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A wedding is a splendour, a spectacle to watch. Yet, it is always more than what meets the eye. All the decorations, sometimes even different venues for different functions, take a lot of hard work from the families of the bride and the groom. All the food is arranged with utmost care. The bride and the groom look their personal best and a lot of dedicated and skilled hard work goes into that as well. Every little detail is the result of hours of patience. The mehendi designs for bride being an important part of wedding planning ideas are chosen after a lot of thought and done for hours as the bride sits patiently and the artist does an amazing job.

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When you see a bride sporting the latest bridal mehendi design, don’t forget to compliment her on it. It will be sweet of you to even ask for the mehendi artist and compliment her or him. Moreover, if you really like a design, you should talk to the artist to the network. You too want to get to choose from a catalogue of the most intrinsic latest bridal mehendi designs, don’t you? Some brides are disappointed that the artist appointed for the mehendi turned a design down either directly admitting she or he cannot pull it off or by making excuses like it won’t go with the bridal outfit or with the hair! You don’t want to be that bride, do you?

Don’t miss out

Mehendi is an indispensable element at a wedding, unlike sangeet ceremony. It signifies the strength and purity of the bond that is going to be made. One wonders why the groom too not wears mehendi then! After all, he is the person the bride is bonded with. But imagine the appearance of a beautiful mehendi design on rough, hairy hands. Why are we even thinking about it! Some latest mehendi designs can still be tried on a groom though. But primarily, the bride holds the significance of the day way more than the groom. Both her hands and also her feet can be adorned with beautiful mehendi designs for bride. The future of their marriage is signified in those beautiful hands. Don’t miss out on the options to choose your favourite. A mehendi design might not look too conspicuous under all that jewellery but the keen eyes will definitely notice it all.


Ideas for Bridal Mehendi Designs

If you are looking for the latest bridal mehendi design, you will find all the options with a good bridal mehendi artist. But you could also get a talented friend to pull off a doodle just for you. It is your wedding, it is your mehendi. You should get to choose how you want it. You can get the design from a tattoo artist as well. They have a number of mehendi designs for a bride. You can also have your bridal mehendi customized. You could add in elements you want to and the artists will incorporate those elements in a beautiful design. So, the options are plenty. Here are some ideas that are latest and unique or popular and classics.


King and Queen

The two hands of the bride can have two different but symmetrical designs. There can be a frame of the intrinsic artwork with the face of a queen on one hand and that of a king on the other. When she puts her hands together with the palms stretched out, it can be a beautiful frame together.

This design idea signifies the intimacy of the bond. It also signifies that the fate of the marriage is in the hands of the bride. Which bride wouldn’t want to get behind that idea? Or the two hands can signify equal responsibility of the two people to be bound in holy matrimony.


Asymmetrical Designs

If you are not being able to make up your mind about a design, it is understandable. It is an important decision. What if you like two similar designs a lot and cannot understand which one will be a better choice? Family and friends often confuse more than help in these situations. Too many people, too many opinions. So, the best solution in this situation is, ‘Why not both’? You can totally get two different designs on two hands. The artist will make it look good. There will be some points of symmetry but the details will be asymmetrical. So you get twice the compliments and twice the attention for the two different designs.


Best Foot Forward

Don’t forget a little something for that beautiful pedicure. Why go through all that trouble? Just to wear some painful new shoes? Adorn your feet with some beautiful mehendi designs so that when you walk or twirl and the feet play peek-a-boo under your beautiful bridal outfit, keen watchers are curious to find out what the entire design looks like. There will be plenty of time to actually see the design in the coming days as well. So, you get to choose a design for your feet. Go for the minimalistic <em>mandalas</em> or full checkers or jaali. It is your choice.


Full Hands

The days of having the bride covered up in jewellery are gone. Of course, the economy is a reason. But even a Richie rich bride won’t want to look like a clown. However, the arms cannot go all bare either. It is her wedding day! And the designer blouse or choli has to end at the upper arm. So, full hands mehendi is the trick. It is easy for the bride as there is no extra weight to carry. She gets to flaunt a beautifully elaborate design. Also, her hands look beautiful with the colour of mehendi. Win Win!


Glitter and Sequins

An elaborate design might look boring and cluttered. A simple design might look too minimalistic. Glitters and sequins make it alright! Mehendi without sequins and glitter is for the guests. The bride has to be extra. This is the right way to strike the balance between the necessary extra and yet classy beauty.



Thank heavens for coloured mehendi. You can match your outfit with a perfect contrast. You can also match the groom’s outfit so you both look perfectly made for each other. Colours add details to a mehendi design like nothing else can. Also, for full hand designs, colours are a must. Don’t go overboard though. It is still a mehendi and not <em>Holi</em>. Just add the ideal amount of colours to the mehendi to make it look absolutely gorgeous.


Anklets and Bangles

To add to the illusion of more jewellery or to go with the actual jewellery, anklets and bangles out of mehendi is a perfect idea. You will not be wearing the jewellery after the mehendi and the wedding is over. But you will get to wear these for weeks and the wonderful feeling of being a new bride will stay with you for more than just a few busily ceremonious days.



The mandala design is for people who want to keep it simple and classic. Maybe you don’t like heavy jewellery, makeup, or even mehendi. Then this is for you. Have a medium or large sized mandala at the centre of the palms and feet and some designs at the wrists, ankles, fingers and toes. Make a chandelier like the connection from the fingers. It will be the most classic look and you can proudly flaunt it at your office too. It is simple and chic.



The peacock is the symbol of heritage, culture, and vigour. You can flaunt the heritage at the mehendi ceremony and wedding while summoning the vigour for your marriage. The elegant charm of a peacock design is unbeatable, especially when teamed with blue and yellow details.


Floral Patterns

If you love floral patterns, don’t shy away from wearing them. Yes, many people find them boring and cliché and so outdated. But they are just the opinions of people who have different tastes. If floral patterns are a must for you, go ahead and have it. They look beautiful. Choose the best floral pattern, with intrinsic small floral designs with some mesh or chandelier details and people will keep staring at your hands admiring the design! These were some ideas for mehendi designs for bride. You can also get the artist to incorporate elements signifying your love into the designs so only the bride and groom know the complete story behind the idea. Artists who are good with latest bridal mehendi designs will surely understand what you want. They will beautifully incorporate the personalized elements and symbols in the design. It is a good idea, isn’t it?


Choose your classic or latest bridal mehendi design with patience. Browse through all your options and think about customizing them as well. If you have started the search well in time, you will surely find what you are looking for.

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