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Marriage is all about emotions, blessings, happiness and glitters that centres the ceremony throughout the planning. While you are thinking about what are the banquet halls near me or what would be the menu list, don’t forget getting yourself ready amidst all the confusion.

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For a bride, a total perfection is what everybody desires in their wedding. Yes, this is about a perfect dress, jewellery and of course the hairstyle.

Your hairs are your crowning glory and to add more charm to your looks, try out any of these styling options that will be superb in every possible way.

  • Chignon

Want to give a more relaxed and carefree look? Then opt for a more softer and jovial look with a face-framing layer and an intricately styled bun. Your stylist can help you out regarding any trendy wedding hairstyles that are a rage in this season.

Various pretty updos with a pouf in the front and twist in the back is a perennial style which could be adorned with some crystal hair accessory. You may also use some real flowers to give a Boho look with your traditional attire.

  • Messy Side Sweep

The loose hairstyle is all the popular bridal hairstyle being getting sported by the brides. Gives a sensational look and is a perfect one for a short hair girl. With a chignon to sport at the back, you can give it a side twist and keep the front loose for a more dramatic style.

  • Half Updo

Don’t feel like pulling all your hair up? Then make a go with some half updo. This type of bridal hairstyle goes well with the region where hot and humidity is not a problem. Probably a better choice for winter weddings. Now pull up half of your hair till the middle of your head and give it some special twist. You may pin up the bun with flower or clip. Going with a braided half updo is also a choice that you may consider if yours is a night reception ceremony.

  • Ballerina Bun

This would be a perfect choice for summer weddings. One of the neatest bridal hairstyles, this is an ideal option for those who have high cheekbones, a narrow face and thick hair. Bump up the hairdos above your head and pull up all your hair behind.

If you are confident enough to flaunt your full face, then go with this hairstyle at once. Give it a trial before making a final entrance.

  • Long wavy Tresses

For a happy-go-lucky look, keep your hair natural. No need to force upon the pins, clips and combs to give a different hairstyle. Just go with an everyday look because already have a pretty face gorgeous dress to keep your spirit alive throughout the ceremony. If not for the actual wedding reception, you may sport this look for Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony. Just put up a Mangtika on your middle parting and your look is absolutely complete.

  • Braids

Braids come under the category of wedding hairstyles that goes well with all kinds of hair length as well as with the bridal hair accessories. You may go with an all-around twist with a fishtail braid. This gives a relaxed look when paired with some loose tendrils around the front. Ever heard of two stranded braids? Well, this is also an ethereal look, if you could pull it with a punch. A simple side braid looks all the more beautiful when decorated with braid accessory at every step. This is perfect for those styles where you have given your front a simpler style. A braided side bun is equally enticing when done correctly. Work out some beads, pearls, flowers or any other embellishments to be a prima donna at your wedding.

  • Ringlets

While all the above hairstyles are classic enough, you may go with some dramatic style with ringlets. All that hour-long session with your rollers and curlers will not be worth when you get to have the sea of ringlets all around your face. You may make it an updo or keep it flowing over your shoulders. No matter what length of hair you are sporting, ringlets can go with every face and feature when tied up accordingly.

  • French Twist

You won’t believe but for a short haired bride, French Twist is exactly the hairstyle of the hour. French twist is all about a classy yet chic look and has been present in the style catalogue of brides for a long time. Let it be a swept-up, up chignon or a bouffant one. You may also leave it messy in the front and keep a neater look at the back. Try out some of the styles that look good on you and single out the one that looks best.

  • Bouquet Bun

Mostly done with a flower, this is just another name for the gajras that women pump up with a jasmine garland. Many traditional weddings have a mandatory look of putting a jasmine string on the hair. You may also add some colourful clips or roses to make it more interesting. The type of adornments entirely depends on your choice and what you are comfortable with.

  • Retro Style

Retro is not about length but about curls. You need to curl up your hair and paste it on the front of your forehead to bring out the look. Pompadours or finger waves, all symbolise a classic look and are in the hottest trends among brides these days. Go with feathers or plumes or prim up your look with pearls. The bolder the curl you sport, the better it accentuates the retro look.

All the hairstyles are beautiful in their own way. But, you need to follow hair care guide to have great looking hair and give a hit and trial to your bridal hairstyle before making your grand appearance so that any final experiment does not fail on the D-day. The most important thing to remember is that not every hairstyle suits your facial structure. Choose the one that perfectly goes with you.

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