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Arambol Beach Goa Hotels List with Tariff

OYO 16498 Home Peaceful Cottages Arambol
OYO 1964 Apartment Aajo
OYO 1964 Apartment Aajo Budget
Near Dunes Valley, Mandrem-Arambol, Goa
4.1 Very Good
101 Ratings
₹ 1201
₹ 1601 per night
25% OFF
OYO 12420 Home Beach Side Studio Mandrem
OYO 9586 near Arambol Beach
OYO 12343 Aarya Boulevard
OYO 12343 Aarya Boulevard Premium
Near White Church, Pernem, Ashvem Mandrem Road, Goa
4.3 Very Good
187 Ratings
₹ 1446
₹ 1928 per night
25% OFF
OYO 12987 Home Studio Mandrem Beach
OYO 12727 Home Peaceful 1BHK Arambol
OYO 14280 Ashvem Beach Inn
OYO 14280 Ashvem Beach Inn Budget
Ashvem Beach Inn, near Bhumika Temple, North Goa, Goa
₹ 1270
₹ 1694 per night
25% OFF
OYO 17264 Ashvem Beach Resort
OYO 10143 Tahira Beach Resort
Questions & Answers
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I am wanting to visit Doodhsagar waterfalls arambol beach. Can you give me some guidance.
By Chanasya - a year ago
Doodhsagar Waterfalls in Goa is situated in Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. It is near the border of Karnataka and Goa. It is a four tier waterfall. To reach there first you need to get down at Londa junction station. From there you can taxi/bus/train to Kulem or Castle Rock. It is a 12km trek from there to reach the waterfalls. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago
Are there resorts in Arambol Beach which have swimming pool?
By Antara - a year ago
There are many OYO resorts in Arambol which have which have swimming pool. You can filter hotels by clicking on "Swimming pool" in the "Hotel Amenities" section and then select any hotel you like from the filtered list. Visit- By OYO Captain Arambol Beach - a year ago
Which is the nearest railway station to Arambol Beach?
By Sarvika - a year ago
The nearest railway station to Arambol Beach is Thivim Station. It is about 30kms(approx.) from the beach. It is one hour drive from the station to the beach. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago
Name some good shacks in Arambol Beach.
By Jagadhidh - a year ago
Some of the good shacks in Arambol Beach which serves lip smacking food and beverages are Santana Beach Shack, Rice Bowl, German Bakery and many more. They all serve great food and also with amazing service. You can fill your stomach by paying 1000/- for two. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago
How to be a hippie at Arambol Beach?
By Parnal - a year ago
Arambol Beach is the favourite destination for hippies. It is said to be the most beautiful beach in Goa and has a lot hidden fun things. You can surely enjoy the jungle lake, hot springs with the mud bath which will give your skin a beauty treatment. It has some of the best cafes in Goa. Enjoy the rave parties and night life. Also, the music that is played at the beach is way too amazing. By OYO Captain Arambol Beach - a year ago
Which is the best time to visit Arambol Beach?
By Elumalai - a year ago
The Arambol Beach which is spread at a stretch of 16 km is a must visit during the time of November till March. It has a sweet water pond on its shores. It is a Fisherman's village. You can find many international visitors during the time of winters. It is also a picnic spots for the nearby residents who like to visit and spend their weekends there. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago
Which is the nearest airport to Arambol
By Rubaina - a year ago
The nearest airport to Arambol Beach is the Dabolim Airport. It is about one hour drive from Arambol Beach. There are 2-3 routes for this route. One has a toll which is from MDR17. The other one is via NH66 which has no tolls. Other way to reach the airport is by walking to Harambol and taking a bus to Panaji and then taking another bus to Dabolim Airport. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago
I am visiting Arambol and want to stay at a resort near Arambol Beach. Can you suggest me some good and not too expensive resorts?
By Maitra - a year ago
We at OYO offer you a wide range of hotels and resorts. If you want to stay at a resort which provides great hospitality and services there are just few steps you need to follow. Filter your resorts by clicking on "Resorts" option in the "Accommodation type" section and there you will see all the resorts available in Arambol Beach region. By OYO Captain Arambol Beach - a year ago
What are the types of accommodation available in Arambol Beach?
By Shrijani - a year ago
Apart from the regular hotels at OYO you get a variety of accommodation in Arambol Beach. We provide you with option like OYO Stayout where you get to experience how it feels to live close to sand and waves and not stay in a closed room. Also, you can stay at Apartments, Villas, Resorts and Homestay. So book any of them and enjoy your stay in Arambol Beach. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago
List some things to do in Arambol Beach, Goa.
By Gulika - a year ago
Arambol Beach is not only about the beach. There is so much to do. You can explore many more beaches nearby and other tourist spots. Some of them are Harmal Beach, Kalacha beach,Querium Beach and many more. You can go to a Yoga center or have delicious food and beverages at the restaurants and bars. By OYO Team Goa - a year ago