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As your wedding will be taking place in one of the poshest banquet halls you will be worrying about how to spend the honeymoon in this summer heat. Summer weddings are difficult with a day wedding ceremony and followed with an evening reception where you have to be present for your guests in heavy dresses and what follows is your first vacation with your partner as a married couple, the Honeymoon.

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You do not want to ruin your honeymoon because you are uncomfortable in the heat or the sudden showers that drench you when you are so not in the mood to get all wet. At the same time, you want to wear the best honeymoon dresses for Indian bride because you get to go on a real honeymoon only once. Every other vacation with your partner is a vacation and not a honeymoon really.

  • Retro Rules

Honeymoon doesn’t always have to be by the beach.  A good honeymoon getaway can be just as good amongst the city lights. Sun-kissed summer, clear blue skies and the open wide roads of a city while you window shop, is the next big thing. Tie up dresses with summer yellow or beige gives you the ultimate retro feel. Long black gladiator boots, with jade black shades and minimalistic bracelets, make you feel the urban lifestyle a part of you. Be it New York City or Mumbai, the fun of window shopping is always unique. An outfit that goes with the city life and doesn’t make you forget you’re on your honeymoon is the real deal.

  • Baby Blue

Summers don’t have to be that bad, especially when there are soft midi dresses that signify calmness and give you the ultimate summer look. Wear a blue midi dress and walk around the summer beach and party all night like a boss. Round metallic earrings along with a deep red lipstick will make the summer evening look absolutely precious.

  • Back to Black

We all crave that one honeymoon dress that is comfortable for our skin and doesn’t let us down when it comes to partying hard. Back-cross summer dresses are the best outfit when it comes to enjoying the moment. Wear a matte black outfit along with metallic studs and bracelets to look magnificent in an all-black look without letting it be boring in the least. This comfortable chic outfit is one of the best honeymoon dresses for an Indian bride. Walk like an uptown girl on the sidewalks by the beach, visit the posh nightclubs and breathe the city blues wearing this outfit for the ultimate honeymoon vibe.

  • A Romantic Sketch

Off-shoulder pencil cut dresses are the best outfit for a calm honeymoon destination in India. If you want to spend your honeymoon by the poolside, sipping on a cool cocktail while dreaming about the beautiful days to come, this outfit is a splendid choice that is going to give you a comfortable feel. Summers are bright. High blue skies and innumerable flowers are blooming by your side. A floral printed pencil outfit is going to give you the pleasant summer feel. Wear bright high heels along with a tiny bright necklace and high-end shades to complete the look.

  • Cape Sleeves

A dress that will make you stand out is the one with the unique finish. Outfits with attached cape sleeves are the new trending talk of the town. These outfits are comfortable and edgy. A walk through the town, idle lazy day by the beach and endless moves on the dance floor, this outfit goes with everything. Wear colourful beach slippers with loose jingle bangles and subtle studs to go along with it. This is one of the best dresses for the honeymoon to opt for, as it grabs the attention and also makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Preach Peach

A walk down the bright alleyways amongst the country huts in a warm summer by the beach is something we’ve always dreamt of. Wearing the right outfit for the right destination is a trick to get the perfect fashion passport. Peach summer dresses falling graciously below the knee is the style statement you deserve. The comfortable peach colour and the easy-going fabric of the summer cloth is a perfect go-to honeymoon outfit. A romantic time with your other half while being in your best dress is something we all want.

  • The Wild Waist

An outfit that is perfect for honeymoon parties are rare to find. Grab the attention of your partner by wearing the cutout waist dress. A magnificent slender look with the perfect mixture of cuteness and glamour is the perfection we crave for. Wear a metallic grey dress with jade black heels and metallic studs to go with it. Wear your hair down to accentuate the beauty of the dress. Go to the posh nightclubs of the city, visit the pizzerias and cafes along the sidelines as you spectacularly flaunt your outfit.

  • The Black Carpet

Make your honeymoon a little extra with a charcoal black bodycon off shoulder dress to look absolutely classy and gorgeous. A pair of high stilettos, long round earrings, golden bracelets and a bold red lipstick is all you need. Long lazy strolls on the beach or a smooth glide through the hotel alley, you can pull off anything when you wear this beautiful outfit.  Choosing the right bodycon dress is tough, make sure you check the sizes and the comfort several times so that you are all set to rock.

  • Go Nude

The ultimate out of the box outfit is the one no one dares to wear. Nude shades are hard to pull off. A classy yet subtle look is expressed by the various shades of nude on a dress. Comfortable mild shaded outfit draped over your skin is the summer feel you deserve. Catch the attention all around you by wearing beige sandals, small diamond earrings, golden bracelet and pink lipstick. Off shoulder outfits are the best choice when it comes to making a honeymoon special.

  • Jeanetic

Wearing a completely extraordinary yet an ordinary outfit is the ultimate art when it comes to fashion. Honeymoons are romantic but it can be fun too. Wear denim buttoned knee-length skirt to look distinctive. Grab the attention of your other half as well as everybody else while you party. A retro city themed outfit like this goes best with light blue denim sneakers and a funky watch.


So prepare your honeymoon essentials checklist to get your dress a complete look. A brown hair band, golden-tinted transparent shades along with nude shaded lipstick will give you a trendy look. Denim shirts aren’t always the first choice but always the best one.

These dresses for honeymoon are perfect for comfort, style, and travel. They are all cute and attractive at the same time. Your new husband or old friend, however you think of him, will look at you in a totally new way after this honeymoon. Thanks to these beautiful elegant dresses.

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