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The wedding season is prolonged this year. Irrespective of the short-lived winter, people are not shying away from having lavish wedding reception. If you are one of the people getting married this year, or anytime soon in the coming years, you must have already started planning out your pre wedding shoot locations and ideas. Wait, HAVE you thought about pre wedding photoshoot ideas or haven’t you?

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The Importance of a Pre Wedding Shoot

With all the work to be done during the wedding, you might not focus on the Indian pre wedding shoot ideas too much. It is understandable if you are not prioritising this. After all, no matter what you tell yourself, deep within you know all the trouble to make a lavish wedding is closely related to people pleasing. But a pre wedding photoshoot is for you and it is equally important. Of course, you achieve gratification sharing the best pictures on your Instagram. But that is effervescent. What remains are some special frames of the two of you together, as a couple, before you were bound in matrimony.

Plan it Right

Here are some pre wedding photoshoot tips that will help you get a perfect set of pre wedding pics at the best locations, with the best poses, and at the best price:

  • Take your Time: You need to have enough time to decide the location and concepts. If you have to travel to a different city for the shoot, you should have the time.
  • Take some Candids: No, not the fake candids that are too cliché to fool anyone. Take some real candid pictures of each other on a trip or simply, at home. These are the real moments that deserve to go into the pre wedding shoot album.
  • Secrecy: To get it right, you need to plan the pre wedding photoshoot months before the actual wedding. This is not a very good time to share the pictures with the world, so make sure your photographer and editors maintain the privacy code.
  • Strike at the right time: People are most excited about a wedding about a few weeks before the date. This is when you should share the pictures on social media. Two weeks or a month before the wedding is a good time to build up people’s interest in your wedding.
  • Be Romantic and Funny: Both these elements are crucial to any successful flaunting business. But what is more important is, these two ingredients are crucial in the making of nostalgic memories as well. So, keep some romantic pictures, some cute ones, and some outright hilarious ones.
  • Professional Approach: Make sure the DSLR you use belongs to either of you or someone close enough to trust you with it for a few months. You want to capture the perfect moments through good lens over the course of time.

So, you know how to have a successful pre wedding photoshoot. You will be proud that you did it. Now, let us take a look at some pre wedding photoshoot ideas that you could implement at your photoshoot.

  1. Traditional

Nothing can beat pre wedding photographs in front of the Taj Mahal or on camel back in Rajasthan. These are conventional Indian honeymoon ideas which have widely been accepted as pre wedding photoshoot locations already.

So, if you want some of the typical, classic pictures to get personalised, now is your chance.

  1. Around the world, Together

If you are not the traditional type, if the convention is too cliché for you, go take a foreign trip. Keep in mind the pre wedding trip should not cost you too much because you still have a honeymoon to go on.

Places like Bhutan, Thailand, Nepal, and Singapore are good enough if you are looking for beautiful foreign locations for your pre wedding photoshoot. Besides, it is a totally different feeling to be travelling as boyfriend and girlfriend and this feeling is never going to come back.

  1. Bollywood

Back to conventional ideas, you could go for some famous Bollywood poses and write your own love story to go as the caption. Just keep it really short and sweet. Maybe do a DDLJ scene at the train station, or a Titanic pose on a cruise. You can have a series of typical Bollywood romantic scenes recreated with a fresh and fun approach. It will be appreciated.

  1. Bride meets Groom

For those who are going for an arranged marriage, the first day you met will always be memorable. Recreate the shyness and tension in the two of you for the camera just one more time. This marks how everything started. Of course, the day you met each other, you had no idea you might really end up together, that’s why this moment is so special. Or maybe you got a feeling that “this is it”. In that case, this pre wedding photoshoot idea is even better.

  1. First Date Rendezvous

This is the love marriage equivalent of bride meets groom. If you are marrying your boyfriend/girlfriend, you must be having so many sweet memories and pictures already. But nothing feels like the first few days of forelsket where you were just falling in love, or probably just flirting.

Recreate those memories and renew the young passion before the wedding through these pre wedding photos. You might not even remember how you met but you will remember where you both were when you realised you both have feelings for each other. Go to that place for some pre wedding photos. Begin where you started.

  1. That Ring

Take a closeup of the wedding ring pictures. Hold hands while wearing the rings and take an aesthetic picture of the rings in focus.

Let it be just the hands, clenching each other gently. This could make a perfect cover photo for the pre wedding photo album.

  1. Pure Bliss

Capture your happiness because you just found your best friend for life. Some candid pictures will work wonders for the laughter and joy pre wedding poses. You don’t even actually have to pose if your photographer can just capture the beautiful moments together as you go on about having a beautiful day with your life partner to be.

  1. Trouble in Paradise

Some funny pictures complete the mood of the pre wedding photo album. Involve your families in this one. Let all the troubles of a real marriage reflect in a joyful way in your pre wedding pictures.

Be it the dissatisfied look of your parents in law, or the mischievous devil faces of the younger siblings of your partner, have a “what’s in store” funny version for the married life to come.

  1. Mehendi

The mehendi party idea is considered as a part of the wedding by many. But technically, it precedes the wedding and a mehendi picture in your pre wedding album will really set the mood to sit back and admire the next album, that is, the wedding album. The giggling turmeric smeared face of the bride will set the tone for the wedding to come.

Add this mehendi picture to the already published pre wedding photo album on social media. This will make people go back to your pre wedding album and gawk at all the beautiful pictures once again. Nothing screams “Almost married” like a mehendi picture does. Don’t forget to add a pic of the groom too with the haldi on.

  1. Into the Future

For an amazing last picture of your pre wedding album, you should have a photograph that makes people think about the vast future that lies ahead of you. Maybe take a trip to the mountains or a nearby beach.

Get a picture of the two of you holding hands and looking into the horizon in the silhouette of a warm bright sunset. The hand holding in the last picture will complement the engagement ring hand holding on the cover. This agreeable symmetry will give you the assurance of a forever.


If you liked these pre wedding shoot ideas, don’t settle for just that. Add in your own inputs to make the photographs all about the two of you. Take inspiration from Bollywood, Hollywood, or any romance novel, but don’t ape the characters. Be yourself and do exactly what you would in the given scenario. This is how beautiful, unique, and memorable pictures are made. To recapitulate, plan the pre wedding photoshoot well in time so that you can fly down to whichever city you want to and act out the poses you want to. Be well dressed and well-groomed and let the real smiles do the rest.

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