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When thinking about the wedding, the first image that strikes ones’ mind is a beautiful Saree or Lehenga for the bride and Sherwani or Dhoti Kurta for the groom. Getting married will get livelier when you put into some oomph factor in your dress that matches proportionally with your spouse-to-be. Though rituals and customs will always be an inseparable part of the wedding, the image that stays in the mind of your guests is how beautiful the pair was looking! A wedding is not just about finding the best banquet halls in Mumbai, Kolkata etc. or adding a full continental course to your meal. It’s about the outlook of bride and groom and how much they are complementing each other in their get up. Here are some of the inspiring ideas given below to help you in pairing your dresses charmingly.

  • Matching Gown with Groom’s suit combination

This combo always has a classy and elegant look, It enhances your personality. Other than this every girl wants to dress up like Cinderella and come with her prince charming. The combination of this dress will give you the exact feeling and look from this combination.

  • Baby Pink Combination

If you are thinking and pink is only for girl’s then you are living in the past because nowadays it is considered a colour which anyone can wear. The combination of this beautiful colour will definitely make a great pair. Just try the pink and make your own combination out of this so amazing colour.

  • Sharara and Nehru combination

Not necessary that only Muslim can wear Sharara, anyone can wear it if you wish too. It is another beautiful attire which people should try. Make your partner wear a Nehru jacket and you can wear Sharara, this combination is perfect and will look damn cute and amazing on both of you. The pair will definitely look awesome. Just take care while choosing the colour, whichever you choose, do it according to your personality, that suits you.

  • Maroon & Off white combination

No doubt Off White really rules the fashion industry because of its rich colour and bright and positive vibe. Groom wearing Off white sherwani and the bride wearing Maroon attire will surely give the couple a beautiful look with the regal touch.

  • Matching Groom’s Outfit with Bride’s Dupatta

This combo gives somewhat of a striking picture to the couple. This one option will never be out of fashion and would give a picturesque view to all your guests. Just pre-plan whatever you are wearing, so that the both of you don’t get into any trouble with the colour issues.

  • Pairing Bridal outfit with Groom Kurta in Contrasting Overcoat

Contrasting is always more alluring than any other combination. The bridegroom dress colour combinations take another form when the bridal saree or lehenga gets matched up with the groom’s sherwani with a lighter or darker shade of jacket he is wearing above it. It would be a perfect balance of the colours.

  • Matching pastels

Sometimes, it is not always the red, orange or yellow that is likeable by the pair. And if you are among those, then pastels are the right shade for you. Pair up your muted pink with his white kurta or peach saree with tea green sherwani or you may pair up baby blue with beige. Seems a bit placid, but when embroidered with motifs and heavy Zardozi, Shisha, Kantha or Gota Patti, you get to have a gorgeous dress prepared to bedazzle.

  • Matching Safa or Pagdi with Bride’s Outfit

Remember Virat Kohli and Anoushka Sharma’s wedding? Exactly, Virat paired up his Safa or Pagdi with Anoushka’s beautiful Lehenga in the most sophisticated of ways.

Pagdi styles are in variety. With the Rajasthani style, Banarasi style, Mewari style, all the grooms out there, you have a lot many options to explore in your headdress with your trendy bridal dress.

  • Matching Embroidery

This is also another way of enhancing your wedding attire’s look. If not colour or contrast, then embroidery is where you can get a similar footing in both of your appearances. The girl can wear a bright coloured lehenga with the lighter shade of groom’s attire but the embroidery of brocade or Kutch embroidery would look immaculate in every way and will fit your wedding or reception party.

  • Matching the bride’s Choli with groom’s Sherwani

Another way of giving a pretty picture into your wedding is by coordinating the groom’s sherwani with the choli. This will surely mesmerize your guests while you two are sitting side by side for the rituals. Plan out a subtle colour so that the groom is comfortable in that one.

  • The Magic of pairing Black with Red

When the groom is there in his black tuxedo and bride in her bright red saree or lehenga, nothing will dazzle your guests more than this. With such as an electric combination of colours, you are going to be the best pair out there.

  • Comely Contrast

The bride and groom dress colour combination is about to get more of a sparkling look with the bride in a lighter shade of lehenga and groom in a darker sherwani. It is also picturesque in its own way. The combination is sure to grab eyeballs. The dramatic look will give the other couple an endorsement for their own upcoming nuptials.

  • Off white Pairing

This colour has another type of magic. It looks smooth and gives bright and positive vibes to the personality. And with that you can always add some rich colour beside the main attire like with the off white you can take the dark green or royal green veil and the groom can take black side dupatta. This dress will definitely give you a regal look.

  • Matching Bridal Lehenga and Groom Sherwani

This is a much common combo that is seen in today’s wedding. The bride and groom seem to be harmonizing their dress pattern by pairing in a similar colour. Even celebrities today have been seen sporting such colour combo during their wedding.

  • Match Groom’s Tie or Cummerbund with Bride’s outfit  

This is the tiniest of detail but the guests would never fail to notice that your saree matched up with your groom’s tie. The combination is classic and would ace up the style level to another notch. Surely your husband-to-be can have a little of your colour in his suit.

The combinations would prove very charming if you consider the following things before making your purchase.

  • Select your colours with a care. If you are honest enough with your looks and complexion, you should choose the ones that will look good on you. So select your combinations keeping in mind the outlook of both of you. If you are not comfortable in red, then it is not a necessity anymore. The bride can wear yellow, peach or green as well.
  • Do not overdo your combination. It would look a bit shabby when both of you have chosen some outfits that are poles apart. This would be an outright failure. Thus make sure that whatever you are planning to wear is appropriate in every way.
  • Keep your accessories in mind. If you are wearing a red lehenga on your wedding, then the groom can pair out a golden-hued sherwani with a red turban or dhoti of his own. This also in accordance with the jewellery you are wearing.
  • Prefer bright colours. This is your wedding day and you would surely like to be the brightest star in your venue. So choose brighter colours to give the adequate effect. The combination of red and black is adorable. You may pick this pragmatic style if you are confused about your colours.
  • If you are going for contrasting colours, then make sure that you are doing it smartly. The pastel colours can be contrasted but if it is a bright colour, then do it in a bit of subtle tone.

Now plan your dresses and get ready to rock your wedding ceremony ahead.

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