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Bridal outfits! Well, of course, this is the dress of the hour when your wedding is getting nearer. But come out of the haze of wedding planning where you are just immersed in booking wedding venues in Pune, calling caterers from Delhi, bringing in bridal makeup artist from Mumbai or buying your saree from Chennai.  Pheww…that’s a lot to think about.

But, in this scramble do not forget about your bridesmaids and how you are going to dress them up for your wedding. The concept of bridesmaid is gaining popularity in Indian weddings these days.

As a bridesmaid, you have the role to stay close to the bride and help her out with all her personal wedding preparation for the day. But, in the midst of all this keep it in mind that you are going to share a tiny bit of spotlight while you are walking along with her. So, in a way your dress matters too. Choosing a perfect bridesmaid dress is not easy. You need a lot to think about the colour, style and pattern of the dress before picking “the one”.

Go ahead and grab some inspiration from these below-mentioned bridesmaid dresses for your wedding. Some sexy, some quirky but some traditional as well!

  • White Sexy Gowns

It’s never too late to switch to western ones actually, it’s amazing swap to try something new and peculiar. As in Indian wedding always we have to wear Indian traditional attire, we will be talking on that as well but choose the white sexy gowns. Which will definitely make your look appealing and amazing? White always have a different texture and look and it gives you a really fresh feeling.

  • Embossed Lehenga

If  yours is a red lehenga, then letting your bridesmaid wear a white one would be a great idea. Bridesmaid Dresses in India have taken a creative meaning. Now it’s no more about the bright colours. Girls today are open to lighter, subtle and pastel shades. Just design each of their dresses differently but keep the colour code same to preserve the symmetry in their dresses. It would look enchanting enough when your bridesmaids are following you in an ethereal view behind your bright fiery lehenga.

  • Pretty Pink Georgette Saree

When you are wearing a white or beige lehenga for your wedding then pairing it up with a pink georgette saree would just look drop dead gorgeous. Just pick a lighter yet luminous colour of pink with a glittery border or pallu to make the picture all the more enticing.

  • Go Green

Play with colours and choose green! A bright yet an awesome shade, it heightens up the liveliness of the wedding to another notch. If your own bridal dress is sporting some green colour within it, then this would be a perfect occasion to showcase the green colour on your bridesmaids. Just choose whatever dress you want. A lehenga, Anarkali, saree or churidar would look equally great when worn with proper accessories. You may pick an olive colour, sea green, apple green or emerald as per your choice.

  • Pink Pyjamas

After saree pyjamas, it is a really drastic change but yet amazing. You can make your bridesmaid photo amazing with wearing pyjamas and giving it a fun moment in your wedding. Definitely, they will change afterwards but the moments which will be captured or you can always do the pyjama party for that will be the next level thing.

  • Scintillating Silver Dresses

Get a little sparkle into your bridesmaids’ dresses. With yours being a wine or maroon lehenga and your bridesmaids’ dresses being in the combination of silver, it would definitely build an intriguing view for the guests in the wedding. Let them sport some ethnic pieces of jewellery in combination with their dresses and you are sure to get the look that you have been longing for.

  • White & Red South Indian Saree!

After the saree, dhoti, its time to go regional, the south Indian sarees are literally amazing and if you are wearing it with a style, it will definitely give a gorgeous look. Remember the Alia Bhatt saree in the movie 2States just like that it will make your body look good and as well as the personality. It will brighten up your natural look instantly.

  • Hip n Happy Yellow

You cannot deny that yellow could be a splendid choice to be picked among the thousands of Indian bridesmaid dresses. A very cheerful shade in itself, it will definitely complement your bridal dress. Just create a design that is not too bright and goes well with the complexion of your bridesmaid which is the foremost reason of concern among the girls. Choose sunflower yellow, it goes well with every kind of skin tone and enhances the way any girl dresses up.

  • Sequined Shararas

This attire always capture the attention because of it’s beauty and the jewellery which are paired with it especially, the Pashas. Sequined Shararas  will really go with the whole bridesmaid thing. The outfit should light not too heavy so that you can easily carry it out. Experiment the best pastel colours with it to look more and more amazing and vibrant.

  • The Picture Perfect Pastels

Somehow among the bright ones, pastels have taken a front seat in these 21st-century weddings. The baby blues, baby pink, vanilla shades, grey-blue, delicate orange with a hint of yellow, mauve are some of the shades that come under this category. If your bridesmaids are not partial to bright colours, then you may suggest them these colour pallets.  A lehenga, Anarkali, salwar kameez, ethnic gown and saree, all these would look excellent with these colour shades.

  •  Dhotis Style!

Yes, why not try dhotis, it will give a unique look and presence and the outfit will be different to wear. Trying something fresh and quirky is not a bad thing. So try the dhotis and give your personality a different look and make the most memorable memories in that outfit because in many situations out speak a lot.

  • Saree Synchronization

If you could not spend much of your time dwelling on the design and style of your bridesmaid dresses, then it would be better to give them free reign with their choice of colour but keep the type identical. Like if you want to go with silk, then get all the dresses say saree or lehenga in silk regardless of the colour. It would not look weird at all. Rather it would be much more alluring when you will see the same variation among their colours.

  • Keep the Colours in the Same Palette


Another way to dress up your bridesmaids in the most captivating of ways is by using colours that belong to the same family. If blue is what you have chosen to be your bridesmaid dress, then go through the colours under it. Light blue, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, cornflower blue etc. are some of the colours that come with it. The same goes with any other colour. You just need to be very cautious about the lehenga colour combinations.

  • Combo of Wine, Beige & White Sarees

It’s not just the bride who can sport a red lehenga. Even the Indian bridesmaids are given that liberty these days. If your bridal dress is among the lighter tones like a beige, off-white, powder blue etc. then sporting a red, beige or white coloured saree would be a nice choice for the bridesmaids.

  • Pick a Colour From Your Dress

Now, this would be creative enough. Choose your dress and then pick the colour for them that matches a part of yours. So, pick yours wisely and give equal consideration while choosing theirs. This contrasting combination would look just fabulous in every picture of your wedding.


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