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The typical horseback ride for the groom who had been making the bride wait, and the nervousness in the eyes of the bride’s family while welcoming the groom’s side, all that is changing. Now the groom has started to eagerly wait for the time of the bride entry. And the Indian grooms are no less than proud of their dear love for a brilliant wedding entry. The bridal entry ideas must be unique and fresh so that people don’t just turn heads because they are supposed to, but because they can’t help and drop everything else with just keep staring at the bride making her entry.

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Revolutionize the New Concept

The concept of bride entry is relatively new. It has been going on for just about a few years now. Of course, it might have started long back but it is only getting popular now. So, you might not have a lot of examples at hand. But that is good. Why? That is because you get to BE the example! Set the best example for the most dhamaakedaar wedding entry by choosing the best of all bridal entry ideas for your wedding. Own the day and own everybody with your stunning entry.

Create an Impact

You know you do want to turn heads, but how? The same dance with your pals while entering has become too cliché already. And well, why dance at your own bridal entry? Your bride entry ideas should be something that makes other people’s hearts dance and the groom’s heart skip a beat. Of course, you can dance and enter all you want if you know that is your thing. You can own the stage and the pathway to the stage. Dance away. But this list is going to give some new bridal entry ideas which will help you hypnotize everybody.

A Fresh take on Bride Entry Ideas

The bride entry ideas suggested here are something that hasn’t been done too often. So, let the older, more conventional adults take their time to get used to the entire concept of wedding entry. Meanwhile, awe everybody else who think the bridal entry is cliché too, with these bridal entry ideas so that they know they haven’t yet seen it all.


You can go for a royal blue wedding dress, of course, the Indian way. A beautiful blue lehenga or elaborate designer saree will be a fresh spectacle. It will be better than the usual red. And of course, you must have your pumpkin chariot. Hire people to get you a chariot resembling Cinderella’s. Have your coachmen and horses just the way it is supposed to be.This will mark the beginning of a dream wedding. As if that weren’t enough, you don’t even have to leave the moment the clock strikes 12! This day is yours, and so is the next.

Mughal Chariot

If you want to keep it more Indian go for the rich history. Get yourself a beautiful chariot or palki with Mughal artwork all over it. Get your coachmen dress up like Mughals. Enter into a beautiful wedding and make it royal like the moment you enter. 
You can dress to fit the theme of your entry or you could leave the theme just at the entrance and carry on with the rest of the wedding as you like. But a royal entry itself rubs its richness off on the rest of the day, wherever you go. First impressions, eh?


Why should boys have all the fun? Horseback entry is not just for the groom. Horses are beautiful and they deserve to have someone even more stunning ride on their back. This one beats all kinds of stereotypes without saying a word. But you don’t have to think about that. Not everything has to be about feminism. Why you will ride the horse is because you are a boss and horses are adorable.

Get Accompanied by a Pet

Not many people have their horses. If you do, the last idea is pretty much this idea. But for everyone else, who loves their pet, which is not a horse, this one is for you. Have your pet, be it a dog or a cat, or any animal that can walk on land, dressed up and walk with you with a sign saying “Best man” or “Bridesmaid” or “I’m still number 1”. That will show everybody what your priorities are. Well, of course, the marriage, but first, your best friend for life! Walk into your new life with the most trusted old friend. Need we say more?

Smoke Bombs

This one will set the mood right for a bright daytime wedding. Have colourful smoke bombs pave your way into your wedding. Have your friends lined up on either sides and release the bombs as you keep walking through. The colourful smoke will create a perfect canopy for you to walk under. You need to be smart keeping enough distance so that the colours don’t get on your bridal dress though. So you could have someone accompany you with a beautiful umbrella. That not only saves your dress and makeup but also adds to the effect of the boss lady.


If the wedding is after sunset, the colour bombs won’t do the trick. So it is the same idea with firecrackers. It will light up your way into your new life and it will light a kindle in the groom’s heart as he watches your face dazzling in the light of the golden fireworks that your friends hold out for you. This is simple, hassle-free idea that will make all the difference. Everybody participating and assisting in this entry must be careful though. Have a safe wedding entry.

Auto Rickshaw

Nothing screams Bollywood like a decked up auto rickshaw. With some practice, you can ride it yourself! Wear a funky pair of shades and ride into your own wedding and that will be the perfect entry for the ultimate bride. If you don’t want to ride it, cool enough, have a dear close friend give you a ride while you sit at the back with two best pals who make all the noise for you. They could be carrying colour bombs or fireworks too to add to the effect.

Motorbike Entry

This is rad. Once again, you could ride it, or have your best friend ride it for you. Tough choice to have to pick just one best friend or sibling? Have one of your parents ride you. Don’t forget to wear your swag. Make it a slow entry so that everybody has the time to gawk at you and the photographers have the chance to capture the brilliant moment. Also, of course so that you don’t crash into your own wedding decorations.

With all the Little Ones

Have your little nieces and nephews and the toddlers of your friends and relatives all lined up around you while you enter. This will be the most endearing spectacle of the wedding. The groom will fall in love with you once again. This brings out the feminine side in you like nothing else could. Whether you are thinking about parenthood or not, as a couple, you will definitely be seen as endearing people. Of course, depending on how you choose to enter and laugh, this could as well bring out the child within you. This will remind your new family to love you like their own child.

Balloons and Bubbles

Talking about inner child, have helium balloons launched as you enter and line up friends to make soap bubbles that you wade through. This is fun and simple and cost effective too. You know you want to have fun and this kind of an entry will again remind everybody to pamper you like you deserve to be. So, these were some unique bride entry ideas that are more than just dancing all the way in. You can dance too if you want or have people dance for you. The point is, your wedding entry must make people go ‘Wow!’ These bridal entry ideas right here will surely do the trick for you. Plan it ahead and have the most reliable friends assist you with the execution of the plan. If the bride entry is a hit, the wedding will be a hit.

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