry off the minimalistic look and love everything that’s divine and classy, there can be no other colour combination than white and gold that can do justice here. It is simply the most exotic colour combination for any kind of ceremony and something which looks equally impeccable whether it’s a day or a night engagement ceremony. It’s pristine, unmatchable and totally breath-taking as we say!

  • Blue and Gold on Both

One of the most commonly used combinations; blue and gold never go out of fashion and many couples use different tones of the two colours according to their preferences. Opt for a mint blue and yellow gold, cobalt blue and brownish gold and rock in matching combinations at your engagement ceremony. Just remember, not to go overboard while using this combination. Make sure you look classy, vibrant and charming without being cheesy; after all, it’s one of the most important days of your life, right?

  • Bride in Grey and Groom in Pale Blue

Grey and blue make for such a different and trendy colour combination. For a couple who loves to experiment, this is such a magical combination just out of a fairy-tale. And it will look the best when you wear it during a daytime engagement ceremony. A bride in a whimsical grey sari and a groom in a nice pale blue suit will look every bit of the classy and romantic couple we always dreamt of! Lovely and oh so lovely, isn’t it?

Even as you visit some well-known designers and other designer boutiques, you will find a whole lot of inspirational ideas and wonderful colour combinations for the bride and groom outfits. Other than going with the “in-thing” or listening to the people around you, wear a colour combination which you most relate to and feel comfortable in. Wear something which defines your personality the best way and enhances your appeal as you take the first step and walk towards the new journey of your life….be yourself because that’s where the beauty lies!

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