January 9th, 2019 by OYO Team

Lucknow’s love for the finer things is legendary. From architecture to literature and music to culture, the city always has the best to offer. Here we will explore what lies on the platter for those who want to delve into its famous food culture. Following are the top ten street snacks of Lucknow.


  • Tunday Kababs – Lucknow’s Favourite Treat

A trip into history is required as you approach the famous Tunday Kabab stalls. Located in the old town, the aura of the Awadhi era still prevails here. The kababs taste of rich historythe spices that give them their unique texture and flavour have been a secret guarded for generations.


  • A Veggie Delight

Why should only the non-vegetarians have all the fun? Veg kababs combined with hearty paranthas make for a perfect evening snack as well as for a hearty breakfast. You can find these lip-smacking delicacies everywhere in the city. (Alambagh and Charbagh are good places to explore).


  • The Office Break Combo

It can be a quick breakfast for the on-the-go generation or a side snack on a lazy weekday afternoon. One cup of sweet chai, a buttered bun and a delicious samosa make a simple yet yummy combination. Enjoy this trio of treats that complement the busy life of a Lucknow resident in almost every place. (They say Hazratganj’s Sharma tea corner is a good choice).


  • Pav Bhaji

Hazratganj is the venue for our next entrant on the list. Pav Bhaji maybe a Mumbai delicacy but Lucknow certainly knows how to put a twist to the dish. It is a convenient and absolutely tasty street snackcombining soft buttered bread and spicy curry. Those who prefer experimenting with their food can try pav bhaji with fried rice.


  • Chole Bhature

Best served hot with some cool shredded salad, chole bhature now has a national presence, but its Lucknow avatar is considered very special. Gorge on the goodness of the chickpeas and tangy mango pickle smothered by the soft, fried dough. Head over to the Chowk or Lalbagh for the tastiest serving.


  • Not Without my Biryani                                                            

It is not strictly street food, but Lucknow’s biryani is a good representation of what this city is aboutthe finest details, an intricate cooking procedure and an end result of the wholesome flavours. Head over to Gomti Nagar and gorge on a street biryani with a partner before you explore the rest of the old city.


  • Soft and Subtle Nimish

A dessert that we all owe to the extravagant urges of the Nawabs, Nimish is a combination of cream, saffron and other exotic ingredients. It is also referred to as makkhan malai and is available during the winters. Head over to the mazy lanes of the Chowk and hunt for this delightful sweet treat.


  • The World Famous Basket Chaat

The famous Royal Café is now a city-wide franchise. Find the nearest and order a Katori or basket chaat—the ingredients include fresh greens and herbs, lime and cream among the many others.


  • Faluda Kulfi – A Cool Treat

Expect a brain freeze when you have some faluda kulfi, a cold dessert that has enthralled foodies for generations. The creamy combination of milk, saffron and cardamom provides the base of a unique taste. Prakash Kulfi is regarded as the best place for this treat.


  • Pandit’s Special Thandai 

The dessert run cannot be complete without thandai. Dry fruits, dairy products and exotic spices combine to give you a royal taste. Find your way to Pandit Raja Thandai in the bustling Kasturba Marg for this wonderful culinary experience.

So plan a trip to Lucknow soon to get the best of the food. We recommend booking hotels in advance before you venture out on your food expedition. Find the best hotels on OYO and ensure yourself a comfortable stay.


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